27, Episode Four Ye World and Xia World (3) 

Xia Zhi does not like two-timing, because he had always been two-timed by his partner, so there was a psychological shadow in his heart.
This situation right now, obviously, he hundred percent does not believe it was his fault, but to be caught in this act right now, he felt inevitably guilty.

“I…… You…… That……”

Without waiting for Xia Zhi to squeeze out his words, Ye Qia had already seen the “perverted salty pig hand”, he said, “When did you come back?”


“Yesterday.” The “perverted salty pig hand” smiled magnificently, he spoke Mandarin like a local, not white, his voice rotten to the core, “I’ve missed you, teacher.”

En!? Teacher!?

Xia Zhi was dumb-founded, a stomach full of questions but not a single one came out from his mouth.
Ye Qia had a frosty expression on his face, as if he didn’t see anything, he quietly said, “We’ll talk later.”

The three of them spread out instantly, Xia Zhi dazedly watching Ye Qia walk away.
Just before the “perverted salty pig hand” left, he made an action of smelling his hand, complete with a “you know what” expression, inciting goosebumps to raise all over his body.
During the ringing of the cracking whip, the more he thought about it, the more he felt that something wasn’t right.

Damn, Ye Qia, you can actually be so calm? Not even asking for an explanation? You are so certain that I won’t cheat on you?

Ye Qia’s actions made Xia Zhi very unhappy, in regards of rationality and feelings, one should express it somehow, at any rate, it counts as respect ba? He looked at his partner slantedly, bold fire in his gaze, but the receiving party was still calm, devoting his full attention on the playground’s ongoing “punishment”, in a manner that was seemingly completely undetected.
He was sure that this was organised, Ye Qia was very sensitive to vision, sometimes even someone’s gaze from behind will make him pay close attention to it; he simply doesn’t believe that towards this sort of big prickly thorn, he doesn’t have any feelings!

When Xia Zhi was desperately using his “kill someone with his eyes”’s ability, using and using, suddenly he felt that the playground was quite silent.
Once he looked over, he realised that the people in a circle were staring at him, not far away, Taotie was also staring at him.
He stared blankly before he reacted, hurriedly running over to take the whip, helping up the slave who had been whipped countless times, unfortunately, he had greatly underestimated the requirements of a Master’s job.

Under all the eyes of the public, he followed accordingly to what Taotie had previously tasked him with, using all his strength to carry—the slave did not rise.
Instead, he sprawled out on the ground.
He is already an adult man, no matter how thin, even just the weight of bones cannot simply be carried up just like that.

At this moment, he understood and shared Ye Qia’s sorrow and grief behind what he said: “Female clients are better ah.”

Under countless attentive gazes, Xia Zhi took a deep breath once, letting the air sink into his core, made a stuffy sound, and heaved up the slave in a “princess-carry”, furthermore, step by step, headed into the resting room!

When he walked a short hundred meters and entered the room, his arms and legs were all trembling, sweat beaded like rain on his forehead, short of breath like a cow, his face quickly turning into the colour of a pig’s liver[1].
The instant before he set the slave down, he felt that heaven was already very close within his reach, yet when the slave suddenly vomited; he puked right before he put him down, and heaven instantly dissipated.

…… He felt that today was enough to drive his person to a history of disaster.

The only celebratory thing was, the skirt seemed to be made of gold, it was convenient to clean, and his body just needed a good ol’ bath and then he would be fine.
Usually when he listened to Ye Qia relating “accidents” at work, he would just treat it as an “interesting story”; but right now he could empathise with him, only now could he perceive the pain he had suffered.

It was not easy for him to clean up, he turned to look and saw a group of doctors surrounding the person asking him about how he felt.
There was a lack of facial expression on the “slave”, and Xia Zhi immediately had a question about who exactly was this “slave”.
He silently stood in a corner, waited until the doctors’ diagnosis ended, and the slave adjusted his appearance; only then did he grasp the chain and walk out the door.

