Chapter 88: Originally A Wandering Vigilante, But the Mountains And the Water Were Unchanging


Although Chen Yi and Fu Xiu Nian had a strong relationship and they never had any rumors about them breaking up nor about them fighting, it did not help that antis and “poisonous solo” fans1 wanted to magnify a problem into existence.
While Chen Yi grew in popularity and fame, it had become very easy to start comparing his status with Fu Xiu Nian’s silent growth.

“Poisonous solo” fans thought that Fu Xiu Nian did not suit Chen Yi with his status level, while antis thought that they would not be able to stay together for very long.
And adding onto this mess, were all sorts of marketing schemes and fake news accounts, and so naturally, Fu Xiu Nian would have seen something.

Before << Unexpected Encounter With You >> aired, the program crew had asked Chen Xiao Meng and Fu Si Ping’s opinion on whether they would be okay to appear on camera.
Fu Xiu Nian had meant for his brother’s appearance to be cut out, but Fu Si Ping privately contacted the filming crew later, saying that he was willing to be on camera.

Using a suitable time to show off was not a bad thing.
Fu Si Ping had not been very satisfied at how his own brother was so low key that other people could point fingers at him and he was even more unwilling to have rumors and discussions of how Fu Xiu Nian leeched off Chen Yi and “upgraded” his status through their relationship.

And so after the show was broadcasted, those who Chen Yi once claimed could be Eastern Bureau spies were online again and quickly dug up << The Wealth of the World >>.
Yet after many, many attempts to cross examine the evidence, they were so shocked and unable to believe the truth before their eyes: Fu Xiu Nian’s younger brother was the current CEO of the Fu Corporation Fu Si Ping?!!!

Netizens began to asphyxiate and they grasped at their hearts: News of this came too suddenly……give me some time to understand……


At first they had thought that he was only a nameless C lister celebrity or even less than that, and it turned out that he was actually the son of a wealthy family.
Before, there were still people who would say Fu Xiu Nian leeched onto Chen Yi, but now it’s clear that Chen Yi and he walked into dogshit luck again2 !!!

Compared to other families of about the same level of wealth, the Fu family were very lowkey, and because they didn’t usually appear on the camera lens of the entertainment industry, netizens did not pay much attention to them.
And well, now, this broke down the wall.
Since the last time when Fu Xiu Nian and Chen Yi made the headlines of all the charts after their relationship was revealed, they were on it again, and this time, even hogging the first, second, and third spots.

Fans: What the fuck!

Passerbys: What the fuck what the fuck!

>> Mommy, a master was among us commoners! A billionaire was beside us! Fu Corporation ah!!!!!!!! Fu Corporation!!!!!!! Wu Wu Wu I am starting to get so jealous of Chen Yi! For the next next next next lives, he can just lie down and count money right wu wu wu

>> Can some antis just shut their mouths.
Before Fu Xiu Nian exposed his identity, you said he was a leech.
Now let me guess, now that his family background is revealed, are you going to say that Chen Yi’s materialistic and greedy? Humans can only live once so leave some generosity in your hearts.
Don’t always use materialistic values to compare if they are suitable for each other.


>> It’s better if we just silently wish them blessings.
I believe they both truly love each other.
Love you Billion Million Years, <3! 3  >> And I asked why was Chen Yi willing to be with Fu Xiu Nian, a no name no fame celebrity, and the reason comes down to this.
Being so in love, all for money.
Perhaps the reason why Chen Yi could be so popular so fast was because of Fu Xiu Nian.

>> Hey the commenter before me, you SB, if they have money why can’t they do that for their partner? Are they going to help you instead?

There were still many antis running around, but it wasn’t important to listen to their opinions.
The people involved did not care and after all humans only live once, so you have to live for yourself.

“So your family was that rich.
Even appearing in the charts.”

Chen Yi leaned on the kitchen island, one hand using his phone to browse the news and the other passing food to Fu Xiu Nian.
From the post online, he finally had some basic understanding of the wealth of Fu Xiu Nian.

Fu Xiu Nian took the tomato from him and washed it under the sink hose.
He was a bit helpless at Fu Si Ping’s creation of a mess and he joked, 

“What, do you have a feeling like you picked up treasure?”

Chen Yi asked, 

“They all say I walked into dogshit luck.
So are you treasure or dog poo?”

Fu Xiu Nian didn’t say anything and just threw a bunch of lettuce leaves at him.
Chen Yi ducked his head to avoid it and following that movement, he crouched on the ground laughing until he was shaking all over, wild and uncontrolled.
Fu Xiu Nian ignored all the vegetables he was washing and threw the tomato into the sink, 

“You can go eat the wind today.”

