it down.
His gestures and etiquette were on point, and his eyes could not hide away its intelligence and clarity.

From the beginning, Huo Ming Cheng had not shown any emotion.
You could even say that he did not even give a glance.
In the span of a blink of his eyes, he already knew in his heart that Lu Qi, this kind of person was a little troublesome.
There would be no easy way to send him off.
He looked behind Lu Qi and asked,

“Ming Chen?”

“His leg is injured and he is currently still resting in bed.
I randomly found an excuse to come out so do not worry, he does not know we are meeting.”

Half of his heart felt settled after hearing that, and he straightened up his body posture.
Out of habit, Huo Ming Cheng pushed up his glasses and said as the conversational opener, 

“You are a smart man.
The reason why I asked for a meeting with you today, I am sure you know better than me.”

Lu Qi did not like to put all his cards on the table and hearing this, folded his hands by his stomach.
His gaze passed over the coffee that was still emitting steam and rested back on Huo Ming Cheng, 

Huo is praising me too much.
I cannot really be considered as a smart man, so I think if you explain it a bit clearer, that would be good for the both of us.”

“Then I will say it straight.
No matter if you both are being real or if you have a purpose behind it all, I hope that you two will break up as soon as possible.
In the future Huo Ming Chen will be given half of the Huo family.
In these circles, he at least needs to have some face.
He cannot afford to just fool around.”

Huo Ming Cheng took a sip of the coffee and concluded with deep implications, 

“Young man, no matter what you do, you cannot do things only thinking in the short term.
He may be willing to be with you right now, but that is only because of his impulsiveness.
In the future when he realizes what the consequences of these kinds of actions will bring, that impulsive choice would be grinded down by reality and the monotony of regular life.
He can take a loss, but you, you cannot lose.
The earlier you break up, the better it would actually be for you.”

Lu Qi waited in silence for a long while upon hearing this, but he still didn’t hear the words from the other that would be like those television dramas where they say “I give you X million, as long as you leave XXX”.
His heart was a little disappointed, but he nodded and said to Huo Ming Cheng as if he was just struck with clarity, 

“What you said really makes sense.
Actually, not to hide anything from you, I was also considering that.”

Hearing this, Huo Ming Cheng was very pleased and was prepared to hear the other half of the sentence.
But when he lifted his eyes, he only saw the person across from him take out his phone from his pocket as if to call someone.
He couldn’t help but furrow his eyebrows, 

“What are you doing?”

And at the same time, he began to feel displeased.
Only this much and he’s already snitching? This one really can’t hold in his temper.

Lu Qi: “Calling him to break up.”

Huo Ming Cheng: “…???”

As if he didn’t plan for things to go this smoothly, Huo Ming Cheng was stunned.
But when he snapped back to reality, the first thing he did was, with a “pat” sound, grab onto Lu Qi’s cellphone, 

“Wait a minute!”

Breaking up like this, Huo Ming Chen, that fucking idiot, would blow the roofs off their heads!!!

Lu Qi furrowed his eyebrows in confusion before seeming to realize something and said,  

“Right, we should not be so hasty with this.
I should only call him to break up after I buy some plane tickets and settle down with my family in a safe location outside of the country.”

Hearing this, Huo Ming Cheng’s heart felt like it was being constricted and with a gaze full of contempt he stared into Lu Qi’s eyes, somehow feeling indignant on Huo Ming Chen’s behalf, 

“Do you really like my little brother, or are you faking your love?”

I say break up and he breaks up.
Where is the passionate love to the point of life and death?

Lu Qi lifted his eyes up and placed his phone back on the table before saying with some composure in response, 

“Real or fake…..
Is not that important.
After all, sooner or later, we will have to break up.
My philosophy is that love is not the entirety of my life, especially given that my family status is the complete opposite of yours.
Would you not say so?”

Huo Ming Cheng wanted Lu Qi and Huo Ming Chen to break up, but by going along with his plans, Lu Qi made Huo Ming Cheng fumble in confusion, making him unable to follow the original script.

Huo Ming Cheng’s head had become a bit all over the place, and he forced himself to calm down and focus.
He finally felt like he had gotten a hold of himself and he said, 

“Ming Chen, he has a strong stubborn temper.
Your break up must be planned immaculately as it cannot be too straightforward.”

Hearing this, Lu Qi said, 

“Planned immaculately? Do you have any good ideas?” 

And then shook his head immediately after, 

“Sorry, I am a very straightforward person and I cannot come up with any good plans.
Since he and I are not destined to be able to be together, then there is no need to spend any more of our precious time sacrificed on a relationship that has no foreseeable good ending.
I think it is better to cut it fast, as a short pain is better than a long pain.”

Huo Ming Cheng was shocked, thinking to himself, what kind of stone hearted person is he?

He narrowed his eyes, trying to calm down that blazing fire ignited inside his chest and brought out a viciousness similar to Huo Ming Chen’s own, 

“My little brother is fighting with his family for you, not even caring that he will be giving up his right for the inheritance, and this is how you treat him?!”

Due to Huo Ming Cheng’s recent difficulties in the company making his head a little clouded and adding in his brother complex, the conversation was led away to somewhere under Lu Qi’s control.

“Well, there is nothing I can do.
Just think of it as me doing something very unforgivable to him.
If we break up now, for the rest of my life I can still remember this time as something good.
Just have a sit down with him in the near future and advise him to stop thinking of me.” 

Lu Qi was a scumbag at heart, so without great difficulty, he acted on the personality that was etched into him.
These kinds of words coming out of a scum like him no doubt made people mad and Huo Ming Cheng was using every ounce of patience in him to stay calm.
Otherwise, if it was someone else, Lu Qi would probably have black eyes and be in great pain by now.

“Who do you think you are? On what basis should my little brother care about you remembering his good points? And on what grounds are you saying to not bother you?” 

Huo Ming Cheng’s body had unconsciously lurched forward, with his entire body stiff and tense, like a raging lion in its prime.

Lu Qi easily raised his scumbag level up a notch and continued to blindly say even more terrible things, 

Huo, I can understand your protective feelings towards your family, but unfortunately, the reality is like this.
The person who first chased me was him, the one crying, wailing, screaming for us to be together was him.
Threatening that if we break up, we will die together was also him–“

Lu Qi leaned forward a little and faintly smiled, with his eyes carrying a bit of a challenge in them as his each and every word was spoken out loud and clear, 

“Right now, he cannot live without me, and I…… can live without him.”

A faint voice suddenly floated over behind him, 


Lu Qi tilted up his eyebrows, 

“Of course.”

Once those words came out of his mouth, he realized something was not right.
Huo Ming Cheng opposite of him did not even open his mouth and thinking back to that voice which sounded all too familiar, he couldn’t help but stiffen up his body and slowly turn his head around.

Huo Ming Chen was just standing near by, staying up with the support of his crutches, and he was smiling while looking at the two of them, and concluded, in a voice that was too casual and normal, for all of them,

“You two… are having quite a good time hmm.”

Lu Qi: “……”

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