‘I conducted a background investigation, but nothing conclusive was revealed.’

Using Baek Rin Eui-seon’s connections, i inquired around, but no one knew anything about this child.

At best, there was some information about him being an orphan.

Even that was difficult for Yoo Ho to judge if it was reliable information.

As they sat at the table, the child who had finished eating the sweets reached out for dried persimmons this time.
Without even dusting off the flour, he put it in his mouth in one bite.

‘After that purification bath, i’m unusually hungry…’

Passing by, a server saw Jin Cheon-hee and asked if he wanted more.

Jin Cheon-hee blushed and shook his head at the question.

“I’m sorry.
I ate too much, didn’t I?”

Upon seeing his reaction, the servers burst into laughter.

“He’s just like my son.”

“He might really be hungry.
Plus, he’s a distinguished guest of Master Woon Ji-sang.
Also… He’s receiving treatment from Baek Rin Eui-seon…”

“Really? If he’s our little guest, we should give him more.”

It would have been better if he had demanded more, at least there would be an ulterior motive.

Suddenly, in front of Jin Cheon-hee, a pile of pastries and rice cakes began to accumulate.

“Thank you!”

He felt a little overwhelmed by the amount of food.

Seeing his appearance, the servers were in a hurry to prepare a dining table rather than a tea table.

No matter how you looked at it, this boy seemed to know how to use his appearance to his advantage.

Then the door opened slowly.

A person with a veiled face entered the room.

Only the silhouette of a woman’s face was visible beneath the hat.

She looked at Jin Cheon-hee and bowed deeply.


Before Jin-cheon-hee could react, she spoke.

“Thank you for saving our Yeong-i’s life.
We heard that if it wasn’t for you, Yeong-i wouldn’t have survived.
I will definitely repay this favor.”

‘Oh, she must be Gongson Hyeon.
She probably came to see her cousin, Gongson Yeong.’

“Not at all.
I’m glad I could help.”

Jin Cheon-hee genuinely thought that way.
As a doctor, it was his duty to save patients.
That was all.

“Indeed… It’s impressive that both Master Woon Ji-sang and Master Baek Rin Eui-seon praised you.
I won’t forget this act of kindness.”

“Anyone in that position would have done something.
Oh, right! Instead of me, why don’t you go see your cousin? That’s more urgent!”

Jin Cheon-hee blushed at her praise and turned the conversation away.
He looked like a helpless child.
The lady with the veiled face, Gongson Hyeon, seemed to gaze at Jin Cheon-hee for a moment.

“In that case, I’ll take my leave… I’ll see you again next time.”

Gongson Hyeon bowed deeply again and left the room.

Jin Cheon-hee slowly recalled what was to come.

Gongson Hyeon, being from the main family, was the only female in her family.
Normally, she should have inherited the Gongson family’s martial arts techniques, but her aptitude for martial arts was significantly lacking, which disappointed the elders of her family.

In contrast, Gongson Yeong, a collateral blood relative, showed exceptional talent from a young age and had a good understanding of martial arts.

A successor of the main family, which couldn’t continue the family’s martial arts techniques, and the successor of the branch family, who was already making a name for herself.

People referred to her as ‘The main family that is less than the collateral’ and ‘The elder sister who couldn’t match the younger sister.’

‘But there were things people didn’t know about Gongson Hyeon.’

First, she may not have been born with martial arts talent, but she had exceptional business acumen.

Half of the world revolves around money.
In that regard, it wasn’t much different for the unworthy.
If one couldn’t acquire it themselves, they could rely on others.

Whether it was medicine or swords, secret techniques or common techniques.

Because half of the martial arts techniques are tied to money.

‘And there’s something even more important.’

It was the fact that she loved her younger sister, Gongson Yeong, more than anyone else and cherished her like her own body.

Due to the fierce competition between the parents of the main family and the branch family, they didn’t openly express it, but the two cousins deeply cared for each other.

-Kill them all.
Make them pay for even touching a single strand of my sister’s hair or a single fingernail.
I’ll unearth their evil deeds.

-Ah, Yeong-i… Yeong-i.
Yeong-i, who went to that cold place alone.
Can you see your sister? The blood of all those who made you like this has finally turned into a river.

In the novel, Gongson Yeong, whom she cherished most, dies and she harbored anger in her heart.
And she spent her lifetime searching for the truth behind the attack.

She discovered that the person who wanted to make her the head of the main family was involved, and she was filled with irreparable despair and she commits an irreversible bloodbath.

‘Gongson Yeong was originally supposed to die here.’

Jin Cheon-hee had saved her.

It was like preventing a major catastrophe that would happen in the future.

‘By now, Gongson Hyeon must be sobbing and hugging Gongson Yeong tightly.
Gongson Yeong would wake up to her sister’s cries and tease her, saying how worried she is.’

-Who am I to die? Why am I dying? Sister, can’t you trust me? I won’t die until you die.
Can’t die.
My smart sister, who is smarter than anyone, becomes a fool at times like this.

Gongson Hyeon had lost Gongson Yeong in the novel.

But now, Gongson Hyeon could neither cry nor laugh, she just stared at the ceiling like a dead tree.

She had performed a grand memorial service for Gongson Yeong in the novel, but the deceased did not return.

‘The future has changed, and now the problem lies in what comes next… I suppose.’

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