ly seen the man a few times.
He only came here when something big happened.
He always looked like he was fully armed.
Probably not many people in the army had seen his real face.

“Boss, Meng Meng, how much did you see?”

Just as Gao Yan finished speaking, a voice came from the surveillance camera.
One turned around after hearing it and saw Shen Jian leaning against Su Meng.
The two of them were looking at the compass on the table and discussing with each other.

“Sir?” Gao Yan saw that there was no reaction when he spoke to one, so he called out again.

However, One’s gaze was fixed on the surveillance camera.
The hand in his sleeve was clenched into a fist, and there was a thick, low pressure around him.
Gao Yan could not help but shiver.


What was going on? Why did he suddenly feel a little cold? It was summer now.

However, Shen Jian did not feel that something was wrong at all.
He was still pestering Su Meng to find a way.
Although he did not have much talent, he was very eager to learn.

“Bring that man to the other room,” One said in a deep voice after watching for a while.

“Ah?” Gao Yan was stunned when he heard One’s words.
He could not believe his ears.
Why did he bring Shen Jian to another room? Was he going to say something to Su Meng?

However, although he did not understand in his heart, soldiers followed orders as an iron rule.
Gao Yan was stunned for a moment before he accepted the order and left.

When he returned to the room, he saw Shen Jian sitting beside Su Meng and looking at her.

“Miss Su, can you find it?” Gao Yan asked.

“No, there are too few clues.
If possible, I want to see the thief.” Su Meng put down the compass and raised her head to look at Gao Yan.

The clues he gave were too shallow.
With such little information, even her master couldn’t find him.
However, it was enough for her to meet the thief.

“I can’t make the decision on this request.
I need to consult my superior.”


If she wanted to see the criminal, she needed to obtain the approval of his superior, One.
Before he went out, he called Shen Jian.

Shen Jian thought that he had some secret mission and was quite excited.
After following Gao Yan out… He asked excitedly, “Sir, are you going to give me some secret mission? Although I’m not as powerful as Boss, I’m not weak either.”

Gao Yan looked at Shen Jian who was in high spirits.
He did not know the meaning of what One had just said.
Did he not want Shen Jian to know too much about the secret? However, Shen Jian was Su Meng’s assistant.
He had come here with One’s tacit approval.
Why would he only mind now?

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