It was a means of cleansing the entire body of impurities through the combination of qi and medical treatment.

‘Huh… What’s this? Did someone clean my blood vessels?’

Even in modern times, there were many vascular-related diseases.
One of the most common cases is when cholesterol levels rise and impurities accumulate in the blood vessels.

In such cases, it can lead to venous diseases like myocardial infarction and even strokes.

When these blood vessels are cleansed, it naturally promotes good health.
And in martial arts novels, when someone undergoes such a purification process…

‘It’s perfect when learning martial arts… Wait a minute! Didn’t they say that my body would cultivate martial arts in the future? Who decided that?’

Jin Cheon-hee was confused by various thoughts.

‘But if it’s not someone else, and it’s Baek Rin Eui-seon, the renowned healer, then it must be something more special than the usual cultivation method.’

‘Why would such a precious thing be given to me?’

‘Moreover, Baek Rin Eui-seon spoke of the purification as if it were some sort of wound treatment and nutritional supplement.’

“Well, you should wash up first.
Yoo Ho!”


The grand bathhouse in the Cloud Dragon Escort Bureau’s Territory.

The branch establishment, it was quite luxurious.

Normally, the best places would have been reserved for officials, but following the words of Baek Rin Eui-seon, the best place was given to Jin Cheon-hee.

In the large tub, various medicinal herbs floated.

Yoo Ho assisted Jin Cheon-hee in bathing and asked a few questions.
Where was he from, who were his parents, and whether he had ever been involved in any conflicts.

‘If I start talking about being reincarnated after death, they’ll think I’m crazy.’

Every time the question was asked, Jin Cheon-hee could only reply with, “Ah, I cannot remember…”

There were traces of a head injury when he woke up in this body.
It might be better to cover it up with partial amnesia.

Of course, in reality, there was a higher chance of dying than having amnesia.


‘If I don’t remember, what am I supposed to do?’

Although he appeared as an innocent young boy, inside him was a middle-aged man who had experienced countless ups and downs.

After seeing the child’s expression, Yoo Ho eventually gave up on prying.

As he entered the tub, Yoo Ho left a message for Jin Cheon-hee to call him when he came out and left.

‘That assistant is quite persistent.
Well, even I, an inexperienced kid with ears like radishes, ended up receiving Baek Rin Eui-seon’s purification.
It’s not surprising…’


The water gently swayed with Jin Cheon-hee’s movements.

‘Ah, a child’s body.’

In his previous life, he died because he saved a child.
Now, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say he was alive because he saved others.

‘Right, I’m grateful.

Funny enough, amidst this, he wondered if the young child, who he threw himself in front of at that time to protect, had survived.

Since he had sacrificed his life like this, he hoped it hadn’t been in vain.

Why should people be saved?

Why was it necessary to save them to the point of sacrificing oneself?

Why didn’t I abandon them in the mountains?

If it had been a gang of thieves or a pack of wolves instead of the Cloud Dragon Escort Bureau, that would have been the end.

‘I don’t know.
I really don’t know.’

If there was someone similar to a father figure, it would be someone like the head of an orphanage.

Even while spewing curses, his body always moved first.

He gradually sorted through the events of his past life, which had felt like just yesterday.

A life without family, relatives, or loved ones.

The only one who could truly mourn for Jin Cheon-hee was Jin Cheon-hee herself.

It was a damn life.
But it was a life he had lived doing his best.

‘Come to think of it, that novel didn’t have an author.’

It was in the purchase list, so he just read it without paying attention.
There was no mention of the author or publisher.

At that time, he didn’t think much about it.
It was because he was not the type to pay attention to such things from the beginning.

Putting that thought aside, he now returned to reality.

‘Now what should I do with my life?’

He came to this world with only one body.

According to Yoo Ho, those who knew something about this child were already dead, killed by a band of thieves.

The only thing people knew was that he was an orphan.
And he was headed to Seoju.

‘Seoju… Seoju…’

It was a familiar name.
And no wonder, as it had been mentioned several times in the book.

‘Ah, it’s where the Demonic cult, the Magyo is hidden.’

The protagonist, Yeo Ha-ryun, enters the Magyo through Seoju.

There, he undergoes severe trials and hardships, growing in the process.

Magyo is a place where power equals justice.

Once he completes the trials, he consumes the Red Devil Blood Pill.

Consuming the Red Devil Blood Tablet causes a drastic increase in Intelligence and Inner Power, and he grows into a body suitable for forcibly learning the divine Martial Arts of the heavenly demon.

However, those who consume the Red Devil Blood Pill cannot live past their twenties.

There is only one way to survive.

Absorb the Inner Power and Inborn Qi of someone who has also consumed the Red Devil Blood Pill and mastered the divine Martial Arts of the heavenly demon.

In other words, killing and devouring one another.

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