at night, he would be unnecessarily gentle.
But today, he was the exact opposite.
Xie Yu Zhi was pressed and held down by him, unable to move.
After exhausting his strength, he could only bite viciously down on Chen Miao Ping’s shoulder, 


Chen Miao Ping asked curiously, 

“Do you, Second Master, have any curses other than bastard to call me?”

Xie Yu Zhi lifted a pillow to throw it at him, 


Chen Miao Ping dodged it, 

“People say marry a chicken, become a chicken, marry a dog, become a dog.
Second Master’s life does not look good since you married an animal, which, I guess, it means you can only become an animal too.”

Xie Yu Zhi reminded him, 

“You married into my family.”

Chen Miao Ping said, 

“Then my life is terrible, wedded to an animal.”

He had in him a naturally self-defeatist attitude and never put anything into his heart.
Due to this, Xie Yu Zhi was so angered by Chen Miao Ping that he was no longer in the mood.
But he didn’t dare to entice him further. 

This guy was too vindictive, having a heart smaller than anyone and a memory that could hold a grudge against the smallest thing.
After suffering in the morning, he would find his revenge at night on the bed.
10/10 a terrible human being.

The branches outside the window were swaying slightly and the moon seemed to be moving along with the howling winds.
The sudden decrease in temperature seemed to be an obvious signal that winter was coming. 

Chen Miao Ping closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.
In his dreams, he was taken to some strange places.
Perhaps it was because his hometown, his birthplace, was mentioned, that a few faces from his past slipped by, faster than anyone could catch.

In his previous life, Chen Miao Ping’s father was very wealthy and pretty loose.
He had a family, but outside of his family he was someone who contributed to the population growth.
Counting the number of children birthed out of wedlock, there were about eight all together.
And Chen Miao Ping was one of the eight.

His unscrupulous mom had wanted to use him to marry into a wealthy family, but the wife of that man was no regular housewife.
For so many years, his mother had tried and fought to take the wife’s position away, but it was all for naught.
And after having been beaten down for too many times, she lost the will to continue and tossed Chen Miao Ping away to their neighbors.
One day, she just packed up her stuff and left after saying that she had to leave for work and never came back.

His neighbour was not willing to foster useless tag-alongs, but thankfully, the man that birthed him had some part of a conscience in him and took Chen Miao Ping in.
Life continued on for a while in that environment.
Since he was young, he was very sensitive to other people’s emotions, so he was able to coax the old lady in the family and make her like him.
Life was barely livable in those circumstances, but that elderly lady did not live long enough and then……

And then there was nothing that changed.

Although no one had been good to him from the bottom of their hearts since he was born, Chen Miao Ping thought that there were many more people worse off than him.
Humans must always look in the positive direction after all, and there was no point in thinking about all the negatives.
The most important thing was how to make your life better.

He was only a normal human being, living a normal life, concluding in a normal story.
Just like how it wasn’t important that he just transmigrated here, and how it didn’t need to be mentioned.
Just like how one day he will die, he won’t be leaving any evidence of his existence in this time period.
Besides himself, no one would know that Chen Miao Ping has lived in this kind of time period, lived out his life in such a place.

A goldfish only has a memory of seven seconds.
How long a dream can stay, well, that depends on whether that person wants to remember it or not.
And it was evident that Chen Miao Ping did not want to remember such a useless and clouded dream, so when he woke up in the morning, everything was forgotten.

Yesterday, that chubby boy had sent a rock crystal to the Bureau, and bright and early in the morning, Qian Tong directly delivered it to the estate.
The rock crystal was as big as a fist, and its translucence was incomparable.
Actually, it was no doubt even better than the one gifted by the Noble Consort of Brightness.

Chen Miao Ping stroked his chin, “ho”ing from the happy surprise. 

He’s rich, he’s rich, he’s rich. 

There was definitely no wonder why there was that saying of ‘the poor will be poorer, the rich will be richer’.
That chubby boy’s family certainly did not lack for money.
He called Ren Dong over and handed her a new drawing, 

“Split this crystal in half, and make a few of the same pendant from last time.
The other half, carve it according to this diagram.”

Ren Dong was very curious in her heart, but she was more mature than Fu Lin and didn’t ask any other questions.
She received the design and was about to head off when she was called back by Chen Miao Ping, 

“Tell those craftsmen to keep their mouths shut.
If this gets out, this Da-Ye will take care of those that leaked it.”

Ren Dong smiled, 

“Don’t worry, Gu-Ye.
This store is owned by the estate.
They don’t dare to waggle their tongues.”

“That would be good.”

Chen Miao Ping remembered just then that he still had to patrol the streets and couldn’t help but sigh. 

Xie Yu Zhi just woke up and the moment he opened his eyes, he saw Chen Miao Ping sitting by the bed.
He narrowed his eyes and discreetly went to pinch him from under the sheets.

Chen Miao Ping had no fear, and he immediately jumped onto the bed in response, capturing Xie Yu Zhi in his embrace,

“Second Master, you have no conscience.
So bright and early in the morning, and you’re doing these kinds of things.”

Xie Yu Zhi hid under the bedsheets, his eyes cold but his neck still had some faint marks left behind from last night.
With the bedsheets in between them, Chen Miao Ping held him tightly and complimented out of his heart, 

“Second Master, you are so attractive.”

Xie Yu Zhi was thinking to himself, I’m going to watch you go back to the brothels to find entertainment.
He grabbed Chen Miao Ping’s robe and threatened him half-heartedly, 

“I will have someone spying on you.
Be careful.
Don’t let me find anything.”

A city warden inspector was not a very good position.
Everyday, you could be certain that you’ll meet someone on the streets causing trouble, and at least one of them will be those in a position that’s higher than yours, related to the imperial family in some way. 

Chen Miao Ping’s mouth could easily get him in trouble, and perhaps one day, he will meet someone who gets too angered by his mouth that is in too high of a position for him to have done so.
Honestly speaking, he himself was very worried about the safety of those considered in his territory.

Chen Miao Ping was very confident and puffed up his chest, 

“I have never done anything wrong, to betray the morals of my heart.
Second Master, send all the people you want to spy on me.
The more the merrier.
If any of them catch me heading into the entertainment district again, I will take on your surname!”

Xie Yu Zhi raised his eyebrows, 

“You won’t be called Chen Miao Ping anymore and change your name to be Xie Miao Ping?”

Chen Miao Ping nodded his head.

Xie Yu Zhi came closer to his ear and lightly pinched his earlobe, 

I don’t want you to have the same name.
But you just need to remember.
If I ever catch you heading into the entertainment district again, be careful of your money pouch……”

Chen Miao Ping reflexively patted the bag by his waist, and then he came to his senses.
He smiled and kissed Xie Yu Zhi, 

“Money, why am I earning money? Of course it is to provide for Second Master.”


>> Editted a sentence of when Chen Miao Ping was reminiscing his past and to make it clearer that it was not the neighbour who took him in, but the man who gave him his part of DNA was the one who took him in (so the old lady in the family is most likely the grandmother)

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