“Help you with what?” Su Meng absentmindedly listened to Wei Xue’s words.
Her gaze was fixed on the two people who were quarreling over there.
Yes, that customer had struck the shop owner first and slapped him.
Well, this meant that the two of them had started a war.

Wei Xue bit her lips and continued, “Mom is at the police station.
They said that she had attempted kidnapping and that she needs to be sentenced to five years in prison!”

“Oh,” Su Meng casually responded.

When Wei Xue saw Su Meng’s reaction, although she was angry, she didn’t dare to show it.
She just smiled apologetically and pleaded, “Sister Su Meng, Mom went in because of you.
Now, only you can help her.
After all, we are family.
You can’t just watch her go to prison and not care, right?”

Only then did Su Meng turn to look at Wei Xue.
Her face was cold.
“Your mom should find a lawyer to help her in prison.
Why would she look for me? I can’t control the police.”

“We’ve looked for them.
It’s useless.
Now, we can only rely on you to solve it.” Su Meng’s expression was too cold.
She didn’t seem to be anxious at all.
Wei Xue was so anxious that she was about to cry.

Mother Wei looked for Su Meng to help her vent her anger.
Who would have thought that Su Meng would call the police? This was completely different from her usual style of doing things.

Thinking back to the past, no matter how Mother Wei scolded and beat her, Su Meng didn’t even say a word of resistance.
She just endured it.
This time, she didn’t know where her temper came from.
She dared to do such a thing to Mother Wei.

Originally, Wei Xue didn’t want to look for Su Meng.
She hated Su Meng to begin with and was set up by Su Meng.
Now, seeing her made her loathe her.
But in order to save Mother Wei, she could only put down her face and come.

Otherwise, what else could she do? Wei Ting suddenly disappeared.
Even the people in the company didn’t know where he went.
The Wei family’s Old Master was not at home either.
The butler clearly knew his whereabouts, but he did not tell her.

She had come to look for Su Meng because she had nowhere else to go.
Now, no matter how Su Meng ridiculed her, she had to endure it first.
Then, after she had rescued Mother Wei, she would deal with her properly.

“I’m not interested in your family’s matters.
I’m very busy.
If there’s nothing else, don’t disturb me.” Su Meng rolled her eyes at Wei Xue.

She followed Su Meng’s gaze and looked over.
There were people arguing and even pushing each other from time to time.

Wei Xue: “…”

What was there to see? She didn’t understand.
Watching others fight, was it more important than saving Mother Wei?

Faced with Su Meng’s cold rejection, Wei Xue gradually lost her patience.
The smile on her face couldn’t hold on anymore and instantly sank.
“Su Meng, don’t go too far!”

“I’ve gone too far? Miss Wei, even green tea can’t be faked like you.
Have you forgotten what you’ve done? Let me tell you, I have evidence in my hands.
If you provoke me again, be careful that I’ll let you go in with your mother.
That way, you’ll still have company.” Su Meng stood up and walked in front of Wei Xue.
She was more than half a head taller than Wei Xue, and her imposing manner directly suppressed Wei Xue.

Mother Wei wanted to seek justice for Wei Xue, which was why she threatened to kidnap Su Meng.
In addition to what she had done in the past, Wei Xue was already feeling a little guilty.
When she heard what Su Meng said, her arrogance immediately dissipated by more than half.

Regarding the incident at the banquet, she admitted that it was flawless.
Even if Su Meng discovered it herself, there was no evidence to prove that she was the one who did it.

However, looking at Su Meng’s confident tone just now, she didn’t dare to gamble anymore.
She was still young, and she didn’t want to leave a record for herself.

“In this life, don’t do too many bad things that will harm your virtue.
You’ll be in big trouble in the future.
It’s not that you’re lucky, but it’s not the time yet.
Only by doing more good deeds will you have a chance to avoid the bad luck.” Guo Xiang, who was sitting at the side, suddenly spoke.

His words were vague, and Wei Xue was anxious.
She didn’t understand what he meant and only thought that he was cursing her.

“Su Meng, we used to be a family.
Now that Mom is in trouble, it’s fine if you don’t help, but you’re letting outsiders get involved.
Anyway, I’ve said it here today.
If you don’t care whether it’s right or not, when Brother Wei Ting is angry with you, don’t ask me to help you.”

Wei Xue could see that no matter what she said, Su Meng wouldn’t help.
Since that was the case, what was the point of asking her for help?

Hearing Wei Xue’s words, Su Meng smiled.

Asking her for help to give advice? All the ideas she came up with were harmful.
Back then, she had trusted her and listened to everything she said, causing her to lead such a miserable life.

“Wei Xue, you’re a thousand-year-old fox pretending to be a little white sheep.
Don’t think that the dirty things you’ve done are very secretive.
If you anger me, I’ll expose you.
At the same time, I’ll let your Brother Wei Ting see what kind of person you are.”

Su Meng crossed her arms over her chest and leaned against the door frame to look at Wei Xue.

Wei Ting was indeed Wei Xue’s weakness.
When she heard that Su Meng wanted to tell Wei Ting, whether it was true or not, she instantly panicked.

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