Qin Ming Yue needed to go to Sheng De Lou today, and before he stepped out the door, in a rare show of curiosity he asked Xiao Feng Wu a question.
With his hands behind his back, he slanted his eyes over, his pair of eyes looking as if they were drowning in love.
Without even saying a single word, he could be so seductive, 

“Are you going or not?”

Sitting in the hallway, Xiao Feng Wu had his head lowered and was using a small bamboo stick to pick at his nails.
Seeing the other blow on his nails and ignoring him, Qin Ming Yue moved back to stand right in front of him. 

He glowered at him, voice unwavering and unbending, 

“I will be on stage today.”


Suppressing the smile in his eyes, Xiao Feng Wu lifted up his head and said, 

“I don’t like to listen to theatre.”

In all honesty he was not someone who enjoyed opera.
All these ‘ye ye ah ah’ all the time were very annoying.
When there used to be events held at their estate, when they invited very famous theatre troupes over, he would never be in attendance.

Qin Ming Yue thought in his heart, if you didn’t like theatre, why do you always head towards Sheng De Lou and, now that I’m bringing you over with an actual invitation, you are unwilling. 

With a very unhappy face, he pouted and said, 

“If you don’t want to, then don’t.
Why are you acting as if someone’s begging you to love it.”

And then flipped his sleeves angrily, leaving like a burst of wind.

Still with such a childish attitude.

Xiao Feng Wu lay in the hallway for the entire afternoon.
With the sun shining warmly on his face, he was in a state of extreme comfort, but for some reason, there was a prickling in his heart that he could not get rid of; whichever way he sat, he felt uncomfortable. 

Finally, he sat up and, after contemplating a while, he walked out towards Qu Jiang Road before stopping in front of a fortune teller stand.


The man manning the stand was someone dressed like a taoist monk.
His face was even pasted with gou pi gao, and he had a parted pencil mustache and a pair of slanted eyes.1 

Seeing Xiao Feng Wu come without a good intentioned look and sit down at his stand, he shook the fortune stick holder in his hands,2 

“This poor fortune teller is Bo Yi Bo, may I ask with respect, Gong-zi, are you looking to have your fortune told, or asking for your fated love?”

Xiao Feng Wu gave him a look and asked, 

“Can you catch ghosts?”


Bo Yi Bo ‘s eyebrow twitched, and he smoothed out his mustache before shaking his head, 

“Well, that depends on what kind of ghost it is and what kind of harm it is doing.”

Xiao Feng Wu blinked his eyes with a bit of confusion before signalling with his hands, 

“It’s blue, emits light, has a round body and can speak human words.
As for harming others…… Recently, I have felt my blood and air flow decreasing, feeling a lack of energy throughout my body.
Has this monster perhaps been sucking out life energy from me?”

The system thought, who’s sucking your life energy, it’s you who is not eating, you who is starving yourself.

Every word that Xiao Feng Wu spoke, Bo Yi Bo’s eyebrows would twitch until, in the end, neither of them spoke a single word.

Bo Yi Bo looked at Xiao Feng Wu’s face, finding that it truly was completely pale.
His fingers pinched together in a random order before his eyebrows scrunched up, 

“Sa…… for this me who has roamed the world for so long, I have never seen such a creature.
But I can forcefully try.
Ten copper coins for a fortune telling but this monster capture is different and will require half a dozen silver taels.
If this monster is hard to catch, then there will be additional fees, Gong-zi, please see……”

Hearing this, Xiao Feng Wu stood up to walk away, 

“A man should never speak of supernatural things, and I am at least an educated man.
To listen to folktales of ghosts and monsters, that is entirely not right.
Can’t believe, can’t believe.”

Bo Yi Bo quickly grabbed his hand, 

“Ack, seeing this Gong-zi’s face that is fated for a healthy life, since I have not opened my stand for today, how about I give Gong-zi a free fortune telling.
If Gong-zi thinks it is accurate, then come find me again to catch this monster.”

“I cannot speak too much of the heavens’ secrets.”

Somehow these words touched some part of Xiao Feng Wu mentally, making him interested enough to sit back down again, 

“What do you mean?”

