, especially when one of them was the chairman’s blood related brother.
Seeing that they were walking near the elevator, the front desk receptionists could not help but gather and gossip together.
Their voices going stir crazy over their looks,

“Who is that handsome guy beside little president Huo!! So handsome ah ah ah ah ah ah ah! That waist, those legs, OH MY GOSH, they are not worse than a model’s!!!”

“The company’s been eyeing the land at the auction, maybe it is the management from Yue Ke.
Look, beside him is a beautiful secretary, can’t be any lower than that.”

It was not only the receptionists as after the three of them went up, everywhere they walked, the female employees would ogle at Lu Qi.

In his previous life, he occupied quite a high position here.
He was too used to using a leader’s glance to supervise, and his eyesight made him seem exceptionally cold, making all the employees wonder if upper management was changing heads, having a new supervisor in line.

After bringing Lu Yuan to orientation, Huo Ming Chen put a hand in his pocket, and looked at Lu Qi moodily,

“Can you relax now?”

He looked at Huo Ming Chen with a flirtatious smile and warmly said,

“I let you take care of it, why would I not be relaxed?”

Huo Ming Chen’s heart unfairly skipped a beat.
He remembered that Huo Ming Cheng was not at the company today, and said to Lu Qi,

“Let’s go.
We’ll sit in my office for a bit.”

He only thought that there were too many eyes outside here, and wanted to find a quieter place.
Who knew that Lu Qi intentionally misconstrued his meaning and let out a long “oh” in acknowledgement,

“That’s right.
We haven’t done it in the office yet huh……”

Hearing this, Huo Ming Chen paused in his footsteps and almost tripped over himself on flat ground.
He wanted to turn his head, but his waist was suddenly grabbed and beside his ear, he heard the sounds of the door locking.


Behind him was an all too familiar chest, and Huo Ming Chen closed his eyes silently.
He felt the belt on his waist being loosened,

“Why the fuck did you say I was bold? I think you are much more bolder than me.”

Lu Qi embraced him from the back, and hot kisses began to drop like water behind his ear, behind his neck.
His voice was very very low and had a teasing tone,

“Have you never thought about trying it in the office?”

In his previous life, Lu Qi’s heart was set on snatching a position of power.
Who would have the time to think about this? He had very disinterestedly rolled around the bedsheets with Huo Ming Chen, just to get it over with, and it was always scheduled at the same time, same place, and he had no time for other such thoughts.

Huo Ming Chen couldn’t speak and felt like there were a million eyes staring at him through the glass window.
He couldn’t relax no matter what, feeling as if he was sneaking around doing something wrong.

Lu Qi led him to the office desk and with little force, lifted Huo Ming Chen up to sit on top.
There was a small pile of paperwork beside him, and Lu Qi took a quick glance.
Seeing that it wasn’t very important, he brushed it all off onto the floor.

Huo Ming Chen went with it and laid down on the desk.
He hooked his arms around Lu Qi’s neck and couldn’t hold back the kitten-like noises his voice was making.
After emitting such soft moans, he felt embarrassed and used the back of his hand to cover his eyes and would not make another sound.

Lu Qi pulled his hand away, thinking that he was quite cute like this.
They exchanged a long and messy kiss.

“Don’t be scared, let it all out.
They can’t hear us from outside.”

In their previous life, the two of them, dancing with swords at each other’s throat, had negotiated in this very room.
Lu Qi made Huo Ming Chen lose everything, and the other used an even more ruthless way to get revenge.

Full of regrets and anger, a sickly pale Huo Ming Chen compared to the one beneath him right now, full of youth and passion… Lu Qi thought that he much preferred the latter.

The lights above them created moving shadows and in between the brightness and darkness, shone a mirage.
It was as if the scene from his previous life was playing out before him.
Lu Qi knew it was fake, that it was his own obsessive thoughts.
He closed his eyes to get rid of the images and held the person beneath him tighter in his embrace, using the heat emitted from their bodies to make the emptiness inside him fill up with warmth.

The Huo Ming Chen that he could touch, the Huo Ming Chen that is in front of him, that is the real reality.



*1 Spring festival couplets: basically blessings on red paper to welcome the new year (such as to be blessed with money, good grades, good health, safe travels and so forth).
There are modernized/commericalized ones with famous characters such as Disney or Sanrio characters or with the animal of the year (such as pigs in the year of the pig, etc).
You can also write your own on red paper and paste them up like posters on walls and doors for good luck.
Such as the middle picture below, the two sides would usually be placed beside a door, and the middle in the middle of the door and the top one above your door.




*2 bowing their heads: To show respect, and for thanks for the elders of the family.
And then once they do that, the elder would pass along a red pocket.
Usually all the youngsters will gather together and bow their heads (as in kneel and bow their heads onto the ground) to the elders, sometimes in some places you would do it for your ancestors as well.
There’s also customs of how many times, etc.
Lots of traditions tied to this kind of ceremony to welcome a new year full of good luck.
Some places can be less formal and may not have this tradition for the new year, or they may do something else to replace this.
It really depends on where you go or what family you are in as each family has their own specific traditions most of the time.


*3 Be safe in the new year, and may things go your way/blessings: it’s customary to say a certain group of blessings (or specific phrases) you would use every New Year for good luck/blessing.
Some of them are tied to the animal of the New Year. 

*4 Mensao: A slang word(…that has many implications) to describe a man.
It’s kind of like what Huo Ming Chen says afterwards where he’s hiding a passion inside him when he’s normally so cold/collected/calm.
It’s kind of like you see someone on the streets, and they look really composed and cold, but they actually are very thoughtful, lots of passion and ideas inside them.
It’s usually accompanied by the outsider to view as that person as someone with charm or a kind of sexiness that they have this passion or thoughtfulness inside them, from their outer exterior of coldness.
Maybe kind of like tsundere? They usually appear cold but knowledgeable (kind of mysterious?), but they show their interesting, sexy, thoughtful interior by surprise or when you least expect it.
More comprehensive explanations and research on this word can be found by searching “闷骚”.

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