Chen Yi laughed even more unabashedly, 

“Sure, no worries.
I can order takeout.”

Before Fu Xiu Nian could respond, his phone suddenly vibrated.
He cleaned off his hands before taking a look and said to Chen Yi, 

“<< Minister >> got nominated in this year’s Golden Visual Awards.”

His tone denoted that he wasn’t surprised, as if it was completely within his plans.

Director Kong was experienced, and the number of works in his hands gave him almost as many awards in return.
Besides, << Minister >> was a big production film that had the script and the acting skills to support it, so it would have been seen as weird instead if it never got nominated.

Chen Yi was still respectful towards Director Kong, this kind of virtuous and artistic elder, and so he gave a few claps, 

“Not bad.”

Fu Xiu Nian smiled at him, 

“Director Kong has already started to prepare for his next film and he wants you to try out for a role.
Work a bit harder and perhaps you might win the award for Best Actor.”

Chen Yi in << Minister >> as Meng Yi was definitely amazing, but unfortunately it was his first time acting and being awarded as best supporting actor was extremely unlikely.
Perhaps after a few more years and a few more works under his belt, it would be enough to win something.
However, Cen Qing did get nominated for Best Actor for his role in << Minister >> and the awards ceremony organizers had already privately revealed to him that the award would probably be given to him.

Chen Yi said that he himself had walked into dogshit luck, but Fu Xiu Nian thought the person who really did was Cen Qing.
At first, he had only been invited for the role for his popularity and status in order to hold down the fort, and now look, who would have thought that he would grab an award too.

Chen Yi smiled, 

“You have a lot of faith in me.”

Fu Xiu Nian thought, I have always had a lot of faith in you.
He picked up the tomato again and continued to chop the vegetables, 

“Take your time.
There’s no rush.”

Although a lot of awards were already predetermined, the show must go on to keep up its pretense.
The majority of celebrities who accepted the invitation would go whether they would win or not; those who win an award, go to collect their award, and those who don’t win go walk the red carpet to increase their exposure.

Fu Xiu Nian and Chen Yi were both the “increase exposure” type and their managers had already arranged for stylists to get them ready at their house.
The moment they were glammed up, they drove straight to the awards ceremony.

Fu Xiu Nian was wearing a blue suit and his right ear had a single diamond earring.
Gentle as jade and elegant, his image fit very well as the princely wealthy son of a billionaire family.

Chen Yi was as cold as ice, and with his long legs, he was basically a walking closet.
In a full black suit, his style was a bit different from Fu Xiu Nian’s and he seemed to have dug up a pair of sunglasses from somewhere.
He raised his eyebrow at Fu Xiu Nian, 

“I’ll be your bodyguard for today.
How’d about it?”

Fu Xiu Nian recalled the thought that no matter where his fans went, they always wore full body black.
He imagined Chen Yi standing before them and he held in his laughter as he said, 

“How are you in any way a bodyguard?”

Clearly, he was a mafia boss.

The awards ceremony started at 7pm and the red carpet had already been rolled all the way into the horizon.
Numerous paparazzi and cameras were set on either side and all sorts of fans were stationed beyond the barricade, all holding up their LED signs and calling out their idol’s name.
Among the fans huddled together, some of the most easily found were Chen Yi’s fans.

They were dressed from head to toe in black and quite a few were coldhearted looking beauties, which created a feeling of an enormous pressure on the scene.
Compared to “normal society”, it was as if a mafia boss had come out from the streets to hang out.
With their faces blank and cold, many people silently kept a distance away from them.

Chen Yi perfectly reenacted his words.
When Fu Xiu Nian walked on the red carpet, he was just wearing his pair of sunglasses, walking a certain distance behind him, acting quite like a bodyguard.
The sight of it made Fu Xiu Nian keep turning his head back every few steps.

When the fans saw Chen Yi step onto the carpet, they immediately changed their cool emotionless stances and started enthusiastically yelling,


Fu Xiu Nian smiled and waved at them.
Chen Yi didn’t say anything, only placing his hands behind him and discreetly giving them a “V”.


There wasn’t anything for the both of them to do in this awards ceremony, as Fu Xiu Nian and Chen Yi were only there to fill in the background.
After they completed their walk on the red carpet, they settled down quietly in their seats and casually watched the female and male MC hosts. 

For dramatic effect, the hosts kept delaying and slowly reading from the envelope, taking more than a few minutes at a time to reveal an award winner. 

