25, Episode Four – Ye World and Xia World (1) 

Until now, the toilet is still not blocked; Xia Zhi found Ye Qia’s toothbrush in the rubbish bin.
As for whether he took it out before he peed in it, or after he peed in it, he has no interest in inquiring this matter.

These hard to get holidays, if you don’t enjoy it well, how can it be a success?

Only when he really became idle, he realised that the interior of the house has undergone some changes.
No more bringing up that terrifying home theatre system; but the entrance of the living room has changed, there was that long-furred carpet underneath the bed in the bedroom, the balcony has increased in a few more lush green plants, even the curtains have changed their colors and patterns.
Not to mention, the setup and the quality has really went up quite a lot, these are small changes that made a big difference, not simple ah!

This is really rare, Ye Qia this kind of thousand-years-don’t-care-about-matters attitude, is actually so hard-working?

“Oh, it was done by the people who came to renovate the living room, he said there was a source of supply.” After Ye Qia listened to Xia Zhi’s query he said, “Anyways, it was really cheap and could be done smoothly, so I bought it.”

Xia Zhi’s eyes looked as if he saw a ghost, “You were actually willing?”

“It’s also not much.”

“Not much is how much?”

“About four five thousand ba.”

“Damn, you saved up money?”

Ye Qia squinted at Xia Zhi, lazily saying, “Recently I’ve reduced my workload, it’s already the end of the year, eventually want to take a breather for a bit.”

The meaning of these words are, you also want to start enjoying?

Xia Zhi’s stomach was full of questions; until the renovation worker came to collect the closing payment.
Once he met him, he immediately felt that something wasn’t right.
The renovation worker was extremely handsome; also probably because of the long years of hard physical labour, a body full of muscles, the top of the shoulders heaped into mountains, standing together with Ye Qia, instantly the handsomeness were too much to be viewed directly.

This renovation workers, plumber workers, both men and women love, not only do ladies like to fantasize about, GAYs also extremely welcome it; even he has fantasized about it before.
Unfortunately, his own muscles aren’t enough, and not many of the friends with benefits and boyfriends he had found before had these kind of defined muscles, so this fantasy has never been brought to actualisation.

At this moment, looking at the renovation worker and Ye Qia laughing together, he just felt wave after wave of unhappiness, even the renovation worker and him greeting each other was kind of standoffish.
When he finally left, he immediately had an interest in condemning, “What’s up with that guy?”

“What guy?”

“That renovation worker.”

“What is it?”

“You’re still pretending?” Xia Zhi seized Ye Qia’s neckline and tugged him down, “If not for this renovation worker being so handsome, would you be so willing to easily spend money?”

Ye Qia was obviously distracted, subsequently he smiled, just in this posture he hugged Xia Zhi, he said, “You think I like this type?”

“Nonsense, even I like it!” Xia Zhi moved his face closer, and fiercely said, “Confess honestly, were you going to hook up with him?”

Ye Qia raised an eyebrow, “What do you think?”

Xia Zhi thought about it for a bit, en, can’t think of anything; however, such a close distance, if they didn’t kiss for a bit it would honestly be such a shame.
He stretched his head, licked Ye Qia’s lip, both of them stickily moved closer to each other.
A while of this close distance, when they seperated, he can’t help but have some intentions, “We still haven’t earnestly, properly done it once.”

“Didn’t you say I did it badly?”

Xia Zhi wrinkled his brows, “Last time was really your normal quality?”

Ye Qia was silent for a few seconds, he said, “Not that bad also, but, for sure it’s not the kind great that you think about.”

“How about I ride you then, it should be fine ba?”

“Can also.” Ye Qia shrugged, “I can save energy that way.”

Both of them adulterous and kinky husbands immediately got together, took off their clothes preparing to announce their kinkiness in broad daylight, but the phone rang.
At this moment, Xia Zhi was already sitting on Ye Qia’s waist, holding both their dicks rubbing together, desperately signaling to Ye Qia not to answer.

