The two of them drank leisurely at the side.
A moment later, the ringtone of their phone rang.

Wei Xue took out her phone and saw the message sent to her.
After reading it, she smiled at Zhou Jia and said proudly, “Done.
Now go and find Brother Wei Ting.”

Because she was the one who asked Su Meng to go upstairs just now, it was not suitable for her to go to Wei Ting now.
It was more suitable for Zhou Jia to handle this task.

Zhou Jia was very willing to carry out this task.
If she had the chance to be alone with Wei Ting, perhaps they could develop their relationship.

After Zhou Jia tidied up her dress and hairstyle, she took her phone as a mirror and looked at it.
After confirming that her image was perfect, she carried her dress and walked upstairs elegantly.

She didn’t even need Wei Xue to tell her the room number of Wei Ting.
She already knew it when Wei Ting first came.

Looking at Zhou Jia’s enchanting figure, Wei Xue’s face darkened even more.
She hoped that Zhou Jia didn’t have any improper thoughts about Wei Ting.
Otherwise, when she finished dealing with Su Meng, she would be next.

Zhou Jia, who had already gone upstairs, didn’t know what Wei Xue was thinking at this moment.
In her heart, Wei Xue was the younger sister of Wei Ting.
As long as she helped her deal with Su Meng, then the position of Wei Ting’s wife in the future would definitely be hers.

Arriving at the door of Wei Ting, Zhou Jia let out a long breath.
Then she raised her hand and knocked a few times slowly.

“President Wei, the dinner party has already started, but I saw that you didn’t come down, so I came to ask if you’re feeling unwell and if you need help,” Zhou Jia said in a gentle voice.

After Zhou Jia finished speaking, the door of the room opened, revealing that cold and stern face.

Wei Ting usually didn’t like to smile.
At this moment, due to his allergies, his condition wasn’t very good, and he appeared even more indifferent.
His entire body was surrounded by an aura that prevented strangers from entering.

Zhou Jia was very petite, and Wei Ting was very tall.
She needed to raise her head to see Wei Ting’s face.

It was the first time that she was so close to him.
Zhou Jia’s face instantly turned red, and she stood there in a daze and didn’t move.

She was stunned by what she saw.
However, for Wei Ting, he only thought that Zhou Jia was blocking his way out.

“Excuse me.” When Zhou Jia came to call him, he had just finished changing his clothes and was about to go down.
Unexpectedly, Zhou Jia had been standing at the door.
Wei Ting waited for a while.
Seeing that she didn’t respond, he had to remind her.

“Oh, sorry!” Realizing that she had lost her composure just now, Zhou Jia felt a little embarrassed and stepped back in a panic.

In the end, she didn’t notice that her high-heeled shoes had stepped on the corner of her skirt.
Her body swayed and she fell to the side.

Wei Ting frowned and reached out to catch her.
When he saw that she was standing steadily, he immediately let go of her hand.

At this moment, Zhou Jia was wearing a strapless gown.
If he let her fall, she would definitely be naked.
In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, he could only help her a little.

“I was dizzy just now.
Thank you for your help, President Wei.” Zhou Jia thanked him obediently.
Then, she walked to the side and made way for Wei Ting.

Wei Ting nodded and then closed the door.
Then, he ignored Zhou Jia and went downstairs directly.

Zhou Jia was still immersed in the joy of Wei Ting helping her up just now.
Wei Ting was really too handsome.
He was handsome, had a figure, and was talented.
He was simply the lover of her dreams.
This made her even more determined to be Wei Xue’s sister-in-law.
Only she could be worthy of such a man.

It was not until Wei Ting had walked a distance away that Zhou Jia suppressed the surprise in her heart and followed him quickly.

Wei Xue, who had been waiting for the news downstairs, saw Wei Ting and Zhou Jia walking down together.
The two of them were very close to each other.
Zhou Jia still had a genuine smile on her face, and her heart pounded rapidly.

This scene was really eye-piercing no matter how she looked at it.

However, these were not important at the moment.
The most important part was coming soon.

“Brother Wei Ting, you came down.
How do you feel? Why don’t you stay in the room for a while?” Wei Xue went up and walked between Wei Ting and Zhou Jia, seemingly unintentionally.

“Aiya!” Just as Wei Xue walked to the side of Wei Ting, her body suddenly tilted and she was about to fall toward Wei Ting.

However, before she could touch Wei Ting, her body was already grabbed by someone.

She turned around and found that it was actually Zhou Jia who grabbed her.

Zhou Jia reacted very quickly and grabbed Wei Xue’s arm.
Then, she helped her stand up and said considerately, “Xiao Xue, be careful.
Your high heels are too high.
It’s easy to fall.”

Seeing that her goal was not achieved, Wei Xue gave Zhou Jia a mechanical smile and said emotionlessly, “Thank you.”

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