“Go and pick her up later.
Be polite and put away that look of yours.
Otherwise, don’t come to me if you have any problems in the future,” Lu Bin frowned and reprimanded him.

He could only say that Su Meng had helped him with the rescue of Lu Bai, but he could not reveal the specific details.
After all, that was a matter that belonged to the police.
The police and the military would not interfere with each other and could not reveal secrets to each other.

While the two were talking, the middle-aged man’s cell phone suddenly rang.
It was a video invitation.

He quickly took it out to answer the call.
A man in black who was tightly wrapped appeared in the video.

“Reporting to Sir, Elder Lu has already greeted that girl.
I will go pick her up in a while and then fly directly to the airport.” Seeing the man in black, the middle-aged man immediately stood up and saluted.

“Elder Lu, since you have agreed, can you tell me her identity?” Not only did the man in black not show his face, even his voice had been processed.
It was a hoarse electronic voice.

Seeing the man in black, even Elder Lu straightened his expression and said respectfully, “Her name is Su Meng.
She is a feng shui master.
Although she is not old, she is quite capable.”

As he was speaking, he directly passed the information about Su Meng to the middle-aged man and the middle-aged man sent it to him.

The man in black did not speak for a moment, but when he saw the information he received, his pupils instantly contracted.
How could it be her?

The middle-aged man thought that the man in black did not believe in feng shui masters, so he quickly explained, “Sir, although I don’t believe in the profession of feng shui masters either, and I always feel that it’s superstition, since Elder Lu is so sure, then it can’t be fake.
Anyway, no matter what, let’s give it a try first.” After all, other than this… There was no other way.

However, he didn’t dare to say the rest in front of the man in black.
He only dared to ridicule in his heart.

“Do your best to keep it a secret.
You must ensure her safety,” the man in black instructed.


“Also, the plane leaves at 3 o’clock.
Don’t be late.” After saying this, the man in black hung up the call.

3 o’clock! Not to mention the traffic jam in the city, even if there was no obstruction, 3 o’clock was still a long way off.

However, Lu Bin promised Su Meng to wait for her reply.
If the reply was not good, he could go back and report back.
He hoped that it would be faster.

“Old Lu, will that girl agree? Why has it been so long and she still hasn’t replied?” The man was already starting to get anxious, but it was his job.
Although he was anxious in his heart, he appeared very calm on the surface.

“Don’t worry.
That girl knows what she’s doing.
It won’t be too long.
Whether she can go or not, she’ll call back in a while.” Lu Bin was not anxious at all.
He just sat there and waited calmly.
For some reason, although Su Meng was very young, he trusted this little girl very much.

A moment later, Su Meng gave them a reply.

“Elder Lu, come and pick me up at noon.
I’ll prepare my things first.”

The man saw that he finally got a reply, so he got up and left.

“Elder Lu, I’ll go over first.
Anyway, it’s about 12 o’clock when I get there.
I’m in too much of a hurry.” The man said goodbye to Lu Bin, got up, and left.

Time flew by quickly.
Su Meng sorted out the things that she needed and drew a few common talismans at the last minute before she was ready.

Before she could rest, an SUV stopped at the door.

“Wow, this car is so cool!” Shen Jian, who was cleaning the first floor, saw the car outside the door and stopped what he was doing.
He couldn’t help but walk out to take a closer look.

A man in a military uniform got out of the car.
He glanced at the shop sign before walking in.

The man stood at the door and asked with great energy, “Is Miss Su Meng here?”

When Su Meng heard someone calling her, she immediately ran out.
When she saw that the person was dressed in military uniform, she immediately understood.
This was the person that Elder Lu had mentioned to pick her up.

“Are you the person that Elder Lu recommended?” Although she had guessed it, Su Meng still asked.

“Yes, I’m coming to pick you up.” The man nodded.

“Okay, then let’s hurry up and set off.
Shen Jian, come over!” Su Meng was already used to Shen Jian helping her, so she naturally called him to go with her.

She didn’t think much of it, but the man was stunned.
Elder Lu didn’t say that there were two of them.

When Shen Jian heard Su Meng calling him, he grinned and jumped into the car.
He looked quite excited.

“Old man, I’m leaving!” After Su Meng got into the car, she stuck her head out of the window and said goodbye to Guo Xiang.

Although the man was puzzled, because time was tight and this person was recommended by Elder Lu, he didn’t want to delay any longer.
He got into the car first.

After getting in the car, he looked at Su Meng and Shen Jian.

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