Chapter 75: Whose Fans are This Crazy

“Aren’t you naive,” 

Chen Yi stroked Fu Xiu Nian’s face gently for a while before squeezing him by the cheeks, 

“If I really disliked you, I would present a different face otherwise, and in the future, I would still throw you away anyway.
Sweet words, honey filled talks, these are the most useless things in the world.”

Chen Yi’s no fluff attitude with no additives was scarily blunt, so much so that only a small handful of the earth’s population could take it straight to the face.
But it was also this kind of attitude that made others feel safe, far safer and far more comforted than any promises to go the length of the earth could ever be.
Fu Xiu Nian didn’t know if he should be happy or mad at this and said, 

“You think it is useless, so you will never say those words out loud?”

“It’s not really all that,” 

Seeing that the soup was almost boiling over, he turned off the stove before continuing, 

“They say when I compliment someone, it doesn’t sound like I am.”

Fu Xiu Nian laughed, showing off his hidden dimples lightly, 

“That’s true.
It’s already considered an improvement if you aren’t saying bad things.”

The soup was just about done with the potatoes that he put in a few moments ago having gone soft; if they were boiled for any longer, they would only turn into mush.
Fu Xiu Nian ladled out some soup into a bowl as he said very nonchalantly, 

“Right, what film offer did you accept?”

Chen Yi took over the boiling hot bowl of soup from his hands as he also very nonchalantly replied, 

“It’s called << Minister >>.
I am going to act as the main supporting male actor, as the main villain.”

<< Minister >> depicts how a protagonist, Yan Dao Ning, who started as a ninth ranked official, worked his way up into the central court of power and became a famous official in the end.
Chen Yi was playing the role of the ninth prince, Meng Yu, who was a wild, nefarious schemer and one that had a personality that could not be reeled in. 

Because Yan Dao Ning was part of the Crown Prince’s party, he had the mind to kill him off.
Each scene that featured Chen Yi’s part was heavily involved with the plot, and this kind of cool, handsome villain, if played well, would become very popular with the general public.

Fu Xiu Nian made a strange sound at that, 

“Ah? What a coincidence that you also accepted a role in << Minister >>?”

Chen Yi paused from sipping on his bowl of soup and furrowed his eyebrows slightly, 

“What, you also accepted a role in this?” 

Fu Xiu Nian nodded his head, 

But I don’t have a lot of parts.
Just a small character.
I’ll be playing Lu Shuang.”

Lu Shuang was the top strategic advisor for the ninth prince, Meng Yu.
He was a man with many skills, and his mind was even better.
But in truth, he was really the Crown Prince’s spy, and during Meng Yu’s most desperate time of need, he would take off his mask.
So to say…… their roles were intertwined very tightly.

Chen Yi gave an “oh” face at that, 

“It doesn’t matter if you have a small part.
In the end, I still die by your hands.”

The final ending, Lu Shuang kills Meng Yu with one sword swing.

Fu Xiu Nian interlaced his fingers together and lightly kicked Chen Yi’s feet under the table.
He jokingly said, 

“My martial arts skills aren’t as good as yours.
What if I get killed by you in the end instead?”

His skin was very pale and his eyes were used to displaying a naivety, an innocence.
And that one lift of his eyes just now actually had a hidden seductiveness to it.
His thick eyelashes created a shadow on his cheeks, as if they were butterflies ready to take flight.
It was a look that scratched and tickled at the hearts of those who saw him like this.

Chen Yi lifted both of his arms and dropped them casually on the backs of the chairs beside him.
Looking at Fu Xiu Nian nonchalantly, he said, 

“Well then, I just won’t return any of your blows.
Go ahead and kill me, hmm.”

This sentence sounded good.

Chen Yi finished his bowl of soup, and for once, he wasn’t playing with his phone.
Instead, he was staring straight at Fu Xiu Nian, making the latter look down at his empty bowl to avoid his gaze.
In response to Fu Xiu Nian averting his stare, when he wasn’t paying attention, Chen Yi got out of his seat and walked up right behind him.
With a stretch of his arm, Fu Xiu Nian was lifted up from his chair.

