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Chapter 15: Let ’s sleep together (VI)

The painkillers ’ effect slowly faded on their way home.
Xia Zhi began to shift around in his seat, but was unable to find a comfortable position.
He nearly jumped when Ye Qia touched his leg.
Although Ye Qia didn ’t touch his injury, it still hurt like a kick to the balls.

”Don ’t move.
The more you move, the more it ’ll hurt, so keep still. ”

Xia Zhi tried to endure it, but every little bump along the trip would cause him to yell out.
In the end, he had to find other things to distract himself from the pain.

”Those people were all professional doms? ”

”Yeah, well, asides from Magician.
He ’s doing it on a part-time basis, and joins in on the fun sometimes. ”

”Who? ”

”The one with the glasses, the anesthetist. ” Ye Qia drove as slowly as he could manage, ignoring the blare of horns from behind.
”That is one of the nicknames among us.
Other people, including our slaves, don ’t know them either. ”

It was at this moment that Xia Zhi recalled the scene from before.
His interest was instantly piqued.
”Why do they call you His Majesty? ”

”Magician is alright with his SM techniques, but he knows his way around drugs, and works in the field of anesthetics.
He ’s quite knowledgeable and can take his own measures.
He can make a slave feel as if they are dreaming, so everyone calls him that. ”

Xia Zhi was startled, and then began to chuckle.
”I was asking about you, so don ’t even think of changing the topic.
Tell me, why do they call you His Majesty!? ”

Ye Qia paused for a moment and sighed.
”I once took on a client who was obsessed with Three Kingdoms, so every time we performed a scene within the circle or role played it always had to do with Three Kingdoms.
If he wasn ’t Zhao Yun (General serving under Liu Bei) or Guo Jia (Advisor to Cao Cao), then he was Zhou Yu (General/Strategist serving under Sun Ce).
And, as for me, I could only be His Majesty.
They all said I looked dashing in the ancient costumes, so the name stuck. ”

Before Ye Qia had even finished his words, Xia Zhi burst out in a fit of laughter, even though it hurt like hell.
He roared as he banged the dashboard with his fists, ”You couldn ’t choose another play instead? Aren ’t the Masters supposed to have control over everything? ”

”Of course it would ’ve been like that if it was on the basis of a voluntary contract.
However, since I ’m doing this for money, even if he doesn ’t bring it up I still have to research his interests.
It ’s called client support. ”

”Client support, I can ’t take this anymore! ” Xia Zhi ’s whole body shook along with his laughter.
”Then what are the others called? ”

”The fireman is called Queen, because he ’s a cross-dressing dom. ”

Xia Zhi choked at this.
The image of the androgynous-looking fireman appeared in his head.
”He crossdresses even during SM scenes? ”

Ye Qia nodded.
”His clientele includes many women.
The women are not usually into the physical aspect, but rather into the psychological aspect.
Due to this, he has a large advantage. ”

”How? ” Xia Zhi was startled.

”Women are light.
It ’s easy to pick them up. ”

”The women aren ’t worried about the risks when looking for a man? ”

”Female dommes are a minority, and most of them prefer male slaves.
There are even less dommes who sell themselves. ”

Xia Zhi furrowed his brows.
”Sell themselves? Can you not put it a better way? ”

With some warmth to his smile, Ye Qia glanced at Xia Zhi.
”This is the truth.
There is no need for me to evade this topic when I ’m talking with you.
Women who find women can only use tools, and besides, the majority of female SM fantasies are related to men.
Not many lesbians are into SM.
Queen has a strong desire to earn money, so he accepts both men and women.
However, we have also tried to persuade him to come clean and stop selling sex.
Look at his face, it ’s white as a sheet.
One day he ’ll die from excessive ejaculation. ”

Xia Zhi listened with some mixed feelings.
He decided to change the topic.
”Then what about the bald guy? ”

”The bald guy ’s my teacher, in the past… ”

”Hold on, ” interjected Xia Zhi.
”What you ’re saying is that the bald guy ’s your… Master? ”

”In the past. ” Ye Qia answered without batting an eye.

