Moreover, Su Meng had been bullied many times in the Wei family.
From the looks of Su Meng, this was the one who had bullied her.
Su Meng knew in her heart.
Since that was the case, there was no need for him to worry.

Su Meng and Guo Xiang both knew that Wei Xue’s luck had been eroded, but she herself was completely unaware of it.

After returning from Su Meng’s place to the Wei family, she was so anxious that she could not sit still.
Although she was the eldest daughter of the Wei family, she did not have any real power.
The people she knew were only the daughters of wealthy families.
There was no one else.

Although the people in the company were polite to her, they would not listen to her.
Just like this time, she only wanted to ask where Wei Ting had gone.
That little assistant refused to tell her no matter what.

Within her capabilities, she had already tried her best to find the best lawyer.
She had also gone around begging for help, but she was still unable to save Mother Wei.

In order to save Mother Wei, Father Wei was still looking for people outside.
He told Wei Xue that there were people on top keeping an eye on this matter, so the connections he found were not working.

Could there be some background behind Su Meng that she did not know about? Even the Wei family’s intervention was useless.
However, thinking about it, it was unlikely.
Su Meng was just a wild girl.
One had to know that back then, she lived such a humble life in the Wei family and no one cared about her.

She must have used some unspeakable means to do this.

Wei Xue sat on the sofa, her eyes red.
Right now, she was most worried that if this matter blew up and Mother Wei explained the reason, the police would follow the clues and eventually lead them to her.

After thinking for a long time, she really had no choice but to try to find Zhou Jia.

Although Zhou Jia didn’t have much ability, her sickly and dying brother had some connections.
At least he was the young master of the Zhou family.
No matter what, he was better than her.

Thinking of this, Wei Xue quickly took out her phone and called Zhou Jia.

“Hello?” The other side picked up very quickly, but Zhou Jia’s tone was weak and seemed to be in a bad state.

Wei Xue was anxious and did not notice anything unusual.
When she heard Zhou Jia’s voice, she cried out, “Sob, sob, sob, Jia Jia, I really have no other choice.
Now, I can only ask for your help.”

“What’s wrong?”

“My mother was brought into the police station by Su Meng.
The other side said that she would be detained for five years.
That’s five years! I’ve found quite a few lawyers, but it’s useless.
They won’t let her go.
Now only you can help me,” Wei Xue pleaded.

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