They don quite stumble in, but its close enough.

The sun rose well across the sky by the time they park in front of the mansion, with the directions of one grumpy star cowed by Arias threats to expose him to far worse than her having tame sex car.

Its a quiet neighbourhood, not a soul in sight, you never could tell though. A wealthy mans thirst for gossip knew no bounds. Aria has absolutely no problem in swinging her running shirt over her head; Hanjun, whos busy crouching down to retrieve his errant glasses, slams the back of his head into the steering wheel.

”For the love of Poseidon woman, what are you doing?! ”

Aria cackles madly, lifting a finger to make him wait. She swings over the console and grabs the spare dress shirt on the hanger. The older man coughs, sputtering weakly about work and going naked because of course he met a sprite who stole it. Just to be a menace, she grabs the velvet tie too, seductively winking.

A moment of silence passes between them, broken by loud guffaws that patter into restrained wheezing. Aria glares half heartedly. She thinks it rather suits him, that silly grin. Its wiped off as she climbs over him, cups his cheeks to kiss him deeply and slowly, lingering with the kind of soft brush that makes him surge up until they
e pressed flush again and Aria can feel him hardening beneath her. She squirms but stays his wandering hand.

”You want to come in? For coffee? ”

She leaves it there, sneakily slipping out. Aria does not get further than two steps before he is behind her, an arm wrapping around her waist. He bodily pushes through the front door and Aria has never been more grateful for the empty house than in the moment when he slams the front door, grabs her thighs and hoists her high in the air. Her legs wrap around him automatically, grunting at the harsh impact.

From there its a blur of things, until he has spread over the kitchen table like a mighty feast meant for a king, his hands caressing every inch of skin with so much reverence her knees feel wobbly.

The star system is whining in her mind incessantly, so, she slips her hand between their bodies, boldly pushing his trousers down. Hes already hard and leaking, the sight alone terrifies the system so much she feels him shut her out completely, unlike the shower. Aria giggles before she can stop herself, but its good because her partner takes it as a sign to slip into her again.

Aria throws her head back, moaning obscenely as the slow and torturous pace makes her toes curl. Her hands grip onto his shoulders, nails scratching a path of red over his back – she would hold back on the marks if he hadn made it a point to lavish her neck in so many hickeys. Aria will have to slather a whole tub of foundation to cover it, if she ever wants to go outside.

He notices her distraction, thrusting gratingly with so much force her body slides on the table. Aria digs her toes into the small of his back, urging him on. Its primal, a raw intensity that slowly drives them over the edge, and when they reach their high, its a sweet and long drawn experience. They
e breathing heavily, sweat sliding over their skin sinuously. Hanjun slumps over her, a forearm balanced precariously by her head supporting some of his weight, but she likes it. She likes the weight of him on top of her, if only she hadn been so sweaty.

”Bathroom. Now, ” she says faintly, voice gruff as if she smokes a cigarette pack a day.

She can feel him twitch inside her, soft but still there. Aria plans to take advantage of the new found information.

Aria guides him through the house blindly, half naked; he left his pants somewhere in the kitchen and her joggers had disappeared in the parlour. His dress shirt, the one shed stolen is rucked up and ruffled, Aria purposely bends over to grab the towels from the lower rack.

”Youll be the death of me, ” he mumbles.

Hes there, behind her in a second, hands cupping her breasts. She whines as he slips between her legs, not entering her just yet. Aria squirms, softly beginning him to ** her. His hand squeezes her breast tightly, nipple caught between two fingers playfully. Butterflied ran rampant in her gut, a wildfire spreading in her chest. At the last nerve of her patience, Aria guides him into her with her own hand. The pleasure racks up, already sensitive from cumming mere minutes ago but Hanjun has no problem railing into her, forceful and fast and hard. Her legs tremble dangerously, the only thing keeping her up and standing is his strong arm around her waist and the towel rack.

They go another round before they even make it to the shower, and when they do make it there, they spend more time languidly kissing and groping at each other than actually washing.

Aria is weak on her feet, pleasantly buzzing from her core and so exhausted she wants to curl in bed and cuddle. Yet, when Hanjun gets a little too handsy and he pushes into her without warning, Aria lets him ** her against the cold tiles, a leg raised so high that if she were any more flexible it would go over his shoulder. This time when she reaches that wonderful peak, white fills her vision, she flops over Hanjun like a sack of potatoes, all strength gone with the drain.

He carries her to bed, and she slumps face down into the pillows. He settles over her like a nice, snug blanket, softly kissing a wet trail down her spine and when he begs her for one last time, she doesn complain as he manhandles into position, back arched down, hips raised in the air. He doesn take his time, not like any other time, he is sloppy and rough, and each slap of his thrust echoes in the bedroom. Aria can only mewl pathetically, voice long gone, wrecked.

He gathers her in his arms, her back pressed flush to his front. She shifts, only to freeze because hes still in her and as hard as hed been at the beginning of this whole affair. What the ** had she brought to her doorstep?

”No more, please. ”

He kisses her ear, nuzzling the hallow of her throat before lightly biting her flesh.

”Don worry love, Ill let you rest first. ”

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