Bo Yi Bo asked, 

“What does Gong-zi want to ask?”

Xiao Feng Wu plastered on a fake smile, 

“I already know the past, and I don’t want to know the future.
Tell me about today.”

Bo Yi Bo let him shake the copper coin six times before shaking out a fortune stick. 


After a while of pondering, he said,

“Er Yang Si Yin, Feng Di Guan Gua, Han He De Shui.
This is the sign of a respected and blessed life, not something that looks like being a victim of monster parasitism.”3 

Xiao Feng Wu looked at him, 

“So it was that kind of heavens’ secret… friend, you aren’t very good at this.
If you say words that shouldn’t be said, I’m going to ruin your career.”

Bo Yi Bo had heard of Xiao Feng Wu before and he chuckled, 

“Why is Sixteenth Master so outraged? There are some disasters in the world that cannot be predicted beforehand, no one has a life without obstacles.
The first half of your life, you’ve had great wealth and status, enjoying the treasures of this world, but that was because of your ancestors.
Now that you are in the latter half of your life, you have to depend on yourself.
Luck must be gained by yourself, unlike before.
If you cannot work at it without an ungiving attitude, you will have an outcome worse than anything that can be compared.”

Xiao Feng Wu slightly narrowed his eyes, 

“What do you mean by an ungiving attitude?”


Bo Yi Bo lifted his hand and looked at him with a deep meaningful look, 

“The most important thought of a human heart in the moment.”4

“To do and think good from your heart, that is to work at it.
To do and be evil, that is to stop yourself from living.” 

Xiao Feng Wu looked emotionless at first but then he smiled again in a moment’s time. 

He smiled as he shook his head, 

“I do not know if you are accurate or not, but it is true that I have not a yuan to my name.
Fortune teller, if I become wealthy again, I will come to you to catch the monster.”

Hearing this, Bo Yi Bo’s face was shocked beyond comparison.
Seeing Xiao Feng Wu laughing loudly as he walked away, he unconsciously gave out a “heh” before his senses returned and anger erupted out of him to the point that he had to pat his chest to calm down.

Xiao Feng Wu wandered around on the streets.
Seeing the smoke wafting up from each house, he was truly hungry, but he had a good memory, 

“That……something something system, come out.”

A ball of blue light appeared in front of his eyes: 

[ Ding! My dear host, what do you need help with? ]

Xiao Feng Wu pointed at a scholar dressed in white sitting by the window up on the second floor of an eatery, 

“Ack, do you see?”

[ Ding~ Yes ]


Xiao Feng Wu slowly explained, 

“That man was originally a poor Cultivated Talent from Sheung Shui Village and he married into Supernumerary Wang’s family5, being wedded to his daughter.
After he married, he was flippant with money, seeing it as like dirt.
When Supernumerary Wang died, he planned his wife’s death and took over their estate.
That should count as not being self-sufficient and self-reliant right?”

The system replied: 

[ True ]

Xiao Feng Wu hurriedly urged it, trying to lead it astray, 

“Quick quick quick, go find him then.
Why come to pester me.”

[ That kind of human being cannot be saved ]

Xiao Feng Wu said, 

“I cannot be saved either, even more so than him.
What will it take for you to leave? There will be no good result if you keep leeching on my life energy.
My body has always been weak and ailed with illnesses since I was young, and my body and bones aren’t very good.
Look, my face is all white.
Haunt another person please.”

[ Dear, as long as you are self-sufficient, self-reliant, depending on your own efforts to live, and pass the galaxy’s judgement, then we will automatically be released~ ]

And then added

[ This system is not a human leeching monster.
I have never taken any of your life energy.
If you feel faint or your head hurts, I suggest you to eat a few more bowls of rice ]

The streets were full of people, and from far away, Cen San could see Xiao Feng Wu standing by the road, letting out deep, long sighs.
He giddily went over and swung his arm around the other’s shoulders, 

“Ah ah ah, have you bumped into a ghost? Haven’t seen you this desolate ever.
Let’s go.
This brother will bring you up to Yi Pin Lou to drink some wine.”

Seeing that it was Cen San, Xiao Feng Wu raised his eyebrows and said, 

“Not this place, burns my stomach.”