Fu Xiu Nian stumbled clumsily as he was pulled towards the bedroom and he had an idea of what was going to happen next.
He stuttered out, 

Chen Yi……”

Chen Yi said, 

“No need to explain.
I know you have been drooling over my good looks for a very long time now.”

Until he was too ashamed to show his face to the world, Fu Xiu Nian was bullied on the bed over and over again.
His hands covered his eyes and he slightly turned his head away, with his clothes all bunched up and open, revealing large patches of enticing skin.
Letting Chen Yi do whatever, letting him drop burning hot hickeys onto his pale white collarbone.
Dazed out of his mind, he faintly protested, 

“I’m not drooling over your attractiveness……”

Chen Yi didn’t even lift up his head as he calmly said, 

I’m the one coveting you.”

Shivers immediately ran down Fu Xiu Nian’s body at that.
Chen Yi seemed to sense it and his fingers started dancing even more vigorously.
Twirling and swirling over his lips, Chen Yi swallowed up every cry and sound that the other would try and moan out.

Chen Yi was really handsome.
The natural kind of the bad boy type that could send all blossoming adolescent girls into a daze.
When he had very few fans, this fact was covered up, mostly as everyone had painted goggles on, too focused on the toxicity.
But now that a lot of people were savouring his looks once more, they found that he was not lacking in any other way compared to the top idols.
Face, body, looks, and even his type of handsomeness stood out.

Probably the best thing to come out of the entire mess was the shocking rate of girls that were applying to join the official fan group.
Multiplying exponentially, droves and droves of girls were filling up the hashtag feeds, and love confession threads were sprouting up with no end in sight like bamboo after rain.

Ning Tong was a stronger celebrity manager than Zhou Ming as she immediately took advantage of this increase in fans to buy a few social media handles to wash off some of his notoriety online.
And slowly but surely, the fans were continuing to increase even more, which would help pave the way for when Chen Yi came back with his role in << Minister >>.
After all, before this film project, he had no real representational work. 

For his first film work to be this kind of high budget film, there would no doubt be dissent and furious comments swarming the internet.
Having a number of fans help out would mean at least some waves would be calmed.

When the day came for the promotional posters, Ling Dang arrived bright and early to pick Chen Yi up, giving them enough time to get styled up.
And in fact, when they got to the filming site, most of the actors and actresses were not even there yet.
But Fu Xiu Nian was an exception, having arrived much earlier than Chen Yi and was currently sitting in front of a mirror where a makeup artist was currently drawing on sideburns.
His expression was very emotionless, looking quite cold and haughty, unlike the usual meek and obedient look he wore in front of Chen Yi.

The main protagonist, Yan Dao Ning, was played by award winning actor, Cen Qing.
Since his debut, he had been coasting through the industry.
It was only aided by his ability to act, having the skills to back up that popularity, that he already had quite the resume, even with only a few years under his belt.

But what made him even better was his family background.
Every year when netizens would compile lists that depict “those celebrities who cannot succeed in the entertainment industry must go back to succeed their billion dollar family inheritance”, his name would be on every single one.

Cen Qing was about thirty years old, and his face gave off a refreshing feeling while his aura emitted maturity and the feeling of fine aged wine.
And he, already having changed into his outfit, was currently sitting right beside Fu Xiu Nian, getting his wig put on.
But for some reason, he would always turn his head to talk to Fu Xiu Nian, looking like he was quite familiar with him.
Even if the latter would only reply with three or four words, it did not douse his enthusiasm.

Chen Yi only leaned on the door for three or four seconds before Fu Xiu Nian already spotted him through the mirror.
Fu Xiu Nian turned his head in happy surprise, 

“Chen Yi, you’re already here?”

The makeup artist immediately protested his sudden movement, 

“Ah ah ah.
Don’t move, don’t move.
Or your head’s going to be shaved bald.”

Hearing this, Fu Xiu Nian could only turn back around to the front.
Once he did however, he was greeted with the sight of Chen Yi smiling devilishly at him through the mirror.
His eyes sparkled with wickedness and seductiveness, making him quickly avoid the other’s gaze and cough in embarrassment.

With that coughing sound, Cen Qing only discovered Chen Yi and he looked over at him through the mirror.
A man with a lean torso, clean and squared facial structure, with an aura that seemed potently sharp.
Definitely a man who would be suitable to play Meng Yu.