At this time, everyone else had already moved to the lawn.
Once Taotie saw him appear, he immediately let loose a breath undetectably, receiving the chain that he handed over.
Don’t know why, the slave who was so frosty just now, at the moment that Taotie took the chain, suddenly relaxed himself; Xia Zhi was able to notice that subtle change in his demeanour, just like a large tree that was on the brink of bending suddenly receiving support.
When the owner attached himself to him, kissing the corner of his brow, the present guests all broke out in an applause, and the corners of the slave’s eyes were filled with shiny tears.

This counts as a BDSM pleasure?

When Xia Zhi was thinking about this mystery, a low voice rung at the side of his ear, “How do you feel about today?”

“This is completely a cult ritual ma, what are you worshipping?” Only after these words escaped from his mouth did he realise what he said.
Hurriedly, he turned around for a look, then he saw Ye Qia’s black and heavy expression.

He smiled awkwardly for a second, immediately he reacted, clearing his throat he said, “You tricked me, I’ll go home and total up all your debts against me!”

“Really?” Without batting an eyelid, Ye Qia held out a plate, on the plate was a nicely cut piece of steak.

Xia Zhi shut his mouth, quietly accepted the plate and began eating submissively.
After finishing he can’t help but feel a bit depressed due to his full stomach: eating people’s food, and taking people’s hand[2], at this time, whatever you say, it is already too late.
Looking at the people on the lawn, he asked, “When is this ending?”


“This and the one I was thinking about is completely different!”

“What was the one that you had in your mind like?”

“Leather, whips, outstanding butts, abs, big dicks, delicious food as well as liquor that you could drink whenever, explosive music, add on a live performance of porn and it would be even better.”

“Oh, there are gatherings of that type.” Ye Qia took his time in speaking, “But I would never bring you there.”


At the second right before Xia Zhi exploded in fury, Ye Qia added, “At this sort of serious concluding ceremony you could already attract and beckon a man, if it was that sort of place, wouldn’t you be sleeping with someone on the spot?”

When Xia Zhi heard this, he was immediately anxious, turning his head about to defend himself.
But once he made contact with Ye Qia’s frosty gaze, his heart couldn’t help but tremble.

Fuck, how frightening!

Although Ye Qia’s face didn’t change much, just that pair of raised phoenix eyes slantedly looking over gave him the feeling like that of a cat watching a mouse, and when Ye Qia’s hand landed on his shoulder, it was like the cat had sunk its claws into his flesh, he had dared not to move at all.

“I had thought he was you, I absolutely had no other intentions, who told you guys to both use the exact same cologne ah!” He has never in his whole lifetime been able to speak so smoothly, “This matter is irrelevant to me!”

Ye Qia raised an eyebrow, flutteringly he spat out a word, “Really?”

“How could that not be the case ah, you must believe me…… No, that’s not right, didn’t that guy call you teacher?” Xia Zhi’s frightened brain slowly turned around the corner, “What kind of relationship do you guys have?”

“Master and apprentice ah.” Ye Qia very naturally said, “Once, in the past, he was one of my clients.
He thought that my skills were quite good, then he took me for a teacher.”

“No wonder the both of you used the same cologne! It’s all because of you!”

Ye Qia magnanimously turned his head again, silently stared at Xia Zhi for a few seconds, then he said, “I don’t use cologne.”

Xia Zhi was dazed, “That cannot be, I clearly smelled a scent on your body, even when we sleep together……”

“Hey!” His shoulder was slapped abruptly, Xia Zhi’s whole body shook, from behind him he heard a half-foreign voice, “Teacher, how are you?”

Only now did Xia Zhi realise that the “cult ritual” had already dispersed, everyone else were gathered together talking, and his tasks for today had also been completed.
But, he felt that the big matter was still lingering behind.
For example, why is it that both Ye Qia and the “perverted salty pig hand” wanted to hold onto the same side of his shoulders?



[1] colour of pig liver: light reddish brown to dark brown.

[2] eating people’s food and taking people’s hand (吃人嘴短,拿人手短), meaning that if you ate someone’s food, you are obligated to treat them better, as no food in this world is free, or sth like that

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