Cen San still forcibly brought him upstairs, 

“Don’t be such a woman, that’s what makes it so good.
Unlike you, who only drinks Qing Mei Ren, wine brewed from plums.
What’s so good about that.”

Xiao Feng Wu lightly scoffed, 

“Can’t afford it now.”

There were quite a few customers on the ground floor, but when they got upstairs, there were almost none.
The two of them went to a table, finding that their neighbour was also preoccupied, but as there was a hollow wood frame partially blocking them from view, they didn’t pay it much mind.
Only, the more they listened, the more they found the voices to be very familiar.

“Huang Mou Ren also liked to watch theatre, and thankfully Sheng De Lou had some old friends, as otherwise I would have never made it for Qin Lao-ban’s show.
Your singing of << Lou Shen >> today is also good, and it has made this one lose all his words to describe it, so I cannot say how good it was.”

“Huang Lao-ye, these are all just little shows that cannot be of anything worthy to show for anyone of higher class.”

His voice was not the same as a regular man’s.
It was warmer and softer, tender and gentle like a transparent and round jade.
Unlike the eunuchs who pinch onto their throats as they speak, he spoke with such a voice that was unlike a man or a woman’s.

That table seemed to be seated with quite a lot of people.
When that Huang Mou Ren rested his mouth, another piped up, 

“I had no original idea of what << Lou Shen >> was like.
Those who I have seen acting as Zhang Yu Die were fewer than few, but I had no idea that I could see Qin Lao-ban today.
Only then did I know that there will always be people higher than you, a sky that is greater and bigger than ours that we see.
If I do not get to hear your voice for even one day, I cannot find the food that I eat very good.”

Through the separator decorated with beautifully embroidered flowers, Cen San took a look and saw a table of those who were quite famous from Sheng De Lou.
There was Fan Yun Fang, Xiao Xiang Yu, and also Qin Ming Yue.
Beside them were all people with wealth and powerful statuses.

That Huang Mou Ren was just pulling on Qin Ming Yue’s hands and gently massaging them, smiling as he said something.


Cen San turned his head back and waved at Xiao Feng Wu.
He lowered his voice as he enthusiastically said, 

“Sixteen, it’s Qin Ming Yue!”6

Xiao Feng Wu replied, 

“If it is, then it is.
What are you going crazy for.”

Sitting behind the separator, he could see Qin Ming Yue’s hands being pulled on by an old man.
Qin Ming Yue himself was smiling and kept trying to urge the older man to drink before finally pulling his hand back.

That old man was more detestable than a fly.
After being dodged for a few times, he directly grabbed onto Qin Ming Yue’s shoulders and he said with a voice that held a tinge of drunkenness, 

“I’ve heard that Qin Lao-ban never sings outside of the theatre, but I, Huang Mou Ren, would never believe such rumors.
After roaming this earth for so many years, what kind of friend would not give me some face.
I hope that Qin Lao-ban will give me just the slightest amount of face and that you will come over to my estate for a friendly gathering…… are all of you who sing like this, with a waist that is thinner than a willow’s branch?”

Qin Ming Yue’s back was straightened, but from afar, there was a feeling of hardship that one could feel emitting from him.
The Zhang-gui of Sheng De Lou, seeing how his face had a terrible expression, immediately gave him a look to tell him to endure it.
But when Qin Ming Yue’s anger was about to erupt, how could he keep it down? When he felt that old pervert squeezing his waist again, he reflexively gave a slap.

“Pah” a crisp sound ringing in the air.
Not only did Huang Lao-ye freeze in shock, the entire table went cross-eyed from the shock.
With a face full of disbelieving shock, Cen San retracted his gaze and mumbled, 

“That little actor sure is one heck of a piece.”

And then inhaled a breath of cold air, covering his face, as if he could feel what Huang Lao-ye was feeling right now.

Due to the fact that he had been trained in the art of the theatre since a very young age, Qin Ming Yue had martial arts under his belt.
This slap made Huang Lao-ye dizzy enough to see stars appearing in front of his eyes, so much so that even after a minute he still had not come back to his senses. 

