Shen Jian thought that Su Meng had hit a sore spot with Gao Yan, so he quickly released the pressure.
He could not help but advise, “Officer Gao, slow down, slow down.
Don’t worry about this kind of thing.
My boss will think of a way to help solve it.”

Su Meng glared at him.
Don’t flatter her.
She could not guarantee that she would be able to do it.

“Don’t worry.
There’s no speed limit on this road, and there aren’t many cars.
There won’t be any danger.
It’s almost time.
If it’s any later, it’ll be too late,” Gao Yan comforted Shen Jian.

A soldier was most afraid of being impetuous.
Although his experience was suffocating, it wouldn’t affect his temperament.
Shen Jian’s worries were unnecessary.

Fortunately, the road was safe.
Gao Yan arrived at the military airport before 3 o’clock after going through several checkpoints.

There were several helicopters parked at the airport, and a few rows of soldiers stood beside them.

“General Gao!” A soldier came forward to greet Gao Yan with a salute.

“Tell the officer that we’ve received Miss Su Meng.
She also brought an assistant.
We’ll set off immediately,” Gao Yan instructed.

“Yes!” The soldier agreed and then led Su Meng and the other two in the direction of the plane.

“Wow, it’s actually a helicopter.
I’ve never even sat in a plane before.
The first time I’ve sat in one, it’s actually a helicopter, and it’s even used by the military.
It’s too cool!” Shen Jian grinned and spoke excitedly beside Su Meng.
His voice was not concealed at all.

Su Meng covered her eyes and pretended not to hear him.
Shen Jian would get excited whenever he saw something new and she did not want to bother with him.

Fortunately, the soldiers were well-trained and would not laugh easily.
Everyone looked ahead and did not pay attention to Shen Jian.

After flying for two hours, they finally arrived at their destination.

The sky was dark, and the sound of the wind whistled.
It was so oppressive that it made people panic.
Su Meng looked at the sky.
She felt that it would not be long before it would rain heavily.
It might not be peaceful tonight.

“Miss Su Meng, you should rest first.
We will move out tonight.” Gao Yan led Su Meng to a small building.

Although Su Meng was curious, she did not ask too much.
This was definitely related to military secrets.
She only needed to ask about what she was looking for.

Gao Yan brought Su Meng and Shen Jian into a small room.
The room was very small.
There was only a sofa and a table in it.
Beside it was a bookshelf.
It should be a place for reading and studying.

“Miss Su, I’ll call you for dinner when it’s time.
Let’s get ready to move after dinner.” Gao Yan poured two glasses of water and handed them to Su Meng and Shen Jian.

“Sir, what exactly do you need me to look for? I know it’s definitely confidential, but I need some clues.
You just need to tell me the general information.
For example, whether it’s a file or a memory card.
When was it lost? Or before it was lost, did anyone touch it?” Su Meng asked.

Gao Yan thought about it.
Although this was a confidential matter, since he needed Su Meng’s help to find it, he had to reveal some information.

“It was a document containing a USB drive.
A spy appeared in our ranks.
After he stole it, he was caught by our people.
He would rather die than tell us where he hid the document.”

“That person was very stubborn.
No matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t find it.
The only thing we are sure of was that he definitely didn’t send it out because we immediately sealed off the surrounding area the moment the document was lost.”

“The time of loss was probably 15th June.
We’ve been searching these few days, but we haven’t found anything.
The most difficult thing is that the enemy has already infiltrated, and they are also searching for the hidden document.
This document concerns the lives of many of our comrades.
It’s very important.
Even if it’s destroyed, it can’t fall into the hands of the enemy.”

“Are these clues enough?” Gao Yan said slowly, trying his best to tell Su Meng the clues that he could.

“I’ll try.
I’ll try my best to complete the mission!” Su Meng promised Gao Yan.

She sat on the sofa and took out the things she needed from her bag, the compass charm.

The more clues there were, the easier it would be to find them.
However, there were too few clues this time.
She might need to spend some effort to do it.

Just as Su Meng was looking for the location, Gao Yan suddenly received a message.
He took it out and took a look.
His expression changed slightly.

“Miss Su, I’ll have to trouble you then.
If there’s anything, please call me.
I have some matters to attend to first.”

“Okay.” Su Meng nodded and continued to fiddle with the compass.

Su Meng did not think much about Gao Yan’s departure.
After all, this was the army.
Gao Yan seemed to be of a high rank, so he would definitely have many matters to attend to.

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