There was a rumor floating around the filming crew that Cen Qing originally accepted this series for the role of Meng Yu, but for some reason he had changed roles to play the main protagonist Yan Dao Ning.
There were rampant rumors that there was something interesting going on behind the scenes.

No matter if it was true or fake, Cen Qing was still sitting on his chair and smiling as he gave a greeting.
His attitude wasn’t overly passionate nor was it freezing cold.
Chen Yi gave a courteous greeting back, but as it was due to personality issues, he also gave off that feeling of a not cold but also not too warm response.

Seeing him here at the studio, a makeup artist started to style Chen Yi.
Chen Yi had never experienced such a thing before, so he couldn’t help but stare very deeply in the mirror.
With his stare, he did not expect that he would actually make the young makeup artist blush red up to her ears.

Fu Xiu Nian’s eyes took this all in and he casually rolled up the notification notice in his hands as he said to Chen Yi, 

“The filming location has been set to be at Zhejiang.
Today we will finish taking photos for the promotional materials and then most likely either tomorrow or the day after, we will have to fly over there.
Don’t forget to pack all your luggage early.”

Chen Yi: “It’ll be easy.
There’s no hurry to pack.”

Fu Xiu Nian thought to himself that the “easy” part would definitely be Chen Yi just stuffing all his clothes into his luggage, in one big messy pile and all crinkled up.
He would probably forget some essentials and necessities without even realizing until he needed it.
He could only tell Chen Yi, 

“It’s still a bit hot, so don’t forget to bring sunscreen.”

Cen Qing was watching from the side and his expression took on something more with this exchange between Fu Xiu Nian and Chen Yi.
He then smiled and said very familiarly to Fu Xiu Nian, 

“What a rare sight for you to be this caring about the details.
Both of you seem close.”

Fu Xiu Nian offhandedly hummed in acknowledgement.
Not giving Cen Qing an attitude that would suggest that they were close,

“We’re not bad.
We had filmed in a program together before.”

Cen Qing smiled, 

“Seems like one of these days I will need to drag you on to a show with me.”

His makeup was done up fairly quickly and without even waiting for Fu Xiu Nian to utter a reply, he had already risen up to head to the photography set.
Chen Yi wasn’t the talkative type and the entire time he had been spacing out, one leg over the other, resting his ankle on the other knee.
Seeing Cen Qing leave, he finally asked Fu Xiu Nian nonchalantly, 

“You two are close?”

Fu Xiu Nian thought about it, and then spoke honestly, 

“I don’t think we are.
A normal relationship of acquaintances.”

Chen Yi could understand that he didn’t dare go beyond that.

Putting on a wig was quite a tedious task and the makeup artist took a very long time to finish up.
But all the sweat and tears do produce a good outcome in the end as when Chen Yi walked out in his costume, everyone’s eyes started shining, feeling that there was no one more suitable than Chen Yi to play as Meng Yu.

Meng Yu was the one with the most power and strength as a candidate for the spot of the Emperor, so naturally he would not be like the normal average folk.
He was brilliant at horse riding and archery, his mind was also devious and clever, but in the beginning, he was still hiding his talents and skills. 

To outsiders, Chen Yi had the image of a man who was too lazy and one who held no seriousness towards the things that he did.
But now, each action, each movement held a hidden sharpness within and his aura was just perfect at withholding that all natural black inky outfit with the armor pieces strapped to his arms, as if he was born to play this role.

Compared to that, Fu Xiu Nian’s composure was on the complete opposite end of the spectrum.
Because he was playing the role of Lu Shuang, a deeply hidden spy acting as a strategic advisor, his outfit was more lightly coloured, of an elegant design.
There was a bit of an etherealness to him and adding on the smile that he always wore, it gave a feeling of uncatchable, untouchable, and a sight that was not as eye-catching as Chen Yi.

Fu Xiu Nian couldn’t help but admit that he was like the others, mesmerized by Chen Yi’s handsomeness.
He used his phone to take two photos and elegantly complimented, 

“You are quite handsome in this.”

Chen Yi automatically replied, 

“You’re not ugly either.”

Fu Xiu Nian paused, 


Chen Yi raised his eyebrows, 

I said when I compliment others, it doesn’t sound like it.”