The Zhang-gui of Sheng De Lou stood up and slammed down on the table, overcome with anger and almost unable to speak clearly, 

“Qin……Qin Ming Yue, are you crazy! Quickly now, present a cup of tea to ask Huang Lao-ye for forgiveness, or do you not want to keep singing in the future!”

“It will be fine if I don’t sing!”

Qin Ming Yue stood up and kicked the chair he was sitting on away, immediately scattering the thoughts of all the servers downstairs who wanted to investigate what was going on. 

He coldly laughed and said, 

“This man here will only sing, not existing here to be sold off.
If you are really in need, go down to the lowest markets to go buy one.
Have you not seen what a man looks like in any of your past lives!”

The Zhang-gui was shaking from anger, 

“You you you……”

Xiao Xiang Yu was panicking, and subtly pulled on Qin Ming Yue, whispering in his ear, 

“Don’t get angry and ruin it now, it’s not worth it.”


“You reckless bitch!”

Huang Lao-ye had finally recovered at this time and glowered with his pair of cow-like eyes,7 as vicious as ever.
With one hand holding the side of his face, the other immediately gave a greeting towards Qin Ming Yue.
Everyone nearby gave a shocked gasp, not daring to even look, yet the imagined noise of a loud slap did not happen, and instead it was Huang Lao-ye who gave another pitiful scream.

From somewhere a chopstick holder had flown through the air and with a “guang” it smacked his hand away.

Cen San turned his head back in surprise and then he saw Xiao Feng Wu scoop up a chair and directly flew over with force.

Flying over to sit right next to Qin Ming Yue……

“Ah, Huang Lao-ye, don’t mind it, don’t mind it.
It just accidentally slipped out of my hand and hit you.
Please don’t mind it.”

The sudden appearance of Xiao Feng Wu froze everyone with shock.
Seeing him shamelessly sitting down without an invitation, hooking up his feet and reaching out to grab some melon seeds, nibbling on them without a care.
His mouth kept apologizing, but there was no regret or shame on his face.

The back of Huang Lao-ban was already bruised purple, and he kept saying “ow ow” as he was dripping cold sweat.
With his voice shrieking with hatred, 

“Xiao Feng Wu! So it was you piece of uppity young bastard who hit me.
What of this is any of your business!”

Xiao Feng Wu shook his head, sighing.
He flung the melon husks off his robe, and then, seeing Qin Ming Yue standing beside him like a wooden puppet just staring back at him, he reached out to squeeze his butt.
He angrily said, 

“Really you, say it, say it.
Just can’t go one day without causing trouble.”

Qin Ming Yue was pained enough that his face was turning green; couldn’t cover, couldn’t not cover.

Huang Lao-ye pointed at him and said, 

“Both of you, get them and slap them both.
Both of you had hit me, so if you do not give me an explanation, this will not end!”

Hearing this, Xiao Feng Wu pulled Qin Ming Yue into his embrace, letting him sit on top of his legs.
Then he reached out to pour a cup of alcohol, very perfunctorily saying, 

“Alright, alright, since it was you who hit first, give Huang Lao-ye an apology, and this will be done and over with.”

“It will not!” 

Huang Lao-ye’s voice was loud and quite a few people had already climbed up the stairs to witness the drama, 

“This little bitch! I will not give up until he’s dead by my hands!”

Qin Ming Yue narrowed his eyes at that and blew up again, 

“Who do you want to kill? I’ll see if you dare!”

And then stood up to hit him again, yet he was forcibly held back by Xiao Feng Wu and couldn’t get up, forcing him to hatefully pause his hands.

Xiao Feng Wu’s lean and long fingers that were like the touch of jade slowly swiped over Qin Ming Yue’s cheeks over and over.
Without much expression on his face, he stared at Huang Lao-ye, and seeing the darkened bruise on his hand, he smiled with his eyes curved up, 

“A regular occurrence of an injury, it won’t hinder your daily business.
I wrote to my second uncle a few days ago, and he sent some Yu Rong Dian She healing paste.
It was gifted personally by the Emperor, so to heal Huang Lao-ye’s injury, it would be the most appropriate of course.
I will send it over to your estate later, and in no time at all, it will be better.”

