i was different, because he has never given their relationship any consideration.

You can never treat me badly.”


These two seemed to be competing for who was the most heartless.


Huo Ming Chen had his family dinner over the weekend, so he would not be coming home.
Lu Qi was just heading back from his part time tutoring job, when he unexpectedly met a familiar person on the road.


An attractive and elegant lady was waving to him from across the street.
When Lu Qi saw her running over to him, his eyes twitched.
He was so surprised that he stopped walking.

“I heard that you got into the capital university.
I originally thought that I would give you a call, but this is perfect.”

This person in front of him was Lu Qi’s twin sister, Lu Yuan.
Both of them came out of the same womb with the same set of parents, but their personalities were completely different.
Lu Yuan was like their mother, strong and confident, and full of extravagance.
When she was small, she was a genius who skipped grades, but after she graduated from high school, she didn’t continue on with her education.
She entered the job force about two years earlier than Lu Qi.

The two looked at each other, and Lu Qi’s eyes softened for a moment,

“Why are you here in the capital? Weren’t you in Shenzhen?”

“Like I would have a fixed spot to be at.
I’m following my boss who’s running around everywhere.”

Lu Yuan was wearing a pair of high heels so high only very confident women would wear, with a tight fitting white dress that ended above her knees and a blue jean jacket on top.
Her beautiful curls made her look even more seductive.
She took off her sunglasses, and with a face more beautiful than that of the stars from Hollywood, she scanned Lu Qi from head to toe.

“You’ve grown…… My plane’s at 7pm, there’s a coffee shop nearby.
Sit with me for a while.”

Lu Qi naturally consented, and the both of them went to the coffee shop to sit down.
They were seated by the window, where their exceptional looks attracted quite a few gazes. 

Lu Yuan was used to the attention, and crossed her legs, smiling, 

“As expected, there’s always this kind of pressure when you’re beautiful.”

She took a sip of her coffee.

“How’s the new school? Didn’t seduce any girls, did you?”

Lu Qi paused, and honestly shook his head,


Lu Yuan narrowed her eyes, a little suspicious.



Lu Qi just answered, and felt his shirt collar tightening.
Lu Yuan had suddenly pushed herself against him, putting their heads together as she carefully scanned their surroundings.
She very seriously and quietly asked,

“Ah-Qi, do you know how much the clothes on your body cost?”

Lu Qi’s heart stuttered for a second when he heard that.
The past few days that he’s been on sick leave had been spent with Huo Ming Chen.
Their clothes naturally got mixed up.
He did not think Lu Yuan’s eyes were so sharp that she would know with one look.

However, he has perfected lying by now, so with a straight face, no blush in sight and no quickening of the breath, he said,

“I don’t know.
It was a bit chilly this morning, so I borrowed my roommate’s.”

Lu Yuan looked downwards and stared at the logo of the designer shoes on his feet,

“And your pair of shoes……?”


Of course they were also Huo Ming Chen’s.
Lu Qi brought his shoes up to let Lu Yuan see them clearly.

“Putian, high quality counterfeits2.”


Lu Yuan didn’t know why, but she was skeptical.
She fell silent for a bit and then slowly took a silver card out of her bag,

“It was on the way, so I went home for a visit.
Mom knew that I was coming to the capital, and she wanted to give this money to you.”

Thanks to the excellent learning experience he’s received from the system, Lu Qi wanted to throw bank cards out of his sight the moment he sees them.
He fought the urge and asked,

“How’s Mom doing?”

Lu Yuan smiled, showing a rare and gentle expression on her face,

“She’s doing alright.
Hold on to this money.
If you need to spend it, then spend it.
Don’t save it.
You’re a university student now.
Buy some clothes and shoes, so people won’t look down on you when you go out.
If you don’t have enough, make sure you don’t come to me.
I don’t have any money.”


Lu Qi took the card and with a blank face, put it in his pocket.

“Is that last sentence from you or mom?”

“Both of us.”

The author has something to say:
Lu Qi: I lived and am living through a difficult childhood.


*1 “Ah-Qi!” is an very common informal greeting (usually from family)/a way to call someone; put the sound “ah” and then the last word of the name (for example if it was for Huo Ming Chen, it’d be “Ah-Chen”)

*2 Putian is a city known for its counterfeit operations of designer items

I’ve been busy this week, and unfortunately I messed up the schedule time and posted this too early haha … >.<” I’ve updated all the links now! The note jumps should also be taking you back the place you were reading from now instead of making you log in.
Sorry about that!

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