When it came time to take photos for the promotional posters, he was given a sword.
Chen Yi unsheathed it to take a look.
When he discovered that it was fake, he immediately lost interest and twisted his wrist around to sheath it back in.
The photographer let him casually pose and Chen Yi did really casually give a pose, holding the sword behind him, looking straight at the camera with burning eyes.

His composure was special, and it was eye-catching.
With his good looking facial features, this kind of face was especially easy on the cameras.
The photographer immediately took the chance to take photos and after changing into a few other outfits, there wasn’t much effort needed on his behalf before he was done.

When Chen Yi was finished, he wasn’t in much of a hurry and so after all his makeup was removed, he sat on the side, waiting for Fu Xiu Nian.
Around him, there seemed to be a few of the film crew who were his fans, and they wanted to head closer with a photo of him to ask for an autograph.
But they didn’t dare step forward, only pushing and nudging each other

Fu Xiu Nian couldn’t help but laugh when he saw this once he finished his photo session.
He went to grab the photos from them and passed them to Chen Yi who was just playing on his phone, 

“Hey, your fans want your autograph.”

Hearing this, Chen Yi lifted up his head and subconsciously received the three photos from Fu Xiu Nian.
He looked to the side where three young women were hiding and looking at him, as Fu Xiu Nian passed over a pen to him and said, 

“Sign it for them, hmm.”

Chen Yi exited out of his game that he was halfway through and took the pen from Fu Xiu Nian’s hands.
He signed his name on the photos, with a penmanship that was untamed, wild and dominant.
They say to look at your handwriting was like looking at your personality.
And his strokes were alike, just like his personality.

He passed the photographs back and the three women immediately left with happy and glowing smiles on their faces.
Chen Yi didn’t understand that kind of overflowing joy, and so he just dusted off his pants and said to Fu Xiu Nian,

“Hurry up and take off your makeup.
I’m still planning to leech a meal off you at your house.”

He said it so openly that anyone who heard them wouldn’t even think of something more.

Chen Yi didn’t actually mind exposing their relationship to the public, and he had even thought about what to say to Chen Xiao Meng.
But Fu Xiu Nian himself didn’t dare to and he worried that Chen Xiao Meng would not agree, making it difficult for Chen Yi to balance both sides.
So his attitude towards their relationship was to hide it for as long as possible.

All of a sudden, someone sighed deeply in Chen Yi’s head.

[ Hoh……]

It was almost instantaneous when Chen Yi opened his eyes.
His eyebrows twitching as he said, 

“Why haven’t you left yet?”

[ I also want to leave, but the galactic judges have not permitted my request to leave ]

The system’s voice sounded very depressed.

Chen Yi said, 

“Then when will they hand down the approval?”

[ Probably in a few days ]

Chen Yi: “That’s not too bad.”

[ But one day there means ten years in this world.
When I think that I have to be attached to you for thirty or forty years, my heart feels like it is going to throw a chainsaw.
For these many years as a system, there has never been someone who could rely on their partner.
I never thought I would fall by your knees ]

Chen Yi smiled, his interest having been piqued, 

“What do you mean? I have not been self-reliant?”

[ For some sort of meaning, yes.
Do you want to know why? ]

You can shut up now.
If you have the ability, shock me to death.”

[ **** ]

When Fu Xiu Nian was taking off his makeup, Cen Qing was also in the room and he seemed to be purposefully waiting for Fu Xiu Nian.
Everyone was busy with their duties and no one was paying attention to their corner.
With their surroundings in a busy buzz, Cen Qing quietly asked, 

“……Why him for the role?”

Fu Xiu Nian, facing the mirror, brushed up the hair by his forehead and began to take off his makeup with a cotton pad.
Hearing this, he gave Cen Qing a look and then disinterestedly said, 

“No reason why.”

Cen Qing smiled, 

“If there’s none, then there’s none.
But I do think he is more suitable than me for this role.
Not bad.”

Cen Qing’s private life wasn’t that clean, being part of the team that had no partial preference for a certain sex; whether they were male or female, he’ll be into them if he is.
And this “not bad” had too many hidden implications.

Fu Xiu Nian took out a tissue to wipe his hands and his voice dropped cold, bringing on a tone of warning, 

“There’s no relationship with you even if he’s ‘not bad’.”

