s friend call the police?

Guo Xiang explained to her, “The customer came to the shop several times.
He bought an antique in the shop.
After paying, the porcelain bottle fell to the ground and broke.
How could he agree to buy a broken porcelain bottle? The owner’s reason was that he didn’t break the porcelain bottle.
He paid for it, so it was his.”

“So, the customer bought the porcelain bottle himself and accidentally broke it? That should be his problem.” Su Meng didn’t understand.

“That’s the strange thing.
When the two of them were trading, the porcelain bottle was placed on the table at the side.
There was no one around at that time, and according to the surveillance footage, the porcelain bottle fell down for no reason.”

This was strange.
Su Meng could not help but be curious.
What era was this porcelain bottle from? It was so magical.

Guo Xiang continued, “Actually, it’s possible that the porcelain bottle fell down by itself.
According to rumors, if the porcelain bottle stays by the owner’s side for long enough, it will nurture spiritual energy.
Antiques are all dug up from below, and they have been around for a longer period of time.
It’s possible that the porcelain has become conscious and doesn’t want to go with this person.”

“No way, old man.
You’re being too superstitious.
This is a scientific society.” Su Meng couldn’t help but laugh after hearing Guo Xiang’s words.
Her master’s behavior was especially similar to those old feudal dynasties.
If he had a pair of round sunglasses, it would be more likely.

“Speaking of superstition, feng shui is also superstitious in the eyes of ordinary people.
The world is so big, and there are all kinds of strange things.
There is nothing to be surprised about.” Guo Xiang was very confident in his own words.

The two people on the opposite side fought for a long time.
The more they fought, the more intense it became.
Finally, the police were alerted and took both of them away.

This time, Su Meng did not watch the fun anymore.
She suddenly felt a little bored.
If she had known earlier, she would have asked her master to schedule the customers’ time more tightly.

The shop was really deserted.
Even if there were people coming, they were only looking for Su Meng to read feng shui.
Not many people bought antiques.

It was so quiet until the evening when Shen Jian returned.

Su Meng wanted to ask him about his first day’s results, but she did not expect him to look so pale.
He looked quite nervous.

“What happened to you? Were you robbed?” At this moment, not only did Shen Jian look pale, even his clothes were a little messy.
Su Meng could not help but think about it.

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