18 Episode 2 Sleep with Me (End)

If there is anything worse than this, then that would be that his little brother really isn’t able to stand up anymore.
At first he thought it would be a temporary issue, but Ye Qia’s hand touched for half a day, he confirmed a great tragedy—too tragic that he couldn’t bear to think about it!

Looking at Ye Qia slowly dressing himself, Xia Zhi obviously didn’t dare say, “I don’t want you accompanying me to treat this,” these sort of words, and in the end could only harden his scalp and put on his clothes, dilly-dallying as he walked outside.
The usually-couldn’t-care-less Ye Qia was strangely enthusiastic as he urged Xia Zhi to go.
When he got in the car and saw the playful look in Ye Qia’s eyes, he finally understood what “lifting up a rock and crushing one’s own foot”[1] meant.

Though the air in the car was oppressive, he didn’t hold back saying, “You really aren’t concerned that I have really wilted?”

“If it has wilted then there’s nothing to be done about it, aren’t you a Pure Zero[2] anyways?”

“But if I have wilted then there’s no pleasure ah.”

“No matter, as long as I can feel pleasure, it’s fine.”

Xia Zhi almost gave Ye Qia a punch; even a clay figure has ferociousness, needless to say, I’m not even made from mud!

Although he was holding up a playful front at the moment, on the inside he really is anxious.

Jokes aside, regarding this matter, is there a man who is not anxious? For a man’s other half there should be a sense of urgency ah, can’t say for sure that parents are also urgent, but brothers will sigh while rushing, colleagues will fake the urgency, but only your enemy will bless you while laughing.

Ye Qia hasn’t reached the enemy level yet, but compared to the colleagues, he is much more worse.

Xia Zhi felt June’s snow-like grievances and didn’t speak anymore.
With his hands stuffed in his pockets, looking ahead on the road from his seat, he made up his mind, if things really didn’t go well, he must beat up Ye Qia and stir up some trouble with his customers …… only then will he not break up!

If I don’t have an easy life, then don’t you dare think of living peacefully! I, Xia Zhi, has never been a person without a temper! We can go ahead and live like this, who is scared of who ah?

Embracing this sort of thinking as Xia Zhi got down the car, he slammed the door with a bang, his face hanging long.
Ye Qia followed him from behind unhurriedly, as if nothing had occurred.
Reaching the registration area, he pulled out Xia Zhi’s medical card, slowly filling up the form.
As he turned his head, he saw someone rushing over, his facial expression changed.

Xia Zhi can only stand there suffocating, he has never been to this hospital before.
At first, he assumed that Ye Qia had brought him to some familiar, rundown, small clinic.
He didn’t expect that once he got down the car, it actually turned out to be an infamous hospital in the city.
His heart sped up and became hot for a second until he saw Ye Qia take out his medical card, his heart calmed down again.

Fuck me, the rent for half a year and the deposit, you didn’t even give me half!

Xia Zhi pouted, thinking for ways to vent, when Ye Qia suddenly pushed the registration form and medical card into his hand, told him: “Seventh Floor”, and then vanished himself.
He stood there dumbly holding the documents, until the people in line behind him shooed him away, only then did he react to what happened.

“Fuck!”, Xia Zhi yelled, wanting to throw something, but the things he held in his hand were his, only with a sigh did he go see the doctor.

The doctor is very young, wearing a pair of glasses with a gentle demeanour, one look and there is a surface of abstinence within a sensual appearance.
As Xia Zhi sat down, his mood got even worse, because in front of such a young guy, exposing a problem like this is really embarrassing.
Originally counting on Ye Qia to help him, he didn’t think for a second that once he reached this place he’d have to handle things on his own.

“What’s the problem?”

“Since some time ago, the thing became swollen, after eating half a month of medicine, now it doesn’t stand up anymore.” Faster die then faster revive, Xia Zhi didn’t hide anything, he candidly told the doctor.

The doctor was calm, saying, “Let me see.”

Xia Zhi took his pants off while cursing Ye Qia in his heart, before he returned to reality, just listening to the doctor’s “puchi” laugh, he looked down; the circumference of the wound was healing, showing a strip of white skin, the little brother looked even more like the white flowers milky white.

“En, the outside looks alright, perhaps it’s a psychological issue, let’s run some tests to check it first.”

The doctor made a stroke with his pen and just like that, half a month’s salary disappeared.
Xia Zhi took back the list and didn’t look at it anymore, he wasn’t able to understand it anyways.
Running up and down the building, the necessary and unnecessary examinations were completed very quickly.
The doctor examined the data, saying, “Everything looks normal, let’s give you some Viagra,” and the medical treatment was over.

Being sent away just like that, Xia Zhi collected the medicine from the dispensary, holding a package of Viagra and standing in the hospital hall as people came and went, only his heart is ashamed.
He stood in this state for quite a while, so much so that when Ye Qia stood in front of him for a couple of long seconds, he still hasn’t made up his mind on whether to throw out his left fist or right fist first, or even to use his leg.

Maybe his expression was very weird, Ye Qia found it hard to be laid back this time, and instead dully said, “Let’s go.” While he said that, he reached his hand out and grabbed the plastic package from Xia Zhi and took out the medicine for a look, he said, “Viagra? How much?”

“About five hundred plus.”

“That’s expensive, I can get some at fifty bucks.”

Fuck me, for sure that medicine of yours is a fake!

Xia Zhi dawdled, “Fifty bucks Viagra works or not,” as he entered the car, Ye Qia didn’t start the car, only let the warm air out, the two people sat in the car like that.
Just when he assumed there was a problem with the car, Ye Qia suddenly opened his mouth, “I saw Queen just now.”

