time, she needed to buy the required items.
There was an antique street near the hospital.
There were things there that she needed.


She opened her phone and received a bunch of red packets.
They were from the people who wanted to learn to play dice from her.
There were seven red packets, a total of 210,000 yuan.

A satisfied smile appeared on the corner of Su Meng’s mouth.
‘Very good.
This money is enough for me to prepare the tools for feng shui.
However, it’s still a little lacking to buy the gift for Wei Xue.’ She didn’t plan to ask Wei Ting for it.
Instead, she wanted Wei Ting to buy it for her.

Wei Ting frowned slightly when he saw Su Meng, who looked impatient with him, smiling at her phone.
‘Was she talking to those people she just added?’

Judging from the skills Su Meng had displayed at the clubhouse, she had played a lot of dice in the past, but he had never noticed it.
It seemed that she had hidden it very well.
How much more was there that he didn’t know?


He suddenly asked, “Why do you want to teach people?”

“Ah?” Su Meng did not react for a moment.
After two seconds, she understood what Wei Ting was asking.
She glanced at Wei Ting, then returned her gaze to her phone, and said, “To earn money.”

Wei Ting asked, “Are you short of money?”

Su Meng nodded.

Wei Ting’s face darkened.
As the Wei family’s young madam, Su Meng actually said that she was short of money in front of him! He immediately said in a deep voice, “If you’re short of money, then ask me for it.
My Wei family won’t be unable to even support my own wife.
As long as you’re well-behaved and don’t cause any trouble, I can satisfy you with anything in life.”


Satisfied? That’s right.
In her previous life, she didn’t have to worry about food and clothing.
At that time, she was also well-behaved, but she caused herself and her child to lose their lives.


Su Meng snorted disdainfully and said, “Don’t tell me you think that I can only rely on you.
I have hands and legs and can rely on myself to eat.
I don’t need your help.”


In her previous life, in order to please Wei Ting, she had done everything according to what Wei Xue had taught her.
She had even lost herself and lived without any dignity.

Now, Su Meng only wanted to live for herself.
Her love for Wei Ting had already vanished when she died in her previous life.
What wealthy lady? She had no fortune to enjoy that, especially since this identity was a shield for Wei Xue and Wei Ting.


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