If others were to see her in such a sorry state, she would definitely be mocked by her enemies in the future.
‘D*mn it, I was the one who wanted to push Su Meng down the stairs so that she could make a fool of herself.
How did I end up falling down myself?!’

At this moment, Wei Ting and Fu Ze walked out quickly.
The moment Su Meng saw Wei Ting, she quietly pulled down Wei Xue’s short skirt, once again shielding her from exposing her lower body.


If nothing unexpected happened, the news of the Young Miss of the Wei family having an embarrassing accident would spread in the circle of wealthy families tomorrow.
Su Meng was very satisfied, but she did not show it on the surface.
Instead, she was so nervous that she began to cry.
She blamed herself.
“I’m sorry, Wei Xue.
It’s all my fault.
It’s all my fault for not looking after you well.
If I had known that you would fall down the stairs, I would have definitely supported you!”

“Su Meng, are you done? Hurry up and find some tissues to wipe the blood off my nose!” Wei Xue didn’t see Wei Ting and the others coming over and shouted at Su Meng.

“How’s Xiao Xue? Where are you hurt?” Fu Ze was one step faster than Wei Ting and came to Wei Xue’s side.
He squatted down and asked Wei Xue with a worried face.
He also took off his coat and put it on Wei Xue.

“Where are you hurt?” Wei Ting didn’t do anything.
He just stood beside Wei Xue and asked.
His eyes were deep, and his tone was indifferent.
It was hard to tell what he was thinking.

Seeing Wei Ting and Fu Ze coming, Wei Xue immediately stopped shouting and lowered her voice.
She cried like a little white rabbit and said, “Sister-in-law accidentally knocked me down the stairs, but I’m fine.
It’s just that my body hurts so much.”

Hearing Wei Xue frame her, Su Meng sneered.
‘How come you didn’t fall to your death?! You’re so skilled at turning black into white.’

Suddenly, Su Meng said with tears in her eyes, “It’s all Sister-in-law’s fault.
If I had reacted and held you back, you wouldn’t have fallen and you wouldn’t be exposed.
Sob, sob, it’s all my fault for reacting slowly! I know you’re angry with me, but how could I have pushed you?!”

Su Meng cried as she spoke.
She cried even more miserably than Wei Xue, as if she was the one who had fallen instead of Wei Xue.
In the eyes of the people around her, Su Meng truly felt sorry for Wei Xue.
She was so nervous about her, yet she was still blamed by Wei Xue.

“Shut up! Those who don’t know will think that Xiao Xue bullied you!” Fu Ze shouted at Su Meng.
He had always disliked Su Meng.
Furthermore, he had suffered a setback in her hands today.
Moreover, it was the first day of business, so he was even more annoyed with her.


He immediately said firmly, “Let’s look at the surveillance.
This way, we can know how Xiao Xue fell.”

Su Meng agreed readily, but Wei Xue was afraid.
Once they looked at the surveillance, her movements would be exposed! So she quickly changed her words.
“There were many people at the door.
I was very close to Sister-in-law.
Maybe I felt wrong.
It hurts so much.
I think I twisted my wrist.
Brother Wei Ting, can you take me to the hospital?”

“Let’s go.” Wei Ting agreed.

After getting the answer, Wei Xue was overjoyed.
She turned around and asked Su Meng, “Sister-in-law, it’s all Xiao Xue’s fault.
I scared you too.
I’m going to the hospital for a check-up.
Do you want to come with us?”

The implication was that she wanted to go alone with Wei Ting, but she didn’t expect Su Meng to decline on her own.
She could just go and do her own things.

“I’m not going.
I’ll take good care of you when you come home.” Su Meng’s face revealed a gentle smile, but in her heart, she thought, ‘Wait for me, Wei Xue.
I’m going to prepare a big gift for you.
A big gift that will make your life difficult in the future.’

Su Meng turned around and was about to leave, but she didn’t expect Wei Ting to stop her.
“You come too.
I have something to ask you.”

Hearing this, she immediately stopped.
Her eyes were ice-cold as she looked at him.
She thought, ‘What, do you want to vent your anger on behalf of your sister?’ On second thought, she still needed him to act as a middleman for this big gift of hers.

Without hesitation, she walked straight to Wei Ting’s car and got in.

Wei Xue was still sitting on the ground.
She was in so much pain that she didn’t dare to move.
Fu Ze volunteered to carry her to the car and even left his coat with her.


Originally, Wei Xue wanted Wei Ting to carry her.
When she saw that it was actually Fu Ze, although she was displeased, she endured it.

Wei Ting sat in the front passenger seat while Su Meng sat in the back with Wei Xue.

From the moment she got into the car, Wei Xue’s expression became extremely unnatural.
Her face was pale and cold sweat was dripping from her forehead.
She used one hand to support her other arm.

In fact, Su Meng had long noticed that Wei Xue’s arm had been injured when she fell down the stairs.
Normally, when one fell, it would not be very obvious.
It would only hurt a little, but after a while, the pain would spread throughout the entire body.

It seemed that Wei Xue had already begun to feel pain.

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