And then quickly wiped off his face before leaving as he was not in the mood to continue staying there.

At the moment, Chen Yi was in the realm of living part time at Fu Xiu Nian’s, and so there were quite a few daily necessities already in stock there.
The airplane ticket was set for tomorrow afternoon, and so at night, Fu Xiu Nian was already preparing.

“I’m going to bring along your toiletries and the sunscreen spray too.
You just have to pack your clothes when you get home.”


Fu Xiu Nian was meticulous, where every single thing he would have prepared was prepared to the miniscule details and very clearly.
And right now, he was kneeling by the floor and just zipping up the suitcase when Chen Yi stuffed himself right beside him.
Chen Yi wrapped his arms around Fu Xiu Nian’s waist as he said, 

“My family always said to marry a wife who would be virtuous1, a pretty adept teaching.”

Chen Yi had been keeping up with his exercise everyday and this could definitely be felt through the clothes.
Fu Xiu Nian’s back was leaning against his chest, and he suddenly had the same thoughts as the many people in the fan group that salivated over Chen Yi’s waist and legs and his face started to burn hot without his control.

He embarrassingly coughed a few times, 

“Marry what, marry who.
I never said I would marry you.”

Chen Yi turned gleeful, 

“I also never said I would marry you either.”

Fu Xiu Nian unhappily pursed his lips and went to pinch Chen Yi’s calf but found that it was too muscular and he couldn’t even pinch any skin at all.
Chen Yi stopped his hand and tilted his head to bite him lightly on his pale white earlobes, 

“What, not happy?”

Fu Xiu Nian’s body was melting into his shivers with Chen Yi’s biting and that tickling feeling was spreading down to his spine and transmitting through his entire body.
He rubbed his ears hard and his eyes were sparkling with a gentle light, 

“Are you a dog? Why do you keep biting people?”

Chen Yi didn’t reply and softly patted his head, 

“So you should follow whoever you marry.
Marry a chicken, become a chicken, Marry a dog, become a dog.” 

Hearing this, Fu Xiu Nian smiled again and fell back into his embrace.
Rolling into a clump together, the two of them began kissing, forgetting everything else.

After the photos of their characters were taken and edited, the marketing team of << Minister >> started posting their official release statements and shared the promotional posters.
As the first bit of marketing, they uploaded a small set of photos. 

Because this movie was being personally directed by renowned film director, Kong Qiao, and this was paired with a first rate script writer and producer, the entire project could be said to be of excellence and an extravagant affair. 

One could say that before the film was even released, it was already riding on its fame.
The moment the first post was published, a huge amount of people went storming into its official account to see what was going on, as the general public had never stopped discussing who the actors should be since it was announced.

Cen Qing had always been walking down the path of an actor with the skills to back him up and so it was easy to see him in the role of the main protagonist, and not a lot of people were raising questions at this.
Yet when they saw the photo set for Meng Yu, the first reaction the netizens had was, Who the fuck was this handsome guy?! And then once they took a closer look, What the fuck, it was Chen Yi?!!


The man had a jade crown in his topknot, wearing a black coloured outfit with specialized sections of armor on his wrists and a sheathed sword by his side.
A jade amulet was tucked alongside into the waist belt of his dark black robe that was decorated with embroidery of the ocean and cliffs2.
His aura felt encompassing and authoritative with this outfit. 

In the picture he had unsheathed his sword and his eyes were serious and stern, containing a sense of fierceness and sharpness yet his mouth brought on the implication of something more, something a bit playful yet also freeing and seductive.
A war of discussion was blowing up but at the same time, he was netting a whole bucket full and more of fans who were drooling over his looks.

Mommy, I suddenly /get/ the handsomeness of Chen Yi, what a fucking alpha.
My legs and pulse are so weak.
I’m suffocating from his attractiveness!!!

>> I *** Why did they make Chen Yi the supporting actor?? Has the renowned director fallen to his knees to the hot charts too?

>> I have no power to reject this kind of “bad boy type” look, awsl, our Yi-Ge is so fucking handsome!!!! Director Kong has such good eyesight!!!