Huang Lao-ye stuttered and couldn’t say another word, being caught in the throat when Xiao Feng Wu said “gifted personally by the Emperor”.

He was not in the business of medicine, and his business was mainly stationed around Yan Cheng, unlike those who would move in and out of the capital, so he wasn’t very up to date with the news.
Those who were near the table immediately said, 

“Ack, I had just entered the capital last month, and I had specifically gone to give a greeting to Xiao Er Lao-ye, and he’s now the head of the imperial physicians, protecting the imperial baby of the Empress.
I heard he’s quite in demand, even saving the general who was sent out to the far west and came back with only a sliver of health from death.
The two of them even developed quite a deep friendship because of it.
For the Emperor to have personally gifted it, the medicine must not be of any average quality.
If it were me, I’d be happy even if I had to suffer more than ten slaps!”

And then urged, 

“Huang Lao-ban, don’t be angry with such a young child.
Drink up and let it go, let it go.”


After these words, the table of people immediately had a different view of Xiao Feng Wu.
They only knew that the Xiao family had crumbled into the ground, yet they had forgotten there was also a Xiao Er Lao-ye far in the capital.
They do not know how he viewed Xiao Feng Wu, this nephew, but just like how breaking the bone will break the muscles, why would they go touch this forbidden topic.8

Huang Lao-ye was after all only a small business man, and hearing this began to cold sweat.
With shuddering movements, he drank down that cup of alcohol and immediately changed his tone, 

“Fine fine fine.
I had no idea he was one of Sixteenth Master’s.
For my actions against Qin Lao-ban just now, please give some allowance.”

Xiao Feng Wu laughed out loud and pulled Qin Ming Yue towards him to give him a kiss.
He said to Qin Ming Yue, 

“Look how generous and open Huang Lao-ban is.
You should really fix how your temper can explode at any moment.”

Being given a good way to step down, Qin Ming Yue perfunctorily said, 

“I did not mean it, may Huang Lao-ye not mind it.”

How could Huang Lao-ban be bold enough to say anything else.
He waved his hand, being only able to accept his misfortune.

Seeing the group around the table not saying another word, Xiao Feng Wu lightly knocked the cup in his hand on the table.
With a mysterious expression on his face, he said to Qin Ming Yue, 

“I have never liked others touching my things.
Those who did must cut their finger off.
You really can’t keep that in your head can you.
Why are you here in this crowded place? When we go back later, you will be punished.”

The Zhang-gui of Sheng De Lou was crying in his heart.
Qin Ming Yue had originally not wanted to come, and it was him who forced him to.

Qin Ming Yue lowered his eyes and obediently said, 

“I accept the punishment for my mistake.”

Xiao Feng Wu asked, 

“Are you full?”

Qin Ming Yue replied,


Xiao Feng Wu said, 

“Then we will go.”

And then let go of Qin Ming Yue, standing up from the chair and grabbing him to walk downstairs.
Those who were trying to spy on the drama immediately dispersed, and Cen San came back to his senses to follow right behind them. 

Internally, he bowed down to Xiao Feng Wu with respect, 

“Ah ah ah, Sixteen! Your second uncle really wrote you a letter and sent you things?”

Of course it was false.

Xiao Feng Wu paused his footsteps and looked at him, 

“You let me slap you once and I will tell you.”

Cen San had not actually come to chase after Xiao Feng Wu, but instead for Qin Ming Yue. 

Hearing this he chuckled and waved his hand in the air before looking at Qin Ming Yue, 

“Qin Lao-ban, I am actually your fan.
Sixteen is my brother, and considering our relationship, we are related, so could we not be closer than any other.”

Qin Ming Yue was not bothered by him and was very courteous towards him.
Hearing this, he lightly smiled and raised his hands in a respectful greeting, 

“Thank you Cen San Ye for your admiration.
<< Yu Zan Ji >> will be showing in a couple of days, and I must look forward for you to come and help fill up the seats to support us.
We will make sure you have great seating.”

Cen San was just waiting for these words and immediately smiled to the point you could only see his teeth and not his eyes, 

“Then great, great!”