Unexpectedly, Ye Qia blinked at him, and still answered the phone on the head of the bed.

He listened to Ye Qia’s unwavering tone speaking with the other party; as he listened he felt even more unhappy, and the pressure of his hand lessened.
Accidentally, he pinched.
Although Ye Qia hasn’t reacted, he let out a blood-curdling cry, covering his affair he fell onto the bed, got pushed aside by Ye Qia’s foot, rubbing it over there.
After he rubbed it out, he also wilted.
Seeing Ye Qia still speaking calmly on the phone, his flag still upright, immediately he felt unhappy, reaching out a hand and holding it.

Ye Qia calmly stared at him, continuing to speak on the phone.

Xia Zhi took a glance: Yeah, need a fixed strength ah? Come ba!

Without nonsense, he exerted his whole body’s careless calculations, his hand was close to cramping up, Ye Qia’s life root also got more ferocious, blue veins and finishing syrup, from the top overflowed a transparent sticky fluid.
However, it’s already like this, yet his speaking tone was still his same old slow fluent voice, not a gasp nor a pause.

You must be a weird creature ba!?

Xia Zhi doesn’t believe this demon, he simply moved over and swallowed the peak of this mushroom.
Ye Qia’s tip was round, his shape excellent, his foreskin wasn’t long, and the top has been completely exposed.
He had just put it in his mouth, and he felt Ye Qia’s thigh tremble a bit, his heart was pleased and he hasn’t expressed it yet, then he felt that his head was heavy.
He glanced at him slantedly, and noticed that Ye Qia had already hung up, staring intently at him like a tiger.

His heart was aroused, he was busy thinking to disengage, but the hand atop his head was sturdy and strong, pressing down until he could not raise his head, and he was afraid of biting, so he could only let out a few “wu wu” sounds.

“Since you’ve already put it in your mouth, how about you keep it in ba?”

Ye Qia’s voice carried a bit of huskiness, the menacing flavour was strong.
Xia Zhi felt the thing in his mouth grow in size, contain also cannot, not contain also cannot, when really, if you ride a tiger, it is hard to get off[1], suddenly he heard Ye Qia say, “If you can swallow it fully I’ll give you a reward, but if you can’t do it then I’ll punish you.”

Fuck, you don’t think I can do it is it?

Immediately, Xia Zhi hatefully stared at Ye Qia, lowered his head and started working hard on sucking the warm and hard part of his body, from time to time deep throating him.
This kind of feeling was a bit strange, although he has given blowjobs before, but it was like the thing in his mouth was a toy emitting a fragrance, he had never encountered such a thing before.

Generally, GAY usually puts more care in hygiene compared to straight men, and the ones who did cosmetology on the private parts were not few, but like Ye Qia this type of naturally emitting fragrance, it was his first time seeing one.
More importantly, when it is mixed with the musky scent of making love, not only is it not bad, it also makes him more excited.

A Master’s private aphrodisiac perfume?

Xia Zhi was thinking strange thoughts while using his tongue to push up for a while, when the pulse of the thing in his mouth sped up, and Ye Qia’s leg trembled lightly, his hand didn’t lift up its pressure.
He couldn’t help but feel happy in his heart: Who asked you to assume that this grandfather can’t do it!

Half an hour later, he once again proved what it meant to dig one’s own grave.

“Fuck, what exactly do you want!?” Xia Zhi finally could stand it no longer, he jumped up to curse him with a numb mouth, “It’s already been a sweaty half-an-hour already, are you going to finish or not?”

Ye Qia’s face was like the clouds in the clear windy sky, “Didn’t you say that you could do it?”

Xia Zhi pouted, just feeling that his tongue was solid stiff, he can’t even close his lips properly, his saliva was dripping, but Ye Qia was still unchanged, a column still propped up, not even a slightest trace of weakness.
He massaged his mouth for a few minutes before he slowed down, staring at that toy, helplessly he said, “Fine, I concede defeat and step down gracefully[2], whatever punishment you want to deal just say it straight ba!”