>> WOAHWOAHWOAH there’s actually our Xiu Xiu too! I’m so satisfied to have Billion Year CP in the same screen again, wu wu wu

When the schedule of Chen Yi flying to Zhejiang the next day was publicly released, the fan group immediately started chatting nonstop, discussing how to send him off at the airport.
There were even people who mentioned for the group leader to come out and even Fu Xiu Nian was silently lurking, watching this all go down.

>> @Ruo Meng Leader leader, I want to send off Yi-Ge tomorrow.
What color for the support signs do you think would be better?

>> Hohohoho perfect timing as I’m off tomorrow.
The sister before me, save me one of your private signs!! What is Yi-Ge’s favourite color!

>> I just went to take a look at his official account and I could die right on the spot from happiness.
Yi-Ge actually got an offer to be in Director Kong’s work AH AH AH AH AH.
His promotional poster is making my ovaries explode.
I’m following all of you into this black hole!!!

There were quite a few fans that echoed the same sentiments.
And on Chen Yi’s side, he was just packing his clothes in his room when Chen Xiao Meng suddenly sneaked to his side like a ghost, 

“Brother, what color do you like?”

Chen Yi offhandedly mentioned, 


Chen Xiao Meng paused in shock and then blinked her eyes, 

“Black? Do you have any other color preference? Something a bit brighter?”

Chen Yi tilted his eyebrows up and narrowed his eyes at her, 

“What kind of bright? Neon pink?”

Chen Xiao Meng: “…… Fine.
Black’s not bad.”

A minute later, the group leader @ all members.

>> Yi-Ge likes black, so…… everyone might need to discuss between themselves to see what kind of supporting items you would bring.
But don’t make it crazy.
Something that’s just very simple, something that can just get the thought across would be good enough.

This kind of answer was extremely difficult to decipher.
What kind of light sign or light stick would be black? And so all the fans who were discussing sending Chen Yi off silently made a new temporary chat.
They went to scour for any other information and someone found that there was a fan who had a silver led sign during Ah Ya’s concert.
They asked if they should just use silver, but then other celebrities were always supported with their favourite color so there was no reason to be this dismissive towards Chen Yi and his preferences……

The fans in the chat immediately fell into a deep and troubled contemplation.

The itinerary was set for him to take an afternoon flight, so Chen Yi used his phone to order some takeout for him and Chen Xiao Meng to make do as a lunch.
Before he left with Ling Dang, he made sure to double check everything in his luggage.
During the entire car ride, Ling Dang was very enthusiastic and thankful.

“Xiao Yi-Ge, your contract will almost be up after you finish with this role.
When you end the contract with GE, you can sign onto a better company.
After enduring it for so many years, you have finally come out on top.
I really didn’t think there would be such a day.”

There were many people who could endure and suffer for more than ten or twenty so years in the entertainment industry and still wouldn’t reach anywhere.
Half of it was on the person and the other half was down to luck.
Zhou Ming’s personality was not the best but he said something that was quite right.
Being too mundane and having no achievements for too long will eventually sand down a person’s hot bloodedness and passion.

The car reached the airport and Chen Yi wore his mask, walking in with Ling Dang.
He was about to send a message to Fu Xiu Nian when his eyes caught something in his peripheral vision and he looked over.
The airport departure area was filled with a group of people all wearing black: black shirts, black pants and their hands even held black signs.
And they all seemed to be looking left and right for something.

Chen Yi calmly retracted his gaze, 

“Whose fans are those? Dressed like they’re in the mafia.”

The moment he said that, someone in the crowd seemed to have found him, and there was a sharp shriek transmitted to his ears, 


Chen Yi: “……”




*1 marry a wife who would be virtuous: This usually has a second part where it’s to marry a woman who’s virtuous/beneficial to your family/continuation of your family/lineage over a pretty woman/eye candy, which you may have guessed was pertinent mostly in ancient china, but sometimes referenced now too.
Specifically, the virtuous meant upholding a certain standard, being a feminine woman that should know her boundaries/what she can or cannot do, shouldn’t be evil/jealous, being faithful and obedient to your husband/his family, basically what was the “ideal” for women to be, which you may have more famously heard about from a certain scroll…


*2 parts of Yi-Ge’s outfit!

jade crown in his topknot (發束玉冠)

outfit with armor (交領劍袖服)

embroidery of the ocean and cliffs (海水江崖紋)

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