was abandoned in front of the orphanage one day,in a cardboard box.

In the cold winter, for some reason, they had put him in a red padded jacket instead of baby clothes.
It was said that they had a hard time unraveling it because it was wrapped so tightly.

His name, Jin Cheon-hee, was given by the director of the orphanage, who also loved martial arts novels.

He was born with a fierce determination to study.
So he was able to get himself into a mid-level medical school in Korea, and got all the scholarships he could get while working part-time.

Although he does miss my parents’ embrace, he didn’t actively search for it, perhaps because he learnt to give up gradually as he grew older and his resolve grew thicker.

‘Why bother looking for them when they aren’t searching for me over there?’

Feeling like there was a hole in his chest from not having any close relatives, he lived his life more desperately.
He never had a chance to date and was almost friendless.

As he aged and his skills were somewhat recognized, he managed to find a decent place for himself, but it was only when he had reached his forties that he finally gained some financial stability.


‘How did I end up like this? All the hard work I’ve done so far has crumbled in an instant, leaving me feeling empty.’

He looked down at his own hands, hands that were childlike and inexperienced, without any calluses from saving lives.

“That’s what living is like.”

A deep sigh of a 40-something adult escaped from the child’s body.

Most of those who go to medical school become military surgeons.
He had become a military surgeon himself and had even said to soldiers who came to the army:

“Close your eyes.
What do you see? Nothing? That’s the future of your military life.
It’ll be bleak.”

Then he would tell the wounded soldiers as he gave them a red pill:

“What does this look like to you?”


“From now on, it will become joint medicine.”

“Joint medicine?”

“That’s right.”

…Of course, it was a joke.

Now he had become the bleak one.
What will he do to survive in this harsh world?

‘I’m still a doctor.
Even if I go anywhere, I won’t starve to death.
But I’m worried about adapting to this lawless world where bandits roam around.
I’m worried about tonight and beyond.
By the way, was it the Cloud Dragon Escort Bureau that was on that flag? It’s the same name as in the novel I read a few days ago.
If I remember correctly, the story starts with an attack on the Cloud Dragon Escort Bureau.’

It was quite a strange coincidence.
Come to think of it, that handsome boy was somewhat similar to the description of the Demon King in the novel when he was young.

While he was lighting the fire.

SFX: Thump, thump, thump!

The sound of the ground rumbling could be heard.

“What is that sound?”

The sound was getting closer.

“This… is the sound of horse hooves?”

It was similar to the sound of cavalry riding in a movie.

“What should I do?”

Someone was coming.
It was a situation where it was uncertain whether it was a bad person or a good person.
He tried to stay calm, but he could only fluster around in confusion.

“Stay calm.”

He picked up the chipped knife.

His whole body was screaming from rescuing people all day long.

How much could he endure with a child’s body?

He gritted his teeth.

Jin Cheon-hee went out of the shoddy tent.
Fortunately, the sun hadn’t completely set yet.

He could see a group of riders on horseback and a unique carriage coming up from below.

They were all dressed like in a martial arts movie or drama, and they all had swords at their waists.

One of them was riding with a flag, and he could see the words ‘Cloud Dragon Escort Bureau’ written on the flag.

As he looked at it, Jin Cheon-hee let out a small sigh of relief.

“The Cloud Dragon Escort Bureau! Ha… thank goodness.”

His tension was released, and his legs wobbled.
Jin Cheon-hee sat down where he was.

It was only then that he felt the pain in his arm.
He had exposed a child’s body to the scorching sun all day long.
It was a natural result.

“Is my eyesight getting better because I’m getting younger? I can see everything even though it’s quite far away.”

Was it because the tension was released? He observed the people coming towards him with strange thoughts.
There were twenty-two people on horseback and one carriage.

Especially the carriage was strange.
It had four horses tied to it and was huge.

It had a monochromatic colour and had no accessories, but the most noticeable thing was the storage cabinets.

The storage cabinets filled the entire wall of the carriage.

The whole carriage was like a medicine drawer.

And Jin Cheon-hee had seen a description of such a unique carriage.

“That looks just like the medical carriage of Baek Rin Eui-seon from the novel ‘The Supreme Demon King.’ ”

The Supreme Demon King was a novel that Jin Cheon-hee had read all the way to the end before he died.
It was a very interesting novel, and one of the important supporting characters in the novel was a doctor called Baek Rin Eui-seon.

Baek Rin Eui-seon is one of the three Great Doctors in the world.

He saves the protagonist of the novel, Yeo Ha-ryun, the future Demon King.

There were various episodes with Yeo Ha-ryun afterwards, but eventually he succumbed to his illness and passed away around the second volume of the novel.

‘Surely, this isn’t the world from the novel…’

While thinking that and smirking, all the people from the Cloud Dragon Escort Bureau had arrived.

Jin Cheon-hee had remained seated in that spot without moving until they arrived.

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