Xiao Feng Wu couldn’t stand him acting like that and snorted.
He walked out and Qin Ming Yue followed behind, his face trying to stamp down on his smile, 

“Ah, why did you come to Yi Pin Lou?”

Xiao Feng Wu said, 

“I heard that Yi Pin Lou was hiring a server, so I came.
Who could have thought that I would see the impressive Qin Lao-ban slap someone and stomp on a chair.
What a superbly impressive and imposing display of strength.”

Qin Ming Yue’s face immediately changed, 

“Server? You were planning to become a server?!”

Xiao Feng Wu raised his eyebrow, 

“And why can I not?”

Qin Ming Yue coldly snorted, 

“Why do you think you should not?”

He was not willing at all for Xiao Feng Wu to do these kinds of things, waiting upon others.
When this man was in his estate, his fingers never touched a single thing.
With the delicately decorated and expensive shoes under his feet that do not see even a layer of dirt in a year, how could he do these kinds of things like running around to take orders and wipe the tables?

Yi Pin Lou was not far from their place, and within the length of their conversation they arrived.
Xiao Feng Wu lazily yawned and fell asleep the moment he entered the room.
Qin Ming Yue followed behind, with his eyebrows furrowed, unknowingly being stressed and frustrated about something.

Whatever decision he made then, he suddenly shut the window and closed the door up tightly.

Then he opened the box in the closet, finding a hidden drawer to grab a small camphor wood box.

Qin Ming Yue used a key to open the lock and revealed a thick stack of money and some loose gold nuggets.
These were all his earnings from the past years.
He painfully counted what he had before hiding the few gold on his body.
He grit his teeth and carried the box to the bed, reaching out to shake Xiao Feng Wu awake.

With a terrible tone, he said, 

“Wake up!”

Xiao Feng Wu had just fallen asleep, and he hugged the pillow and sighed.
Using the head of the bed, he sat up with his eyes unable to peel open, saying lazily,


Qin Ming Yue was dripping blood on the inside as he forcefully pushed the box onto his legs.
Turning his head to the side, he said, 

“Take this money to do some business.
Open an apothecary or a herbal medicine shop, or whatever you want.
Just don’t say such random dumb things like being a server!”

Whether his drowsiness was being smacked away by the box or for some other reason, his heavily leadened eyes immediately pulled wide open.
With eyes like the force of the sun, he stared at that camphor wood box, and casually lifted it, finding that it was full of money.

[ Ding…… ]

The system weakly rang out, and it probably knew that this action was a bit annoying, so the aura it came out with was a bit weakened.

[ Can’t take it oh~ This will violate the rules.

At this time, Xiao Feng Wu did not have the heart to care about it and his eyes kept staring at Qin Ming Yue.
Seeing him hold onto his heart like he was in pain, with his face all wrinkled up, if it was any other day, he would have laughed out loud, but for whatever reason, he couldn’t even muster a smile.

Xiao Feng Wu turned his head to the side and flicked a finger at the box, sounding out a heavy knock.
With his eyebrows raised up in exaggeration, he sighed and complemented, 

“Wow, so much money, is this all for me?”

Qin Ming Yue didn’t dare to look back, afraid that he would regret it.
He grit his teeth as he said, 

“It’s for you to start a business.
If you dare spend it on anything else like alcohol, I will not let you go!”

Xiao Feng Wu kept making sounds of appreciation, without taking his words to  heart, 

“The money’s in my hands, you won’t even know how I spent it.
Ming Yue, you are really, truly amazing, being able to save up this much money.
I have really looked down on you.”

Hearing this, Qin Ming Yue immediately lifted up his head, and reached out to steal back the box, 

“I won’t give it to you! Give it back to me!”

Xiao Feng Wu blocked him, and shook his head in disagreement, 

“Ah, the things that you give out, how could you ask for it back.
These aren’t the rules.”

Qin Ming Yue heavily punched the bed, his pair of phoenix eyes bright and shining because of his anger, 

“These are all of my savings.
If you dare to spend it recklessly, I-I-I……I will not let you off!”

Xiao Feng Wu asked, 

“All of your savings?”

Qin Ming Yue blew up, 

“All, all, all! I did not save a single coin for myself! Cleaned up even more than my face!”