Actually, he was still holding on to a glimmer of fantasy: can’t say for sure if Ye Qia wants to become a lawful prince by playing with the law?

“Taotie asked me to help him out, he wants to participate in a get-together with the circle, but is missing an assistant.”

Xia Zhi never thought it be this matter, he stared blankly, “A slave assistant?”

“No, it’s also a Master’s identity, that is, the Master’s aide, lend a hand in tying people up with leather ropes or something.”

Ye Qia spoke carefreely, Xia Zhi felt that there was something that didn’t seem right, he further inquired, “And then?”

Ye Qia immediately started to evade his gaze, after hesitating for a while he said, “He wants to borrow you.”

“Me?” Xia Zhi was surprised, “If you go become his assistant then isn’t it solved already?”

“I also have to participate; the assistant that he had made appointments with suddenly had to go abroad for his duties, and there’s a time constraint, can’t find anyone too.”

Xia Zhi felt a bit weird, “Why did he choose me?”

“The most important reason is that it’s someone from the inside; this circle of ours won’t simply bring in some random stranger, there’s just too much risk.” A strange look slipped out on Ye Qia’s face, he was silent for a few seconds before continuing, “In addition, you don’t have the tendencies of an M.”

The more that Xia Zhi listened, the more that he felt something was wrong, “What does it mean, no M tendencies?”

Ye Qia heaved a sigh, he said, “A Master’s boyfriend is most commonly found amongst the slaves.
Even if he’s found from people outside the circle, it usually ends in break ups, or even turn into an M, it’s quite troublesome.” He paused, and added, “I told Taotie before that you didn’t have this sort of issue, that’s why he thought of borrowing you.”

Xia Zhi finally understood what’s going on, his heart immediately became nervous, “Actually, I do have a bit of M tendencies ah……”


He held his face that was hit by the pillow and agitatedly got mad, straightaway pounced over, “You dare smack me with a pillow! I’ll suffocate you, dammit!”

Both of them tore apart and whacked each other on the bed for a while, until Ye Qia sandwiched Xia Zhi’s head under his arm and pushed him on the bed, asking, “Are you going or not?”

“Going!” Xia Zhi squatted with all his might, with a blushing face he cried out, “Ah right, if I had made you come with my blowjob, what reward would I have gotten?”

“I’ll let you attend the get-together as Taotie’s assistant.”


Ever since he promised Ye Qia before, Xia Zhi’s head couldn’t stop the fantasy train from running anymore.

Before, he was also a nightly party animal, not talking about extending his hand in the love field anymore, he can also be counted as a weapon of mass destruction, all those he looked upon really not many were failures—Of course, the times that he had been hacked down were also too many to put a figure to, this festival fucking toy has been fried and sprinkled with salt and eaten into his stomach already.
Nowadays, once he got off from work he went home, cooking, doing laundry, cleaning the house and maintaining hygiene this kind of new good man, has just recently changed, inevitably there were some suffocated resentfulness.

BDSM hobby themed get-together? Isn’t that a pile of leather belts, abs, outstanding butts and even on the spot live GV heaven? According to the Master he is in contact with, the level of beauty is also still quite high; according to Ye Qia, those brought out in this get-together for sure is a little good-looking, it must be eye-catching ah!

Eye-catching and freedom and also able to have fun and do people a favour, this sort of good thing what’s the mentality of not promising?

Once he thought up to here, Xia Zhi couldn’t keep a wretched smile in, he completely didn’t notice that Ye Qia was gazing at him meaningfully.

Xia Zhi’s beautiful dream lasted for one week, his excitement has been building up day-by-day.
When Friday came, he was simply like a child on Christmas Day, after touching Ye Qia ‘till he was hard he still couldn’t sleep.
The next day, while the sky was still dark, he pulled up the muddle-headed sleepy Ye Qia, he wasn’t afraid of being whacked by the pillow for three-four times, still smiling happily there.

This happy feeling disappeared within three hours, and he felt that he was the biggest idiot under the whole sky.

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