Chen Yi was quite invested in watching, however, and with Fu Xiu Nian’s seat right next to him, Chen Yi subconsciously reached over to hold Fu Xiu Nian’s hand.
As he did so, the back of his hand seemed to touch something strange through Fu Xiu Nian’s pockets.
He reached in and pulled out two pieces of candy.

Fu Xiu Nian felt his movements, and he turned his head discreetly to give him a wink.

Chen Yi smiled and he handed himself and Fu Xiu Nian a piece of candy before grasping his hand again.
The actors or directors on stage receiving their awards who were giving their speeches all seemed to meld together, saying approximately the same thing: thank you XX, thank you XXX, without you all I would never have reached the result I attained today.

Still, Chen Yi was having a blast listening to it all.
Every time there was an award presented, there was no end to the thankful speeches, which was very good……

Because honestly, for an entire life, you are not alone.
There have been many people who have helped you and if you didn’t have someone to thank, then that was too sad.

Chen Yi had thought about the people he wanted to thank, Fu Xiu Nian, Chen Xiao Meng, his fans.
If one day he could stand up high, the glory was part of theirs too.
He himself would probably be like the people on stage, with nonstop gratitude to an endless amount of people.

[ Ding !!!!! ]

A noise suddenly rang inside his head, vibrating in Chen Yi’s mind and causing a headache.
He quickly recognized that this was the system and he was about to speak up when he heard it say enthusiastically,

[ AH AH AH AH AH The galactic judges have accepted my request to leave.
We can be released from each other! ]

He could hear that the system sounded very excited and surprised, which made him raise his eyebrows.
Chen Yi then calmly said, 

Go on then.”

[ Then I will leave ]

Chen Yi: “Hmm.”

[ I’m really going to go ]

Chen Yi: “Bye.”

The system thought that this must be the least romantic farewell and Chen Yi must be the worst host he had ever had.
When it started the withdrawal process, and the countdown was ringing out, Chen Yi suddenly spoke up.

“Thank you.”

He turned to look at the person beside him and through the layers of light, he recalled something in his memories.
He was still grasping tightly onto Fu Xiu Nian and the other seemed to sense something, smiling and dropping his candy into Chen Yi’s palm.


Chen Yi unconsciously tightened his grip, 

“I am someone who had practiced martial arts, could be considered half a vigilante4 .
And there is a saying among us that the world will never change, as the mountains under our feet would never change, and the water in the rivers keep flowing……”

“The mountains would never change” represented the initial dreams and aspirations and “the rivers keep flowing” meant forever.
When, in the future, they have the chance to meet again, their relationship would be like these mountains and rivers, everlasting into eternity without a change.

Chen Yi finally smiled and said, 

“Thank you for bringing me into this world.
But, this will be our last farewell……

[ Farewell chu~ ]

And where no one could see, a tiny tiny small ball of light flew out from Chen Yi’s body and then fluttered upwards until the people and objects below were shrinking and shrinking into a bundle of light.
Fans full of joyous faces, pedestrians hustling on their way, the never ending traffic of cars, all normal humans living their lives, all combining into one bright shining image of lights.





*1 poisonous solo fans: Referring to those who only support their idol (as in one individual).
So if they were in a group, they would care only about their bias, so much so that they don’t care about the rest of the group and would even bash or be antis just to make their idol “better” or, if in a relationship, these fans would want them to break up because they only like their one and only idol, thinking the other person/their partner is bringing their idol down, etc.
According to a google search, for those of you that follow kpop, it’s apparently like “akgae” which apparently translates to about the same literal translations as “poisonous only”, and seems to be the same thing?


*2 Dogshit luck has a pretty interesting origin.
It came about where, when in the ancient eras, they didn’t really have a lot of fertilizer (or a very good way to make a lot) and so a lot of it was used by taking feces and letting it ferment, but humans could not output as much as the fields needed and so it came to a point where feces could be bought due to the high demand.
So people would go and pick up fecal matter, especially from dogs, in the morning as it was worth quite a bit of money.
There’s actually a few different ways to interpret this (besides the common meanings we would think, in which it’s being said sarcastically, like wow your luck’s good or you have some sort of luck in the midst of a bad time, or where you have come across good luck but it seemed so unreasonable, or you attain some good luck, meet someone beneficial to you or some other good thing, and it’s like mocking yourself or being humble about what you attained).


