Dreaming through multiverse

Ch 2 - John\'s Story

ed at the interruption.

– What was this girls name?

Isolde asked John.

– Jessica.

Everyone fell silent, the director, five parents of three hooligans, and grandmother Isolde began to look at the people in front of her with rage in her eyes.

– If this is really the case, then I assure you that you all have big problems on the threshold. Including you dear parents and you Mr. Director.

Isolde snapped with quiet malice.

– Immediately call the poor girl here! Not only did she recently lose her entire family in a car accident, she was injured herself, only recently recovered and now lives under the care of our worthless orphanage. So you still dared to offend her at school? If this is the case, I will personally drag all those involved into the courts!

A furious harpy roared, taking the place of a kind grandmother.

– Calm down dear, now little Jess will come and we will find out everything. Don waste your nerves on these people.

Vladislav said evenly, calm as a sheet of water. But John noticed that his big, callused hands were clenched into fists, and his knuckles were white with tension and pent-up anger.

Five minutes passed, stretching like hours in the tense atmosphere of the directors office. Potential criminals sweated like prisoners sentenced to execution, in front of a cement wall.

One look at their pale faces was enough to understand whether they were to blame for what John said or not.

– Knock-Knock-Knock, can I come in?

The knock on the door rang like a doomsday bell for Cletus Murphy, Bobby Sislock and Rex Swanson. The voice of a modest pretty girl sounded like the dialect of an evil math teacher who scolded them every single day for their behavior and inability to answer elementary questions.

A girl, or rather a young lady of 14 years old, awkwardly entered the office. Coal-black hair, greenish eyes with walnut flecks, pale skin, a delicate face and a miniature body that had begun its formation promised to turn Jessica into a beautiful woman in a few years. And now the young girl looked like an abandoned kitten, who wants to be protected from all troubles, a little more red eyes from recently shed tears, suggested thoughts of reprisals against those who made her cry. Or so Johnny saw her.

For the others, she was just a recently crying girl who would help them sort out the situation.

– You can. Come on in, Jessica, sit next to Mrs. ODwyer, I think youll feel safer next to her. As far as I remember, your families had quite friendly relations.

– Yes, it is. Hello Aunt Isolde, Uncle Vlad.

– Sit down, honey, don worry about anything, well just ask you a few questions in front of these people, and then together with you and John well go on a raid for ice cream and pizza to old Bens cafe.

– And so, young miss, John told us that he beat Bobby, Cletus and Rex for hurting you, tell us exactly what happened and why?

Jess hesitated a little, cowered in her chair, but looking at Johns impassive face calmed down and told everything.

It turned out that these three are not the first time they bully her, before they just wrote nasty things on her desk, hid her notebooks and textbooks in the classroom or just shot at her with paper from tubes from the back desks. But today they went off the chain after she gave them the middle finger, on comments and her new Gothic image, choice of clothes and preferences in music. She confirmed that the guys allowed themselves to push her and only now realized that she was also groped!

– For those who live on the moon or are simply too stupid, such actions fall under the definition of ”Sexual harassment ”, which will gape very brightly in your personal affairs, young people and in the headline of the newspaper about you, Mr. Director. After all, it is under your control that this school is located!

Furious Isolde blurted out with malice.

– Now that I understand the situation, I no longer see the point in our presence here. John, Jessica, Isolde, we
e leaving. And you, Mr. Director, deal with what is happening in the walls of YOUR school. Ill come by in 3 days and if I don see the deserved punishment for three juvenile bandits, and Jess doesn get her apologies, in front of the whole school, everyone present will have additional correspondence in mailboxes in the form of a subpoena. Am I making myself CLEAR!?

The old gentleman summed up the meeting.

– Extremely Mr. Novgor… Navgaran…

– Novgorodski!

– Yes sir.

– Great, dosvidania .

Heavy Russian accent, walked around the office. John, Isolde, Vladislav and a happy Jessica left the room together.

Going to old Bens cafe, a friendly company of a couple of elderly people and a couple of teenagers spent several hours talking and eating delicious food. Despite the fact that the cafe was more of a roadside eatery than a restaurant or a family cafe, old Ben was a responsible and welcoming owner. The food was delicious, of high quality and cooked with care and love.

Its atmosphere of a classic cafe from the seventies, shabby but comfortable sofas and tables, fresh coffee for adults and natural chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream for children, lifted the mood of a sad young girl.

Isolde began asking questions about Jessicas life. How did she get settled in the shelter? How is the food there? Do they offend? And the most important question of the evening, does Jess want to live with them?

– Id really like to, Aunt Isolde, but you were already denied adoption a few months ago. And now people have come from some big city and want to adopt me. I talked to them for a while, it seems they are good people, their last name is Jones. Most likely Ill take their last name if everything goes well. Mine only reminds me of the bad, at least for now.

– This is great news, Jess, its a pity that you won live with us, because your mother was like a second daughter to me. But I am glad that you will have a new family, maybe you will love them as well as your relatives, and they will love you.

– I hope so, Aunt Isa.

Modest Jessica murmured with a smile.

– By the way, our Johnnys birthday is coming soon. You
e coming to the party, aren you? We all know that because of his character, he doesn have good friends. And youve known him since childhood, I even have a photo of you playing with rabbits together and splashing in the bathroom at our house!

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