He was startled, shuffling through his memories, only then he remembered who Queen referred to, saying, “That working elimination defense? At the hospital?”

“En.” Ye Qia’s voice was a little uneasy, “That person had came in contact with the widowed woman, got beaten up by the woman’s husband until he was half-dead.
At that time I saw the little slave, followed them and only then did I find out.
He sustained multiple fractures, a pulmonary puncture, and a concussion almost killed him.
A few days ago he was still in the Intensive Care Unit, he just got transferred to the general ward today.”

Xia Zhi listened, stunned, he said, “He didn’t call the police?”

Ye Qia sent him a sideways glance, the weather outside was gloomy, and the inside of the car was dimly lit.
That pair of upturned phoenix eyes glinted with a flash of light.
Xia Zhi realised that he had asked a stupid question, after a few seconds, he asked again, “Are there many cases like these?”

“Not many in the upper class circle.” Ye Qia flipped open the drawer and took out a pack of smokes.
This was the first time that Xia Zhi saw him smoke.
“But the BDSM circle is mixed with both good and bad people, this sort of thing is common, though not usually this aggressive.
We have to be picky, a woman with a husband or a man with a wife, we don’t accept.
Rather not earn that money than to accept, the customer card is too big, even just half would be enough to kill you.
This time, the female client’s husband has both money and power, beating him up without concern for his life or death, if he didn’t run for his life, then this time, we won’t even know where his corpse can be found.”

The smoke rose and spread out, engulfing Ye Qia in a dusky grey colour, it was the first time Xia Zhi saw this kind of Ye Qia, and that small grief in his heart disappeared amidst the smoke.

“Then should we go and visit him?”

“No need, didn’t you see that he didn’t contact us?” Ye Qia shook his head, “He dares to do this, he is looking for death, we have tried to stop him many times, we can only tell him that he reaps what he sows, furthermore, this is not the first time that this has happened.”

Xia Zhi frowned, “Is Queen really in need of money?”

“From what I know, he earns enough to live a comfortable life, better than your salary by a lot.”

“Then why is he trying so hard?”

Ye Qia spat out a long trail of smoke, the grey looking like a little dragon escaping from his mouth, fading away quickly, “He’s just doing it for the luxury, do you feel envious of my Cayenne? Queen has two, an old client gave it to him, and when the new model came out, he bought one more.
The last time we met him, he dressed averagely; that’s because it was me who called him; when he is with us, he doesn’t pay attention to dressing, but if you met him normally, even one piece of clothing is worth tens of thousands.”

Xia Zhi listened until he was speechless, “Then it’s a lot compared to my salary ah! He’s already so rich, yet he’s still so desperate? Ordinarily with you guys, jumping around the living hall he can also live a life like that, it’s not too bad, right?”

Ye Qia squinted his eyes, blew a ring of smoke, watching the centre of the smoke slowly dissipate, he didn’t utter a word.

Xia Zhi looked at the pair of dull phoenix eyes, his heart grew more discontent, although he knew Ye Qia had a low chance of being involved in this kind of thing, but when he thought back on how the last time he met a man so lively and chic who is now laying in the hospital, just owning a Cayenne, wearing branded stuff, but when beaten up by someone, didn’t dare to file a report to the police.
Whoever came to know about it needed to scold with a “you reap what you sow”, inevitably let people feel that it is a shame indeed.

Why bother? Is enjoying luxury so important? Luckily, Ye Qia is not this kind of person.

“Xia Zhi.”


“I’ll give you two choices, one, admit that that night was a lie, apologise to me, then I will treat it as if nothing happened; two, you insist that that night you were drunk, and we carry on fighting to no end.”

Xia Zhi thought for a while, and then when he finally understood what Ye Qia was talking about, he suddenly got angry: Why do I have to carry this black pot ah! It’s clearly not my fault!

Just as he was about to scold somebody, with a turn of his head, he saw Ye Qia resting on the steering wheel, drooping eyes staring out the window, looking at the battered car’s narrow window, wanting to see even more of the world.
He couldn’t help but think about what Ye Qia said before, “I managed to find a normal person”, then looking before his eyes the gloomy Ye Qia, his heart became soft as he pondered about it more.
In addition, with Ye Qia returning to the battle, there is a chance of break up ah.

Ai, men, must certainly treat oneself more firmly, for the harmony of the family!

“I… was… wrong.” These three words Xia Zhi gritted out, at the same time followed by a savage face, with a vocal distortion.

Ye Qia turned his head and laughed, displaying an I-don’t-care attitude, “That’s enough, apology accepted.”

The small car started up, Xia Zhi slowly closed his mouth on auto-pilot.
After a while, he thought of something, “Then are you willing to bed me now?”

“Wait for you not to wilt.”

Once this was raised, Xia Zhi felt depressed.
A few moments passed, and he thought of yet another thing, “Right, when are you going to give me half the rent, I won’t ask you for the deposit anymore.”

“Wait for you not to wilt.”

“Fuck, what does my wilting and your giving rent have to do with each other ah?”

“En? Did I say that? Sorry, I was distracted, I’ll give you when we reach home.”

“Wait a minute, for sure you weren’t distracted.
Explain to me clearly, is it because I wilted that you aren’t going to give me rent money!?”

“How can that be.”

“What’s with that look in your eye?”

“I was born with squinty eyes.”





[1] “Lifting up a rock and crushing one’s own foot” is an idiom meaning to bring disaster upon yourself when trying to cause it on others.

[2] Pure Zero is Chinese slang for uke/neko/shou/receiving/bottom.

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