“That kid is lucky.”

“Well, do you really think it’s just luck?”

“Then, Master, do you think the little boy has such a keen sense to recognize the effects of the San Gong-Doku? Even though he hasn’t learnt any martial arts.”

The sky was cloudy.
The moon gradually faded as it was covered by clouds, like droplets spreading on a painted silk.

It was a night full of ambition, where nothing could be seen in front of them.

Three people stood on top of the highest roof in the branch resort of the Cloud Dragon Escort Bureau.

Jae-Gal Rin, with his white silver hair fluttering, and by his side, his direct subordinate and the administrator of the White Dragon Clinic, Yoo Ho.
With them stood the national guard and head of the Cloud Dragon Escort Bureau, Woon Ji-sang, who carried a sword on his waist.

“The eyes of Baek Rin Eui-seon are indeed different.
I couldn’t find anything special about that kid… Even for someone without martial arts skills, he looked ordinary.”

“Then why do you want him?”


Woon Ji-sang didn’t answer and kept his mouth shut.

In response, Jae-Gal Rin spoke softly but firmly.

“Guo Ju-nim, I will explain it now.
That child will become my disciple.
Who else has decrypted the San Gong-Doku?”

Upon hearing those words, Woon Ji-sang let out a deep sigh.

“Hmm… how can I defy Baek Rin Eui-seon’s intentions? Do you like that child as well?”

“The same as your intentions for him, Guo Ju-nim.”

I can’t help it.
It’s not a disciple-ship related to by fate… ”

“Wow… Did you consider making him your disciple even though he’s ordinary?”

“He is still young but thoughtful and determined.
And his medical skills… Isn’t he a talented person? Don’t you know that this bureau cannot be operated solely on martial arts?”

“That’s right.
That’s why I am interested.
By the way… they seem to be coming.”

At Jae-Gal Rin’s words, Woon Ji-sang’s expression changed menacingly.

Both of them could see a group of people in the distant darkness gathering.

“How dare they attack the bureau…”

A dragon-like aura flowed from his body.

“We cannot cause trouble for the guests.
I would appreciate it if you two wait here.”

“Please be safe.”

Woon Ji-sang jumped down from the roof.
And at the same time, the people in the distance, all dressed in black, began climbing over the walls of the Cloud Dragon Escort Bureau’s resort.

All of them wore masks on their faces, and even the blades of their swords seemed to be black, reflecting the moonlight.

It was clearly a night raid.

The interior of the resort was quiet.

There didn’t seem to be any sign of a fight.

“Master, can you feel the magic?”

“They must be practitioners who have mastered magic… Are they from the Magyo?”

I wonder if they’ve meddled in something troublesome.”

“Still, I have you by my side.”

“Hehehe, my lord.
It’s hard for me to imagine you saying that, even though you could wipe out all those people with just one swing of your sword.”

Jae-Gal Rin responded with a light laugh instead of an answer.
It was a laugh that hid the claws of a dragon.

Yoo Ho scratched his head.

“Master, you don’t have much time left.
I hope you haven’t forgotten.”

“I’m well aware.
But even if it’s short, wouldn’t it be better for it to go out in a blaze of glory?”

“I just want to be with you for a long time…”

“It can’t be helped.
By the way, it’s starting.”

Where Jae-Gal Rin’s gaze landed, a battle had already began.


Jin Cheon-hee was crouching beside the bed of the future Demon King Yeo Ha-ryun.
Outside, there were shouts and the clash of swords.

Thinking that it had started, Jin Cheon-hee glanced briefly at Yeo Ha-ryun’s closed eyelids.

‘This guy still hasn’t woken up.’

Considering what would happen in his future, it might be better if he doesn’t wake up to this.

‘Isn’t it amazing? So many people have come to kill you.’

Indeed, just a little child.
Just a small child with a secret of his birth.
So many people have been preparing to kill this child.

Yeo Ha-ryun’s hands were still clean.
Hands that had not touched anyone’s blood.
The world had already moved to kill this child.

‘The Cloud Dragon Escort Bureau is strong.
Even if I hadn’t intervened, they would have somehow won.’

Even if the higher-ranked martial artists were affected by the San Gong-Doku, there were still the lower-ranked martial artists.
The strength of the Cloud Dragon Escort Bureau was by no means weak.

But a lot of blood would be spilled, and that would have been a fatal blow to the Cloud Dragon Escort Bureau.

And then, many bureaus would fight fiercely to fill the vacant position left by the Cloud Dragon Escort Bureau, and that would be the beginning of future turmoil.

‘Even in the midst of all this, you sleep well.
Well, I’m not particularly anxious either…’

Jin Cheon-hee stared blankly at his hands.

People were dying outside.

For an ordinary person, it would be normal to tremble with fear.

Because they didn’t know when someone with a sword might appear and kill them.

Yet somehow, he wasn’t afraid.

‘Come to think of it, did I feel this way when distinguishing the people who survived among the corpses…?’

Jin Cheon-hee concluded that something had changed.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t be like this.
Perhaps it was because he had already died once.

‘Well, it’s not common to have an experience of getting shot and dying in a rebellion.’

At that moment, a moan escaped from Yeo Ha-ryun’s mouth.

‘Is he having a nightmare?’

Jin Cheon-hee was taken aback by the beast-like moan that he couldn’t believe was coming from a child.

‘Should I wake him up? No, when I tried to wake him earlier, he didn’t get up.’

Based on what he had observed so far, Yeo Ha-ryun didn’t seem to be having nightmares based on sounds alone.
It might be because of the smell of blood outside.

Jin Cheon-hee pondered and rummaged through the shelf, lighting another scented candle.

He didn’t know what scent it was, but he thought it would be good if it was strong enough to cover the smell of blood.

After lighting three more scented candles, Yeo Ha-ryun’s expression gradually began to calm down.

Seeing the moaning sound also gradually subside, Jin Cheon-hee let out a small sigh of relief.

‘Treat me well.
You bastard.’

But still, he was the protagonist, so it would be nice if he could look at him from a different perspective from now on.

‘Since he’s still a child, there’s probably still a chance to tame him.’

Outside, the fight was still ongoing.
Jin Cheon-hee watched over Yeo Ha-ryun through it.







T/N: Guo Ju-nim(구주님): Used to address someone with the title of a ‘Lord’ or ‘Governor’

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