24, Episode Three This is Life (End) 

How could he still be hesitant, he flew over immediately, holding on to Ye Qia’s neck as he kissed him wildly, his tongue, like the spring season’s snake flipping with a sexual flavour, from the corner of Ye Qia’s mouth he spread to the side of his ear.
He put Ye Qia’s earlobe into his mouth, smelling a light smokey smell, suddenly he thought, within this period of time, Ye Qia has indeed been smoking a lot more cigarettes.

He flopped over, pressing Ye Qia down onto the soft carpet, looking dominant, bodies eagerly stuck together, rubbing, like he wanted to uncover the calm outward appearance, to taste the heat of the inside.

“Why have you been holding a bitter face lately?”, asked Ye Qia suddenly.

“Me?” Xia Zhi stared blankly, not understanding some things, he said, “Don’t have ah.”

“When I look at you, you’d furrow your brows, and your face bitter.” Ye Qia played with the hair at the side of Xia Zhi’s ear, despite his body being in a “disadvantageous” location, there were strength passing through a strong arm undoubtedly.

Xia Zhi likes this sort of might, so he obediently submitted his body, chest pasted against chest, he whispered, “I was just worried about you…..”

Ye Qia laughed silently, “Because of Queen?”

Xia Zhi hesitated a bit, but still responded, “En.”

Ye Qia then shut up, and didn’t explain further, action was all it needed.

At times, destiny is just this weird, when you desperately want something, you won’t get it, but when you give up, what you wanted has inexplicably appeared in your hands.
When Ye Qia left to take the lube and the condoms, Xia Zhi just laid there, in the process of carrying out some profound philosophical thinking.
When the condom came over, these philosophical thoughts immediately got thrown away to Java Kingdom[1].

“I’ll help you put it on!”

Ye Qia’s gaze fluttered for a bit, and said, “Don’t play tricks yeah.”

“How could I!”

Xia Zhi finally could observe Ye Qia’s life root in full view, speaking the truth, it really is…… normal.

It was too ordinary, there were no unique angles, the girth was not too amazing; the male’s ferociousness from the GV, like a lethal weapon, that kind of shadow also don’t have.
The only thing was probably that it was clean, his pubic hair has been trimmed until it was extremely neat, not like a pile of weed just heaped over there.

From what he has seen, this kind is not really the most superior choice, at most just average ba.

It could also be that his expression was too obvious, when Xia Zhi was busy trying to pull the thin condom on, Ye Qia suddenly used a hand to push him down, pushed his whole person in half a rotation, and he fell on the carpet like a piece of clothing that was taken out from a washing machine.

“What are you doing!?”

The Xia Zhi who hated violence and at the same time had a violent factor got angry instantly, supported his body and wanted to counterattack, then he felt his shoulder was suppressed and he was pushed back to the ground, his waist was also heavy, pressed down by Ye Qia.
It just so happened that the momentum pushed him up, and his waist sunk, his butt on reflex tried to maintain his balance by sticking out, just that sentence of effort, and he felt that something entered him!

This action was really too fast, don’t underestimate GV that kind of lightning fast insertion, but in reality it is not possible at all, when you first insert it, you must slowly look for the right spot, the action must also be appropriate, otherwise, not only will the stomach of the shou swell with air, at times it will also slide out, an interrupted feeling.

“What kind of expression is that?” Ye Qia’s voice carried ridicule, “An expression that I am not capable of fucking you.”

“When did I!” Xia Zhi’s guiltily swayed his butt to match the rhythm, but he only felt that Ye Qia’s thing go deeper in him, on the outside he didn’t feel, but once he entered he felt bloated, “You’re too fast, also not scared of a fracture.”

“If it fractures I’ll handle it myself.” Ye Qia thrusted gently, and Xia Zhi quickly stabilised his body, “Clamp on tighter!”

My butt will clamp you to death!

After he scolded him in his heart, Xia Zhi mischievously put in strength, but Ye Qia had already expected it, so he rushed forward suddenly, hitting his prostate just right, and it stimulated him so much that his body shook, making his life root that has been “micro and soft” tremble as it raised its head.
He rested his face on the floor, holding tight to the long fur of the carpet, feeling that the rhythm from behind his body gradually increased speed, every time it would rub against his prostate, although not intense, a pleasure slowly but strongly, each wave against wave, sometimes got sometimes don’t have, always not reaching climax.

People are just like this, when you don’t have it, fantasy is always extremely good, but when you have it you’ll still feel that here is no good, there is no good.
Xia Zhi right now has this sort of mentality, he shook his waist a few times, but was greeted by a slap, then his fur got ruffled up, “Can you move a bit faster?”