*3 the “<3”: The literal translation here is pencil lead, but it’s a play on tones for giving a heart (or “compare heart”). *4 a vigilante: Hard to describe the wording used here, but it’s kind of like in wuxia, where the people of this “Jiang Hu” was more like a lawless society, governed only by power, where the strong stand above the weak.
But this has evolved with the many novels that have this particular thing, such as wuxia and other themes and so the definition has also evolved/changed with it.
Sometimes it means a gathering of martial arts families, sometimes it means a society not dictated by a dynasty rule/reign, or like the ancient equivalent of a mafia/gang, a battle worn area where no law exists except for your blade, somewhere special where based on the dynamics and pressure, you are only motivated to move as per what your “enemies” have done to you, somewhere just violent, or like if someone says they are going out to walk in “Jiang Hu”, it’s like going out to understand what society is like outside of your family, which based on the change of the definition, relates heavily to martial arts, and so forth…… which hopefully gets you the general gist, as I might consider it as more of a concept than an actual concrete definition of something.

And here we are at the very end of volume 3! I hope you have all enjoyed the journey of Chen Yi and Fu Xiu Nian (and of all their fluff and sugar stuffed down our throats haha).
A very nice quiet ending to their story (and a different focus here… hmmm….), but we shall be moving on, with the dear old system who keeps on being forgotten lol! Onto a very drastically different story that is, I would say, almost like the polar opposite of Volume 3.
Where it was sunshine and giggles, it’s now gloom (but of course, still a love story).
On a bit of a teaser, I think a lot of people found this next volume to be perhaps one of the most memorable part of this novel.
It’s part mystery, thriller, supernatural, but also it’s a pretty heavy/emotional volume with themes around death and the afterlife and lots of mythology and beliefs in that regard (so more research here we gooooo…).
It’ll definitely be interesting for sure, and I hope to see you all then! 

On that note, if you haven’t read the pretty long note on Chp 85, I will be taking a longer break just to get my head up and to get most of the other things that have been piling on my plate, hopefully sorted by then.
So, Volume 4 Chapter 89 will be released on May 3rd as the plan for now.

In any case, may you all Galactic Judges have a great 2 months! Hopefully by then, I will be back to greet you all with a better (mentally and… maybe physically too) and not so overstressed me, and I hope to see you all then for the rest of the novel (and the mysterious Volume 4 that I have been dreading looking forward to…) 

Additional Tidbit:

Thank you to the commenter below who reminded me! In the meantime while I’m on my break, you might want to check out the manhua adaptation of this novel!  (the link takes you to the raws).
There was a kind soul who left comments on chp 72 and 73 that there was an adaptation to be coming and I just checked it again and it’s currently at chp 5.
Quick read through and it seems to capture about the same events up to the end of chp 5, so I’m assuming it’s going to be kept at that pace.
At the moment, it looks like english translations have the prologue up so if you are interested, that might be something you might want to keep an eye, and let me know what’s similar or not to the pace or events of the novel! (one difference I’ve already spotted, perhaps due to the nature of manhua/visual telling, is Lu Qi directly telling Huo Meng Chen there’s an inspection later, versus Huo Meng Chen discovering that for himself)

Also I guess a quick note I’ll put here, which I’ll add more in either the first chapter or the volume descriptions page sometime in the future as this footnote space isn’t really a good area for this.
But I thought I’ll add a bit of an explanation of the title as the translations for manhua (and you may have heard other people refer to it) take the novel title as “Don’t be Soft Rice Man”, versus my translation as “Don’t be a Kept Man”.
And to explain it very briefly here (especially if you came from the manhua translations (which, Hello!  ), the literal translation of the novel title is “soft rice man” which means … something like don’t be a mooch/leecher/kept man/lover.
I think a very close expression I have seen others say is gold digger, gigolo but it’s not exactly that meaning of only for money (kind of like the red light district versus entertainment district) or being paid for something in a service.

On a very general level, it means men who don’t want to use their brain or strength, don’t want to put the effort in, lazy, or like don’t want to think about how to get far in life through the normal way like schooling or apprenticeship, etc.
And these particular men want to use their looks to hook someone (usually female) wealthy and appease them, and basically live by “serving” them and in exchange, get paid for everything (so hence, the similiarity with gigolo/gold digger).
Another type that is counted in this category is those men who depend completely on their wives for benefit like their wife’s family background/status and connections.
And obviously, this gets contrasted with how a man should act or conduct himself in the chinese community, as evident by the past history, so this term is essentially bad or used to mock others.


I’d put more details here, but as I kept writing, it just never stopped expanding this footnote section and became wayyyy too long.
So I’ll put something a bit more explanatory on a different page (probably the volume descriptions or translator’s corner or something, away from actual chapters like this), but hopefully this will tide you over in the meantime of a brief explanation of the difference in title. 

Thank you very much for all the support you have given me  And keep safe! See you all back on May 3rd! (。’▽’。)♡

(edit: moved some sections around to accomodate that big blurb of text I added)

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