around the bed sheets with Huo Ming Chen, living a busy and fulfilling life.

“Ah fuck me, that bastard Feng Jie is digging my walls1.”

Huo Ming Chen kicked Lu Qi’s leg and narrowed his eyes, somehow smiling without actually smiling,

“You’re really something huh.
You said you’d graduate and enter into my company, and now you are trying so quickly to escape from me.
It’s not even the end of the first year of university.”

Sitting at the head of the bed, Lu Qi was looking at his laptop and caught sight of someone’s leg moving nonstop out of the corner of his eye.

“If you can get into your family business quickly, and then arrange for me to be an employee, I’ll immediately kick Feng Jie away and follow you.”

At this stage in his life, Huo Ming Chen did not want to be tied down by a career.
He still wants to play.
What Lu Qi said hit his weakness, and he became angry to the point of grinding his teeth and laughing coldy.
In the end, he could only lunge forward and bite Lu Qi, viciously saying,


“If a man’s not bad, women won’t love him.”

Lu Qi’s face was calm and in deference to Huo Ming Chen’s anger, kissed him,

“Don’t you like me when I’m bad to you, mhmm?”

Huo Ming Chen draped himself on Lu Qi and didn’t speak, looking quite soulless.
Lu Qi gave him a look and then closed his laptop and placed it on the bedside table.
He was just about to say something when he heard the pouting Huo Ming Chen say,

“I’m not a machochist.
Of course I like you being nice to me.”

Lu Qi paused for a moment and then reached out to ruffle Huo Meng Chen’s black silky hair,

“I’m already pretty good to you.” Under close examination, it wasn’t worse than how he acts towards Lu Yuan.

“It’s not enough,”

Huo Ming Chen flipped around and leaned back on Lu Qi’s knees, with his eyes sparkling, like the stars twinkling in the sky.
He used the back of his hand to cover his eyes, as if it could hide away his possessiveness and softly said,

“It’s still not enough.”

Humans are greedy.
This is a fact for the both of them: Lu Qi with money, Huo Ming Chen with Lu Qi.

Lu Qi didn’t reply as he blindly reached for the remote under the pillow to turn on the television.
He changed the channel to ease the atmosphere, and Huo Ming Chen snuggled closer to him to watch with him.

Maybe to be human is to be nostalgic, as the tv stations in these years have always replayed the same old dramas from years ago.
The female actor on screen was from Hong Kong, and those in that era were very different from now.
Each laugh, each face of emotion had a certain style then.

Watching for a bit, Lu Qi realized that the drama was Mr.
Jin Yong’s The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber.


The demon girl Zhao Min was making the honest Zhang Wu Ji come closer, saying that she needs to punish him.
But when the other moved closer, she kissed him and then viciously bit down.
Zhang Wu Ji was scared by this and jumped back, discovering blood on his lips.
He heard her say,

“You bit Zhu-Er2 when you were young, making her remember it till now.
Today I bit you, making you remember me for this lifetime.”

Lu Qi felt that that demon girl acting this haughty and overbearingly arrogant was very much like Huo Ming Chen.
And so when the other turned to kiss him, he immediately covered his mouth,

“Don’t even think about it.”

Lu Qi was even rejecting kisses now which made Huo Ming Chen really want to bite him.
He needs to lose at least two mouthfuls of flesh.

Even with his plan seen through and disrupted, Huo Ming Chen was not embarrassed.
He grabbed Lu Qi’s wrist and changed the topic at hand.
He smiled fearlessly,

“No use in covering your mouth.
I could still bite your hand.”

“Pardon me, but this kind of action makes you quite demented.”

Lu Qi dropped his hand and quickly locked Huo Ming Chen in his embrace, making sure he was held tightly and could not escape, like a moth falling into a spider web.
No matter how much it will struggle, it cannot escape.

Likewise, no matter how much force Huo Ming Chen used, he could not fight against the hold, and so he let up and lazily dropped his head back to face Lu Qi.
From his view from below, he could see Lu Qi’s handsome face, and combined with the yellow tone of the lights, it filled his face with warmth,

“Hey…… let me go.”

He made a show of struggling like a fish struggling on land.

Lu Qi was unmovable,

“If you promise not to bite me, I will let you go.”

“Strong men should not have such little courage or even be scared of pain.”

Huo Ming Chen seemed a little helpless and used his leg to hook the bed sheets up to cover the both of them,

“Alright alright, hold me like this for the entire night while we’re sleeping if you can.”

With that tone, it made it sound like Lu Qi was the one being unreasonable, which really makes people want to grind their teeth in anger.
After he said that, Huo Ming Chen prepared to go to sleep and closed his eyes.
All of a sudden, he felt a warmth on his shoulder and then a sharp pain.

First kiss then bite.
First gift then fight.

Huo Ming Chen reacted instantly and could not help but swear,

“Lu Qi! I’m going to fuck you, you bastard!”

“You go fuck then.”

It was the sound of someone who deserved to get beaten up.
Lu Qi let go and then touched the area he bit, the area that now had a visible bite mark.
He discovered that it wasn’t too deep, just a mark that was probably going to disappear in the next two or three days.

Huo Ming Chen fell backwards onto the sheets and touched his injured shoulder,

“You should have fucking bit harder if you’re going to bite.
What’s the point of biting so lightly.”

Lu Qi wiggled his jaw,

“Do you want me to try again?”

Hearing that, Huo Ming Chen raised his eyes to look at him, half of his face was obscured by the pillow which hid his expression and laughter,

“Why do you want to bite me?”

Of course it was to do it before you.
Lu Qi lifted him out of the rumpled sheets and asked in return,

“And why do you want to bite me?”

The corner of Huo Ming Chen’s mouth tugged up, and he smiled quite devilishly, with a cold stare that made people shiver and then he blinked,

“You know why.”

Why the demon girl bit Zhang Wu Ji, is why he wants to bite Lu Qi.

Lu Qi thought in his heart, how could he only remember Huo Ming Chen for one lifetime, it might be for two lifetimes.

“Oh, then you know that I’m the same.”

In conclusion, Lu Qi did not want to be bitten.


The author has something to say:
Huo Ming Chen: Want to bite you.
Lu Qi:…..
Author: Why don’t we split up the words to read it?3 (fans themselves)



*1  digging my walls: an idiom that is a metaphor for someone digging your foundation/breaking your walls, stealing part of your property.
So in this case, Huo Ming Chen means that Feng Jie is stealing Lu Qi away from him and from under his territory.


*2 Zu-Er: Zu is part of the word spider, and Er is part (or could be just considered as pronunciation) of child.
If you have “er” at the end of a name, it usually references someone younger/a child.
But in this case, it’s the name of a fictional character in The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber (a wuxia novel/drama – there’s a 2019 drama adaptation which I haven’t seen, but the older adaptation is very popular).

*3 splitting the words up: each word in written chinese is made up of different parts/components (kind of like if you take the alphabet and each letter is given a specific meaning).
In this specific case, the word bite, “咬”, if you separate its components, it is “口”, mouth and “交”, exchange.
Put these separated components together, you get “口交”, and it means blowjob.

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