e, and said to Huo Ming Chen,

“Let’s go now.
We can make it back just before the gates close.”

A face that feels like he has all his emotions hidden behind his cold demeanor, yet it was paired with sloe-eyes that made him seem like he was smiling even when he was not.
Even though he was poor, he dresses very well, and Huo Ming Chen would not be embarrassed to be with him in his circle of friends or with other people.
Huo Ming Chen took a deep look at Lu Qi and walked towards the exit with his hands in his pockets.

“I didn’t take you for a good student.”

The words seem like a joke, but from Huo Ming Chen’s mouth, it felt like those words were dripping with cynicism.

Lu Qi did not mind his words, and pulled ahead of him a half step to open the door.

“The definition of a good student can mean many things.
It just depends on how you define it.”

Not all second generation rich young men are good students.
But if you are only talking about test results, Huo Ming Chen can be considered a good student.
However in comparison to Lu Qi who came from a small town and made his way to the capital, he can be considered nothing.

Huo Ming Chen walked towards the parking lot, when his shoulder was suddenly pulled back away from the street.
Right beside his ear, he heard Lu Qi say,

“There’s a lot of cars on the street.
Walk on the inside.”

Before Lu Qi finished his words, Huo Ming Chen felt his hands grasp at air.
Turns out, Lu Qi had just taken away his car keys,

“Since you ate well, take a good rest.
I’ll drive.”

Lu Qi has this charisma that can make someone kill for him.
This kind of man, when he is good to you, it can feel like heaven.
But when he is bad, you can fall down, and fall down hard.
Huo Ming Chen in his past life was driven to madness by him.
And in the end, Huo Ming Chen would not let him go and they both died young in an explosion from a car crash.

The both of them were too ruthless.
One schemed too much, and the other was too headstrong.
It felt like their destiny would never have been a happy ending.

Lu Qi was actually feeling a bit guilty, but to a scum like him, that guilt is not bigger than a sesame seed.
He saw that Huo Ming Chen was not moving into the car, and his eyes gently cast over,

“Why aren’t you going in the car?”

Huo Ming Chen was actually stunned by the actions of Lu Qi.
When he snapped back to reality, he awkwardly placed his hands in his pocket, as if it still had some of the warmth that man just gave him.

“You’re blocking the door.
How can I go in?”

Huo Ming Chen’s personality has always been surly, and not a lot of people can stand it.
Lu Qi did not mind his personality at all – he’s already used to it.

“Did you have anything you needed to buy?”

The restaurant was very close to a shopping strip.
Huo Ming Chen looked out the window for a bit, before deciding that he wanted to buy Lu Qi something.
This feeling came out of nowhere and was very persistent.

“A phone? A computer? Or a watch?”

“I want all of it.”

This sentence was forcibly swallowed back up by Lu Qi.
He still remembers the existence of the omnipresent system.
He shook his head,

“No, I don’t need them.
I already have these things.”

Huo Ming Chen raised his eyebrows, and didn’t speak.
Out of habit, he lit up a cigarette and started smoking.
Smoke filled up the car quickly, and unhappily, Huo Ming Chen said,

“If I buy it for you, take it.
Don’t make an issue out of it.
Drive over to the shopping mall right there.”

Lu Qi did not listen to him, and started to drive back towards the school.
He offhandedly took the cigarette Huo Ming Chen was smoking and swiped across Huo Ming Chen’s lips with his slightly cold finger.

“If you really want to give me something, give me something more substantial.
If you know any friends that need a part timer, let me know.”

“A part time job?”

Huo Ming Chen did not think Lu Qi would want this.
He scowled,

“There is enough money on the card for you to spend.
It’s only the first year of university.
It’s not the time for a part time job.”

“If you already knew that you gave me your card, why are you trying to buy me a phone or computer?”

Lu Qi was still holding on to Huo Ming Chen’s cigarette, which was still burning with half the stick left.
He snuffed it out.

“Smoke a bit less.
It’s not good for your body.”

Huo Ming Chen laughs, and the anger inside him miraculously disappears,

“I don’t see you smoking any less.”

He doesn’t mind that his cigarette was discarded.

“I’m not the same.
I’m not addicted.
I can quit anytime I want.
You have a smoking addiction.
The more you smoke, the harder it is to quit later on.”

If Lu Qi did not say that, Huo Ming Chen would have been fine.
Once he said that though, Huo Ming Chen challenged him right to his face by lighting up another cigarette.

“The more you smoke, even if you have no addiction, you will become addicted.”

Huo Ming Chen puffed out a breath of smoke, and pondered for a few seconds.
He then beckoned Lu Qi with his fingers, lighting a fire inside his eyes.
Lu Qi instantly understood what Huo Ming Chen wanted.
He one handedly parked the car by the roadside, and without hesitation, he hooks his arm behind Huo Ming Chen to push them closer for a kiss.

His kisses were very textbook, but it could make you feel his overwhelming presence.
Clouds of smoke were slowly leaving between their lips and losing color in the dark night.
Huo Ming Chen was pressed against the car window, being kissed dizzy by Lu Qi, until his tongue hurt.



He did not think with the appearance of a gentleman, Lu Qi had so much sexual passion inside him.
Huo Ming Chen was out of breath when they separated, and could only feel a lack of oxygen inside his brain.
But his hand still tightly grasped Lu Qi’s collar.
The first time they kissed and Lu Qi felt so experienced.
He better not be a playboy.

“Fuck your cleanliness2.
Who did you kiss before me!”


“Fuck you!”

Lu Qi tried to loosen Huo Ming Chen’s grasp, but could not do so.
Seeing that Huo Ming Chen was really angry, he finally responded,

“I’ve never kissed anyone else.”

Also added,

“If I lie to you, I’ll die from a car crash.”

This made Huo Ming Chen swallow his words back.
He narrowed his eyes, glaring at Lu Qi,

“What kind of curse is getting hit by a car? If I find out that you are lying to me……”

He never finished his sentence but the threat was transmitted loud and clear.
Huo Ming Chen let go of his collar, and turned his head towards the window, with his entire body feeling very uncomfortable and boiling with anger.

“Sit upright.
I’ll start the car.”

Lu Qi leaned over to help him buckle up.
He turned his head to meet Huo Ming Chen’s eyes, and found that Huo Ming Chen had such a deathly scowl, he hesitated for a bit before —‘ Bo.’

A soft kiss was planted on Huo Ming Chen’s chin.


Huo Ming Chen’s body stiffened, and a feeling of pins and needles crawled from his head to his toes, as if he will explode in the next few seconds.

The author has something to say:
Author: (Covers face) Pervert!
Lu Qi: …… 

*1 This kind of way to say things (with the hashtags) is not just like a tag on Twitter or IG, but it also means a forum post.

*2 cleanliness as in for partners or humans; it’s kind of a stereotypical trope for a top/seme to not like anyone else other than the bottom/uke to touch them or their things, feeling everyone (before they met the bottom/uke) is dirty/gross/disgusting (also very common in hetero pairings too)

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