Chapter 84: A Variety Show on Love

There was a saying that depicted the truth quite well: Antis may be late, but they will never be amiss.
Their happiness was gained from giving multiple heart attacks to the fans and to the celebrity.
You got a CP? Well that means opposite CPs.
You say your CP is the OTP, well I say my CP is the OTP.

Just as Yu-Lu CP fans were dominating their territory, there were a few who actually started to nibble, started to stan Cen Qing and Chen Yi as a CP.
Alright sure, everyone has their own status circles in the entertainment industry, but a lot of popularity still rose up from marketing. 

Whenever Cen Qing finished filming for a film or drama, he would make some headlines, pairing him and the main lead together as a CP.
And especially so in the case of <> where the ratings were rising through the roof, way more than all other shows in the same time slot. 

As a main lead in the show, Cen Qing ran around promoting the show.
But every time there was an interview, there was no doubt he would be asked a question about Chen Yi.
And every time, Cen Qing would play it off as if they had something between them.

MC: In filming for <>, Chen Yi would act opposite of you as an opponent.
What was your impression of him?

Of course not that good, and Cen Qing was definitely unable to compliment Chen Yi from the bottom of his heart.
But he remembered Fu Xiu Nian’s warning and didn’t dig any holes for Chen Yi to fall in in the future.
Instead, he only smiled at the camera without saying anything.

MC: Since <> has aired, raving reviews have been pouring in non stop.
The actors’ skills have been top notch and of course, there’s nothing bad to say about you, Cen Lao-shi, with your acting as the main lead, but as for supporting actor Chen Yi, he seems to be a newcomer rising on the scene as this is his first work.
What do you have to say about his acting skills?

Normal people would not say “not good” in this situation and so Cen Qing could only blow words out of his ass for Chen Yi, almost claiming he was the best thing to come to this planet. 

If it was anyone else, Cen Qing would still say the same thing, but it could not be helped that CP fans had their love goggles on.
And with the help of antis, those rumors about Chen Yi and Cen Qing started spreading.
Spreading to the point where rumors of Chen Yi and Fu Xiu Nian not being suitable for each other were even popping up.

Billion Year fangirls: Excuse me?!!!! You think you can stan a CP that can break up an official couple?! Why the fuck aren’t you ascending to the heavens now then huh?

The two CP groups then started tearing each other apart, ripping the other to the point where even Chen Yi saw quite a few comments.
There were even some antis that specifically targeted his face and daily activities, scanning over every detail and judging them.
Even concluding at the end that he was lawless, a natural player who couldn’t stay put.
With Fu Xiu Nian’s honest quietness, the two of them would only split up sooner or later; they wouldn’t be able to stay together for much longer.

Both Chen Yi and Fu Xiu Nian didn’t really care about the gossip and rumors surrounding them, but their managers couldn’t just stand still as it could snowball into something bigger, into something that wouldn’t bode well for the both of them in the end.
And so the two managers decided to accept a couples lifestyle reality show for them– << Unexpected Encounter with You >>

Hearing this news, Chen Yi and Fu Xiu Nian both fell into a deep silence.
They had heard of this variety show, where basically celebrities who had their relationship exposed appear for a season.
Because this could satisfy the fans’ curiosity towards their idols’ private lives, even though the show did not have a fervent fanbase, the ratings had still been able to stay competitive.

Each season of << Unexpected Encounter with You >> would invite three pairs of couples and then film them living their lives for one day.
There would be no interaction between all three parties, and once filmed, the videos would then be cut and merged together.
After that, a set of female and male MCs would watch that edited video and make judgments as they did.
This recording would also be cut and edited, but this final version would be the actual release for the episodes of the show.

An Ruo Yun said, 

“Right now your fans aren’t looking with favourable eyes towards your relationship.
If we can show some of your intimacy, it would help a lot in steering the rumors in a direction we want it to go and positively increase your fame.”

So, plainly said, let them stuff fluff and sugar and everything nice into everyone’s faces, smacking all the antis who were trying to break them up dead onto the beach.

Hearing this, Chen Yi slowly brushed back his bangs, revealing a sharp and flinty facial structure.
He said to An Ruo Yun, 

“No opinions from me.
Look at Fu Xiu Nian; if he agrees, then I agree.”

Fu Xiu Nian was a bit uncomfortable with the idea of exposing their private lives to the general public, but he thought to himself that it would only be one day so there shouldn’t be too much of a problem.
Hearing Chen Yi’s words, he nodded his head in agreement.

An Ruo Yun could finally give a sigh of relief at the agreement.
She immediately went to discuss with the variety show crew and developed a contract.
A few days later, << Unexpected Encounter with You >> had also finalized their two other couples and posted its official guest appearance list.

The first couple was boy group idol Xiao Kai Chun and his model girlfriend He Yang Fei.
The pair had been in a secret relationship, and when they were accidentally caught by the paparazzi, they had to unwillingly disclose their relationship.
Recently they had wanted nothing more than to become invisible, so it was telling how crazy his fans were going.

The second couple was singer Su Yan and her Korean husband Jin Tai He.
Because they were not in the industry like some idols that were based on counting on their current popularity, they received the least amount of pushback.
Rather, they had become one of the pairs everyone looked forward to seeing.

The last pairing was Chen Yi and Fu Xiu Nian.
Compared to Xiao Kai Chun and He Yang Fei, their situation was a bit better.
At least half of their fans came from Billion Year and Yu-Lu fangirls, so it was rather peaceful on their side.

