These two people didn’t look like fortune tellers at all.
They were no different from ordinary people.
In his eyes.
Feng shui masters were just pretentious fortune tellers.
In the past, he didn’t even care about them.

The plane was about to take off.
There was no time to waste.
He only took a glance before stepping on the accelerator and rushing out.

“Miss Su Meng, let me introduce myself.
My name is Gao Yan.
I used to be Elder Lu’s subordinate,” Gao Yan introduced as he drove.

“Hello.” Su Meng smiled and nodded.

Shen Jian also joined in the fun and introduced himself.
“Hello, my name is Shen Jian.
I’m Miss Su Meng’s assistant.”

However, Gao Yan ignored him.

“I heard from Elder Lu that you can read feng shui from facial features.
Although you’re young, your strength is outstanding.
Then, can I ask you a question? Can you tell anything from my facial features?” Gao Yan asked Su Meng half-jokingly and half-seriously.

“Elder Lu flatters me.
Actually, I’m not that good,” Su Meng said humbly.
Then, she focused her attention and observed Gao Yan’s facial features through the rearview mirror.

Gao Yan noticed that Su Meng was staring at him, but he did not mind.
He was even a little interested and looked forward to what Su Meng would say next.

Shen Jian was also paying attention to Su Meng’s reaction because he had a little idea of his own, but he was not sure if it was right.
He was waiting for Su Meng’s answer while learning from her.

After staring at her for a moment, Su Meng sighed.
She did not look very satisfied.

“Why? Is my face too ugly? It doesn’t matter if you can’t tell.
I’m just asking casually.” Gao Yan thought that Su Meng did not know, so he gave her a way out.

“I can tell.
I just don’t know how to say it.
It’s a little troublesome,” Su Meng said softly.

“Troublesome? Is my appearance very troublesome? Is it the one that you guys often talk about? Is my fate bad?” Gao Yan asked curiously.

“It’s a little similar.
Your fate is good or bad.”

“The first half of your life was very tough.
Even eating was a problem, but you still relied on your own efforts to realize your dream, right?” Su Meng asked.

Gao Yan nodded in agreement, but his heart did not waver.

This kind of thing was too superficial.
Anyone who knew him knew that his family was very poor in the past.
This was not a secret.
Although it was the first time he met Su Meng, there was no guarantee that Elder Lu Bin would not tell her about him when he contacted her.

Regarding Su Meng’s strength, he was still in a wait-and-see state in his heart.

Su Meng saw Gao Yan nod his head and continued to say, “You relied on your own hard work to realize your dream and even led a good life, but your life is still not going smoothly.

Looking at Gao Yan, Su Meng did not continue to speak, and her expression was a little bad.

As if he could see that Su Meng was embarrassed to say it, Gao Yan expressed that he did not mind.
“It’s fine, continue.”

“You should have just gotten married and had a son, but the child was only two years old… And from then on, there were no more children.
You and your wife wanted to adopt a child, but the child that you took a fancy to suddenly fell ill.” Su Meng hesitated for a moment before continuing, her expression was a little bad.

One had to admit that God was not always fair.
Some people did bad things, but they had children and grandchildren, and they died in peace.
And there were some people who were kind for their entire lives, but did not end up with any good results.

After Su Meng finished speaking, Gao Yan fell silent.
Originally, he only wanted to test Su Meng’s strength, but he did not expect to be seen through so thoroughly.
Even his bereavement and adoption of a child could be seen through.
This kind of private matter was classified as confidential.
It was only kept in the archives and could not be known by others, except for his wife.

His wife loved children very much.
When her son was first born, she was very happy.
As long as she called him, the content was all about her son.
She was still looking forward to what her son would be like when he grew up.

The ideal was beautiful, but the reality was cruel.
On the day of his son’s second birthday, he died in an accident.
That day, his wife suffered too much, and her body directly broke down.
From then on, she became sick every day and could not bear children anymore.

He had been taking care of his wife meticulously.
In the end, although he had cured her body, he was unable to cure her heart.
Later on, his wife finally recovered a little and wanted to have another child.
However, no matter how hard he and his wife tried, they were unable to succeed.

The two of them had also gone to the hospital.
Their bodies were fine, but they could not bear a child.

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