“Then what fun do I have?” Ye Qia was not rushed nor slow, not even a single breathless sound, it was quite an understatement, “Endure it.”

Xia Zhi was enduring, endure……endured for quite a while, gradually he heard that there were panting sounds from his back, he can’t accept it no longer!

He took this opportunity to push himself forwards, and separated them both, he rolled and crawled away from Ye Qia’s grip, turned around and prepared to swear at him, but one look at Ye Qia’s expression, immediately, whatever he wanted to say, he couldn’t say it anymore.

Ye Qia was gasping lowly, his chest severely rising and falling, his face was pale, his lips were a bright red, his eyes were glinting like the waters reflection, suppressing his breath.

Xia Zhi choked on his spit, carefully he asked, “Are you alright?”

“Come here.”

Ye Qia spoke these two words extremely slowly, when Xia Zhi heard it, he raged in his heart, lifted his leg for a kick, opened his mouth and scolded, “It’s already almost half an hour already, how much longer do you want it to be? It’s already so uncomfortable for me!”

“Come here!”

“Like hell I’m going over, you should also take care of me for a while, patronising yourself only…… Fuck!”

Before he finished his sentence, Ye Qia tugged on his ankle and pulled him over, spread both his legs, like this, Ye Qia pushed in between his legs, covered his body, face against face, he whispered, “Let me do it once, just once.”

This voice was the most effective hand, he struck just right in the innermost part of Xia Zhi which was pulled tight like a chord, immediately the anger that grew in him dissipated inexplicably.
He saw in Ye Qia’s eyes that he was tired and helpless; he hesitated a moment, in the end he also gave in, and didn’t say anything more, just searched for a more comfortable position to lie in.

Relying on his heart to determine, Ye Qia wasn’t too bad, but can’t praise him too well either, Xia Zhi’s feeling came really slowly, almost none at all.
However, when he heard Ye Qia gasping in a low weeping manner kind of groan, and also that tight grip of his, he had no means to refuse, and could only let loose himself.

Ye Qia’s movements got heavier and heavier, unable to say a word, we won’t talk about his skills first, but the power is actually quite scary.
Xia Zhi is also a man, naturally he understood the force needed to be the gong, Ye Qia’s shockingly powerful force can be said to be the best out of all the men that he knew, every thrust made him throw himself backwards, his back rubbed with the carpet like it was on fire; he can only grit his teeth and endure.

When Ye Qia grabbed his shoulder and fixed him in place, one more thrust, he could endure no longer.
He jumped up, punched with his ankle and cursed, “Fuck you, when you are sad you use me to disperse your anger, I am also not an outlet for your anger, fucking let me go!”


Xia Zhi stared blankly, he actually hit Ye Qia, the him who had been “struggling” for so long under the wind had struck it’s target; he had hit Ye Qia’s head crooked—when that crooked head raised back up, fur creeped up in his heart.

Ye Qia’s eyes flashed green, rubbing the blood at the corner of his mouth, he rushed forwards like a tiger!

How could Xia Zhi sit there obediently listening? Bringing a kick and a curse he too rose up.

Both of them rolled around on the carpet naked, saliva and a roaring curse, messy dicks and fists flying about, white and flowery muscles rolling about in one place, they fought until the bedroom was a mess.

Ten minutes later, the only thing remaining in the bedroom were the sounds of gasping and panting; both of them had no more libido, just sitting there hanging their heads without a word.

Xia Zhi leaned on the foot of the bed panting.
He simply took his hand and grasped the remote control of the home theatre system and threw it over, cursing, “Next time you flash your butt, if I catch just a glimpse of it, you can count on me to go rogue, get the hell out!”

Ye Qia lay down his flag and stilled his drums[2], not in a good tone, he said, “This is me sleeping with you, not me at work, you want it or not!”

“You damned liar!”

“Didn’t lie.”

“You lied!”


Just like this, both of them flipped their car** over and over! Rolling back and forth scolding, talking back and forth were just these few words, in the end it also got uninteresting.
Respectively, they both got up, looked at each other in the eye, suddenly they both realised that they wanted to go wash up, promptly a bear to bear fight burned up—at least, that was what Xia Zhi thought.

Xia Zhi knew that Ye Qia had the habit of going to the toilet before showering, so once he entered the bathroom he rushed to the toilet and occupied it first.
Ye Qia stood there are dryly stared at him, twisted the knob of the shower head and poured water on Xia Zhi’s head.
He jumped up, copied him and squeezed the facial cleanser towards him.
Ye Qia was unprepared and unable to defend himself in time and got facial cleanser sprayed all over his face.
With his eyes shut, he searched around for the wash basin, so Xia Zhi took this opportunity to snatch the shower head, but he could not prevent Ye Qia using his finger to plug up the faucet, causing the water to spray everywhere.