As soon as word was released that Chen Yi and Fu Xiu Nian would be participating in << Unexpected Encounter with You >>, their fans started bawling with happiness, especially those that fell down the hole to finish << Minister >>.
The situation could almost be described as wolves smelling the scent of blood and rushing over.

The drama had already been entrenched with so much angst and pain, so was it too much to ask for some sugar to gnaw on?!

Of course, when you have support, there must be opposition.
Before the program even aired, all sorts of terrible, insulting and insinuating comments started popping up but it was no small feat to beat Chen Yi’s fans.
They’d rather kill the innocent than let the guilty go free, so every comment was flamed back.

This program, << Unexpected Encounter with You >> was a bit special.
Each couple’s lives were only filmed for one day and there were strict rules.
Filming started from 6am and so that meant that the guests would have to wake up before then; no matter how high your celebrity status may be, you must follow the program’s rules.

Although Chen Yi was a bit lazy, he had absolutely no problem waking early.
Fu Xiu Nian himself was definitely not someone who slept in and so bright and early at 7am, when the camera crew knocked on their door, they were pretty much ready.

The one who opened the door was Fu Xiu Nian.
He had just washed himself up and his entire face was clean with his soothing and refreshing aura.
His words were also polite and warm, saying to the film crew, 

“Please, come in.”

There was a female MC as part of the filming crew called Xiao Xiao, who, as per normal procedure, would usually do a very short interview with each of the partners before the actual recording for the day.
And from those interviews, she would create missions that the couple would then need to complete. 

After Chen Yi came out of the bathroom, everyone greeted each other before sitting in the living room to start.

Xiao Xiao was a smart and beautiful lady, with a great grasp on words and polite courtesy, making it very easy to facilitate a conversation, 

“This show records a bit earlier, so you both must have woken up around 6am.
Did either of you feel a bit unused to the early schedule?”

Fu Xiu Nian said, 

“It’s alright.
It is a bit earlier than my normal hours.”

Chen Yi was sitting beside him and he looked very lazy and relaxed, as if he had not woken up from his slumber yet.
Fu Xiu Nian used the coffee table as a cover to lightly kick him underneath, but Chen Yi easily avoided it.

Xiao Xiao smiled as she looked at them and then glanced at the simple decorations in the house.
She asked, 

“Do you two usually have a set list of house chores split clearly between the both of you, like washing dishes or cooking? Is it on shifts of responsibility or do you hire a housekeeper?”

Fu Xiu Nian was a bit helpless on the inside and he didn’t know what to say.
Chen Yi used his elbow to lightly prod him, and his mouth hid a faint smile.
Then he said to Xiao Xiao, 

“Dishes and cooking are all on him.
I’m a bit lazy.”

Fu Xiu Nian added, 

“Lifting heavy things that kind of household chore that requires strength are all his.”

Xiao Xiao nodded her head but her gentle eyes held a bit of laughter in them.
She held in her hands a tiny book, and she would record something every so often based on their answers.
She asked some basic and random questions and then kindly said, 

“There are 24 hours in a day.
If you are willing, it can be very long.
If you are not, it can be very short.
It all depends on how you use it, and so I will give you your first mission and then the show will officially start recording.”

During the interview, the other filming crew members had installed cameras all over the house, and from the end of the interview onwards, the time would be theirs. 

When they all left, Fu Xiu Nian opened the mission card he received from Xiao Xiao and his face turned a bit weird when he read the contents.
Chen Yi dropped his chin on Fu Xiu Nian’s shoulder and swept a quick glance over the card before his eyebrows also slightly furrowed.

“Please have the guests switch their house chore duties.”

These words were written quite big and once it was shown, it very clearly and succinctly conveyed the message to the both of them.
Chen Yi, a beat slower, came back to his senses and then ruffled Fu Xiu Nian’s head as he said, 

“I’m sleepy.
I’m going back to take a nap.”

He then rose up from the sofa but Fu Xiu Nian caught him before he could leave.
Chen Yi turned his head around and he could only see two words on his face —

Go cook.

Chen Yi felt his forehead twinge with pain and internally he was rejecting the order with every cell he had.
He lightly but with strength scooped Fu Xiu Nian up and then dragged the other back into their room, 

“Be good.
Sleep a while and you won’t be hungry anymore.”


Fu Xiu Nian already knew that Chen Yi was going to be like this and turned around to push him back towards the kitchen.
He had a great feeling like something great had happened1 and held in his laughter as he imitated Chen Yi’s tone, 

“Be good.
Follow the program’s rules.”

Chen Yi: “Hmph.
What are you going to do if I’m just going to poison you.”

Fu Xiu Nian: “No worries.
I won’t blame you.”

Chen Yi smiled without a single ounce of happiness in him,

“Wow, I am so moved.”




*1 This line is a bit weird to translate but it’s a feeling that actually means for a person who was held captive by an enemy state and then was overturned and they are now free.
So there’s this feeling of a good change as well as the freedom to experience and the belonging you feel from being back on your own, and having that thankfulness that it is all over.

TL Tidbit:

As a side note on Xiao Xiao’s name, it is not the “small”/”little” character as the pinyin might entice you to think.
It’s a different character that usually relates to water like drizzling rain, shallow waters, but it can also mean if paired with other characters like someone who is unrestrained/very nice and open.
Like paying money for the meal without making you feel like you owe them, and so forth as like many characters in this very complex language.
Xiao Kai Chun’s Xiao is also not technically “small”/”little”, altho it can mean “slightly”, but used as its character if not in a name, is usually denoted as “similar” or “like” something.

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