”Didn ’t you say that you ’ve never bottomed? ”

Ye Qia rolled his eyes in affirmation.
”We call the bald guy Gourmand.
He both tops and bottoms.
He ’s the rare kind who can bottom while still being a good Master.
His skills are top notch.
He was the one who brought me into the BDSM circle.
Many of my skills were taught to me by him. ”

Xia Zhi felt as though he had just found out that his boyfriend had been working all-nighters with his previous ex.

Ye Qia seemed to have noticed Xia Zhi ’s train of thoughts.
His voice became more placid.
”Did you really think that doms are born with SM skills? We also have to learn and practice.
At first, we can practice our skills on clients, as well as performing research and watching videos.
After our identity and clientele become more established, we can only substitute with mannequins.
But, since mannequins can neither speak nor respond, it is quite normal for several close doms to practice on each other. ”

Xia Zhi still felt that it was quite odd.
”You top each other? ”

Ye Qia glanced over at him.
”Why not? ”

”Uh, I ’m not saying you can ’t. ” When Xia Zhi thought of how common it was to hear stories about how the third and fourth lovers discover that they have slept with each before, and even have a threesome with the main lover in the relationship, he took some time to fortify his mentality.
However, in the end he still felt unpleasant.
”And what about now? ”

Ye Qia seemed to have the words ”I knew you would ask that question ” written across his face.
”Not anymore, because out of the four of us, only Queen still sells sex.
The others try to avoid bodily contact, and even Gourmand chooses to sleep with only one slave.
For one, it ’s to increase our reputation; and two, it ’s too damaging to the body.
If there really was a need to test something in this area, we can test it on a steady partner or boyfriend. ”

”Awesome! ” Xia Zhi ’s mood immediately improved.
”You can test it out on me anytime! ”

”…Anyway, the four of us have quite the good relationship between us.
They ’re always saying that one day they ’ll pop my hole, and get to know each other thoroughly, so you don ’t have to worry about this sort of thing getting out. ” Ye Qia paused and looked at Xia Zhi before slowly saying, ”And you don ’t have to worry about me sleeping with them either. ”

Having been seen-through completely, Xia Zhi gave an embarrassed laugh then mustered up his courage and said, ”From now on, I can also help you with testing out new techniques.
Don ’t worry, I have a very high tolerance level! ”

”Oh yes, a very high tolerance level. ” Ye Qia gazed at Xia Zhi ’s hips meaningfully, and then started to chuckle.
”Remember what you just said, and don ’t regret it later. ”

Xia Zhi ’s smile froze on his face, before quickly returning to normal.
He thought, he would deal with it later when it comes.
However, his mood took a turn for the worse as he began to regain feeling in his little bro, and the pain caused him to sit uncomfortably.
He continuously gasped for breath, unable to calm down for most of the day.
With his pent-up fury gradually building up, he began to mindlessly attack the target in front of him.

”Getting to the bottom of this, isn ’t this all because you didn ’t want to sleep with me? ” He roared as he shifted his bottom.
”If you had slept with me, then all of this wouldn ’t have happened! I ’m not one of those sex-addicts, and it would be at most two or three times a month, is there anything wrong with that!? Is it because you ’ve done it so much that you ’ve become impotent!? ”

The car suddenly braked.
Xia Zhi fell forward and groaned as he held the place between his legs.
When he finally stopped making pained noises, Ye Qia slowly released the clutch as he mused, ”Want to know the reason why I won ’t sleep with you? ”

Xia Zhi ’s lips were trembling from the pain.
”It ’s because you can ’t! ”

Ye Qia didn ’t say anything.
He looked at Xia Zhi with a meaningful stare.
When they arrived in front of the door to their home, Ye Qia watched with his arms crossed as Xia Zhi painstakingly shuffled out of the car.
”Do you still remember what you said to me the morning after our first time sleeping together on the same bed? ”

Xia Zhi was startled by this.
He started to sift through his memories.

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