Perhaps it was because of his anger, he moved his sleeves quite a bit.
With a slip of attention, a few golden nuggets fell out with a “guang”, landing far away.

Silence immediately descended into the room.

Qin Ming Yue froze in surprise.
He looked left and right, as if unable to understand how he himself threw it out.
Then when he saw that Xiao Feng Wu had a smile plastered on his face as he looked at him, his clean, pale white face immediately blushed red, unable to say another word.

Xiao Feng Wu locked up the box and put it aside on a table by the bed, then he poured a cup of tea and asked, 

“Not even a single coin?”

With a stiffened neck, Qin Ming Yue said, 

“I did not leave a single coin, but I did leave a few taels.”

Xiao Feng Wu asked, 

“A few?”

Qin Ming Yue: “Three or four…… or maybe seven or eight.”

With his hands behind his back, Xiao Feng Wu walked closer, his eyes scanning up and down his body.
He slowly said, 

“Why do I feel like it is not only that.”

Qin Ming Yue’s sleeves were shaking, 

“If you don’t believe it, then search me.
Search me if you don’t believe it!”

If you want me to, then I will search.

Xiao Feng Wu tugged on Qin Ming Yue’s waist belt and took off his outer robe, leaving only a layer of white underneath.
Only then did Qin Ming Yue feel that something was off, and subconsciously wanted to back away.
Yet he was suddenly tripped and he fell down onto the bed.

Xiao Feng Wu shook his head and said with a very meaningful tone in his voice, 

“It’s bright day, Qin Lao-ban, are you unable to wait anymore?”

Qin Ming Yue said in his heart, who was the one that could not wait.
He fixed his clothes and was about to stand up when Xiao Feng Wu shook his sleeves, immediately bullying him.
He pressed down on the other and said, 

“I must really search very carefully on the inside.”

Qin Ming Yue coldly laughed, 

“And who is it that really can’t wait anymore?”

And then felt a cold breeze on his shoulder.
He grabbed onto his clothes, unwilling to let go, and his eyes looked straight at him, 

“I want to be on top.”

Xiao Feng Wu raised his eyebrows and nodded his head, very willingly lying on the bed. 

With his clothes half open, there was a seductiveness about him, 

“If you want to be, then be on top.
Come on, Qin Lao-ban.
Only, don’t be like last time, giving up halfway.”

The moment Qin Ming Yue said those words, he already regretted it, and he could only muster up his courage to continue.
He reached out to let down the curtain, and before long, he was yelling in pain with reddened eyes, wanting to get down.

Xiao Feng Wu didn’t let him, 

“Didn’t you want to be on top? Why would you come down now?”

Qin Ming Yue shook his head with force, his body full of sweat, 

“No, no, my stomach hurts.”

Xiao Feng Wu cushioned his head with both of his hands, lazily closing his eyes, 

“Is it your stomach or your intestines?”

Qin Ming Yue was about to burst into tears, the ends of his syllables trembling, 

“Both, both hurt, I can’t do it anymore!”

And then smacked away Xiao Feng Wu’s hands from his waist, rolling down from his body.

Xiao Feng Wu’s clean, white hands were immediately reddened and he hummed, 

“Hu, hu, hu, Qin Lao-ban’s too strong.
Thankfully, it did not hit my face.”

Lying down beside him, Qin Ming Yue was left to only breathing.
Hearing this, he lifted his head and said, 

“If I was not imposing, I would have been chewed up by those old bastards without a single bone left behind.
I had followed you with my pure body, and even if we were not together these past years, I had not let anyone else touch my body.”

Xiao Feng Wu used the back of his hand to cover his eyes, and gave out a “hmm”.

“I know.”

Qin Ming Yue held onto his waist, ‘hmph’ing and quietly saying, 

“What do you fucking know……”

Xiao Feng Wu brought his hand down and opened his eyes to say, 

“With a handsome face like yours, don’t go around and learn to swear.”

And then grabbed Qin Ming Yue into an embrace, lowering his head to hook onto Qin Ming Yue’s tongue for a while.
The corners of his mouth hooked up as he said, 

“For this life, Qin Lao-ban doesn’t have a life meant to be on top.”

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