escorted everyone out.

And suddenly, the room was empty.

Yoo Ho quietly brewed tea so as not to disturb anyone.

“Will you really take him as your disciple?”


“What if he doesn’t want to… Oh, who would refuse to become the disciple of the great Baek Rin Eui-seon… I’m just worried.”

“Yeah, me too.
What if he refuses?”

“What do you mean…?”

Yoo Ho bit his tongue.
The person he served always had something unexpected up his sleeve.
This time would probably be the same.

Baek Rin Eui-seon pulled out a golden needle from his pocket.

“Even if he refuses, if he shows sincerity, won’t his heart be moved? Let’s begin.”

“Are you really going to use that precious thing on him?”


With those words, Baek Rin Eui-seon inserted the golden needle into Jin Cheon-hee’s forehead.


Jin Cheon-hee’s body convulsed unconsciously, accompanied by an unpleasant sound.

Yoo Ho watched him with concern.

“I don’t know if it’s pitiful or enviable.
Since you’ve been marked by the master, you’re in trouble living comfortably too.”


I had a dream of becoming a butterfly.

It wasn’t like the butterfly dream in the Zhuangzi’s ‘The Joy of Fishes’.
It was a dream where I was caught by a madman and had needles all over my body.
I also traveled back and forth between fire and ice, and it was almost like I was going to die.

“Ugh… Save the butterfly.”

I remember cursing out loud.

I just wished this situation would end.

When I woke up from the dream, the ceiling I saw before going to bed was still there, but the only difference was that I was naked.

‘What’s that stench?’

An unbearable stench, like rotting food waste, filled the room.

“Oh, you’re awake.”

It was Baek Rin Eui-seon.

‘Did he stay up all night taking care of me? Hmm, but doesn’t Baek Rin Eui-seon usually have his subordinates do simple care like this…?’

‘Surely the famous Baek Rin Eui-seon did not do the care himself.
He probably came to check on me and luckily woke me up.’ That’s what I thought.

When I got up, I felt something sticky on my back.

It was a black, sticky liquid.
It felt more like a dried and twisted lump of rubber than a liquid.


It seemed that this was the cause of the terrible smell.

“Surprisingly, there wasn’t much waste buildup in your body.
Your constitution is not bad either.
Do you feel uncomfortable?”

“Not at all.
In fact, my body feels incredibly light.
Oh, by the way, please speak informally to me.
I’m a child and I can’t keep up with formal language.”

At that, Baek Rin Eui-seon smiled slightly.
It made the room feel much brighter.

‘Sheesh, I was just saying something like that for show.’

It was amazing how so beautiful a person could be.

“In that case, let’s speak informally.”

Please do.
But you said waste buildup? Wasn’t this for treating my injuries?”

“While treating your injuries, I also took the opportunity to give you a sponge bath.
Since you’ll need a healthy body to learn martial arts later on, it’s better to do this much, don’t you think?”

“A sponge bath!?”

A sponge bath.

It was one of the common practices in martial arts novels.

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