e didn’t know why, a nameless fire began to burn inside his heart, and it twisted the words inside his mouth.
He asked seriously,

“What kind of person am I? I can’t change?”

“Oh, I’m the kind of person that only sees money.
But that doesn’t matter, Mr.
Huo, you have money, you can just find another person.
After all, anyone who can sleep with you–“


Before Lu Qi could finish, he was punched in the stomach.
His entire body curled up with a shout.
Huo Ming Chen pulled him up by his shirt collar, forcing him to straighten up.
Eyes burning with liquid anger,

“What did you just say, say it again?”

Lu Qi was at a loss for words, and zipped his mouth.
Someone who is usually too clever was suddenly overcome with stubborness, he couldn’t control it if he wanted to.
He laughed coldly and snapped back,

“I won’t repeat good words twice.
You have money, you are the boss.
If you can, beat me to death.”


Huo Ming Chen raised his fist almost subconsciously.
He was about to strike and then stopped and dropped it.
Then raised it again.
Then stopped.
In the end, he couldn’t throw a punch.

He brutally pressed down on Lu Qi’s shoulder,

“Your heart knows better than I do what kind of person you are.
The reason why you first came to me, your heart should know clearly.”

Lu Qi pursed his lips tightly,

“I’ll just end it.”

“It’s not up to you.”

Huo Ming Chen sneered, and mockingly patted his face,

“This game started because you wanted it.
But it’s not up to you when it ends.
You think you can just end it with me and then go find that girl? I’m telling you right now, there’s no escape.”

“As long as I’m alive, that won’t be a reality.
Even if I’m dead, it’s even more impossible!”

He brutally released him and then turned around to head out the door.
The door frame almost shattered from the force he slammed the door with.

Lu Qi rested against the wall, looking at the millions of glass pieces shattered on the floor.
He was a little dazed and confused.
He rarely made Huo Ming Chen this angry, because once his temper rises, it’s really hard to control.
It was not impossible to be beaten to death.
For him to have escaped that, it felt unreal.

Lu Yuan, that blasted woman.
It’s rare to see her face in a year, and when they first meet up, Huo Ming Chen is there to witness it.
She was born to be a curse on him.

He lightly tidied up the house with a broomstick.
Lu Qi sat by himself on the sofa for a while, and considered that Huo Ming Chen probably won’t calm down for a while.
However, most importantly, his own anger hasn’t dissipated yet.
He decided he will just go back to his dorms, and the two of them can calm down, calm down.


Lu Qi patted his head, feeling unnecessarily down.
He thought he was really childish, not being able to hold back his temper.
What use was it to break up with Huo Ming Chen?

He reasoned that was why he was sad, and never went to think why he was so angry.

Lu Qi laid on his bed for a while, but couldn’t sleep.
To be honest, he was still a bit afraid that Huo Ming Chen was going crazy from anger.
There was a possibility that Huo Ming Chen would come and chop him up at night while he was sleeping.

He took a look at the time, and it wasn’t that late.
If he went back to the dorms right now, he could still make it before the gates closed.
And he did just that, packed up some clothes and went straight back to school.

His dorm mates were a little weirded out when they saw him come back so late at night.
As Lu Qi was normally personable, everyone came to ask if he was alright,

“Ah, weren’t you granted a few days off? Why are you back so early? Have you fully healed?”

Lu Qi smiled,

“It was not that serious.
These past days I was just procrastinating.
There’s still a lot of things to do, and missing so many classes isn’t that good.”

He was publicly recognized as a model student.
His grades were excellent, and he was knowledgeable, a gentleman and could joke around.
You couldn’t find a single negative thing about him.

The school forums had a poll for the most attractive male, and with one picture from the military training, Lu Qi was in first place and still hasn’t been overtaken since the beginning of the school term.

There are a lot of females who want to pursue him, as many as there are fish in the sea, but no one really dared do so.
Li Zhi Yan was an unusual exception, an outlier.
The reason why Lu Qi was injured had been spread like wildfire, and everyone said it was a misfortune born from his attractiveness.

Every night, the lights shut off at 10:30pm, and after a bit of settling in, everyone went to bed.
Perhaps because it had been a long time since he slept in the dorms, no matter how Lu Qi adjusted himself, he was uncomfortable.
He felt strangely empty with nothing to hold.
As if there was supposed to be someone like an octopus, squeezing him with its tentacles……

He realized something then, and forced himself to close his eyes and remember how to be alone at night.

The author has something to say:
Author: (smoking a cigarette) What, you thinking of your partner?
Lu Qi: ……

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