From the inside of the bathroom, curses and screaming came from time to time, the live image of a slapstick comedy.

When both of them got on the bed, Xia Zhi’s hair was wet, and Ye Qia didn’t brush his teeth, because when Xia Zhi finished brushing his teeth, he decisively flung both persons’ toothbrushes into the toilet bowl.
In this regard, he just frostily glanced at him, a face full of “settling accounts after autumn[3]” that kind of aura.

After the lights were turned off, Xia Zhi rolled around unable to sleep, just feeling that he was lacking something.
Thinking about it, he turned around, an ice-cold hand probing into another blanket, coming closer to Ye Qia’s back yet not daring to reach out, feeling just that little bit of body warmth, only then did he have a bit of drowsiness, and he entered the dreamland very quickly.

The next day, when Xia Zhi woke up, the weather was great, the sun shined all the way to his nose.
The other side of the bed was already missing a person.
He sat up slowly, feeling that all over his body was incessantly sore, he let out a groan.
Like an eighty year old man he crawled out of bed, walking into the bathroom.

The shaving Ye Qia stood in front of the mirror without moving an inch, only glanced at him through the mirror, the colour of his face had already been restored to his usual calmness.
Xia Zhi humphed at him, walked over and squeezed with him at the front of the wash basin; one look at the mirror, and his face contorted at once: on his face green and purple blended with each other, and the corner of his eye was swollen, in addition to that, there were even heavy dark circles.

He let out a confused snort, pulled open the cabinet, took out the shaving cream and squeezed it into the palm of his hand.
A few seconds later, he lifted up his head looking for a razor, when his line of sight unconsciously lined up with Ye Qia’s.

Just like this, both of them stared at each other through the mirror.
It was like that for a while, and the thought about breaking up flashed through Xia Zhi’s mind.
The next second, he turned his head away, Ye Qia also inclined his face to the side, like the morning three months ago receiving a kiss in the air.


“Morning.” Ye Qia voice carried a bit of huskiness.

Xia Zhi rubbed the foam on while sneaking glances at Ye Qia’s face; looking at it it was much better than his own.
Feeling quite dissatisfied, he asked, “How did you sleep last night?”

“Very good.” Ye Qia wiped his face, revealing a greenish-purple bruise on the bottom side of his jaw, “If someone didn’t rub my butt the whole night, that is.”


Xia Zhi resentfully lowered his head.
Not a few seconds later, from the corner of his mouth overflowed a grin, he raised his head, and saw Ye Qia also lifting a corner of his mouth in the mirror.
He continued to look for his razor; Ye Qia liked using the electric shaver, whereas he likes the hand razo.
However, he flipped open the wall cabinet and still could not find it, the place where he normally kept it was empty without an object.

“Where’s my razor?”

Ye Qia finished rubbing his face, while walking outside he spoke, “Where did you throw my toothbrush last night?”

Xia Zhi was startled, hurried over to the toilet bowl, lowered his head for a look, his razor and toothbrush floated motionlessly in the water.

“This razor of mine is super expensive!” Paused for a few seconds, he pondered a bit, and shouted, “Damn, how come only left one toothbrush!? Where’s the other one? Don’t tell me it’s flushed down the toilet! It’ll get stuck! Ye Qia! Ye Qia are you listening!?”

Ye Qia pretended he didn’t hear the sorrowful and strict roar coming from the bathroom, walking over to the balcony to warm up.
The rain that lasted continuously for many consecutive days has finally stopped, the sunlight broke through the clouds, scattering warm colours on the ground.
He lifted his head, looking at a corner of the azure sky, took a deep breath, and muttered to himself, “I’ve had a good time…… Farewell.”

Right at this time, a gust of fierce wind blew over, the last remaining dark cloud was swept around in the air, immediately the clear skies stretched for miles, it was picturesque.
The beautiful view has not been fully appreciated, when Ye Qia then heard a blurry roar coming from within the bathroom, he quickly plugged in his earphones, going outside for a run.

“Ye Qia…… Ye Qia! The money for the toilet you pay ah!”



[1] Java Kingdom, (爪哇國), a figure of speech meaning nowhere to be found.

[2] lay down his flag and stilled his drums (偃旗息鼓), an idiom meaning to surrender, or give in to the other person.

** like Chinese slang for sex and related activities

[3] settling accounts after autumn (秋後算帳), an idiom meaning to wait until later to get revenge.

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