“How is that possible? Brother Wei Ting cares about you the most.
He even took the risk of…” Wei Xue’s words came to an abrupt end, almost exposing herself.

“What risk?” Su Meng looked at Wei Xue, feeling a little amused.

Wei Xue’s pretentious expression was simply too funny.
To be honest, her acting skills were really good.
If Su Meng had not been reborn, she would definitely have been deceived by her.


“Brother Wei Ting accidentally injured himself just now to see you.
He is now in the room upstairs.
He looks very serious.
He has already been injected.
Sister Su Meng, can you go and see him?” Wei Xue showed a worried expression.

To see her?

Recalling what happened in her previous life, Su Meng sneered.
How could this person get injured just to see her? What kind of joke was this? He made it sound like he was an innocent person.
If he got hurt just to see her make a fool of herself, then there was still some credibility.

Su Meng didn’t show her disdain in her heart.
Instead, she said in surprise, “Ah, how could this be? He was too careless.
Where did he get hurt? Is it serious?”

“Brother Wei Ting has always been strong.
Even if it’s serious, he won’t show it.
Don’t you know his character?”

“But I can be sure that he’s been thinking about you all this time.
Because he’s injured, he can’t come down.
Sister Su Meng, please go and see if he’s okay.
You don’t have anything to do now anyway.
We’re best friends.
It’s best if you’re my sister-in-law.
I don’t want anyone else to be my sister-in-law,” Wei Xue pleaded.

It had to be said that Wei Xue’s acting was really good.
At this moment, her eyes were slightly red, as if she was really worried about the relationship between Su Meng and Wei Ting.

“Since you’ve already said so, I’ll go and take a look.
After all, our relationship is the best.” Su Meng nodded, looking as sincere as Wei Xue.

“Yeah, if you guys reconcile as soon as possible, I won’t have to worry about it in the future.” Seeing that Su Meng had listened to her, Wei Xue revealed a triumphant smile.

“Then let’s go.” Su Meng held onto Wei Xue’s arm and pulled her forward.

Wei Xue didn’t move.
She pushed Su Meng’s hand away and said with a smile on her face, “Sister Su Meng, this is between husband and wife.
I won’t join in the fun.
I don’t want to be your third wheel.”

“How about this? I’ll tell you Brother Wei Ting’s room number and let you two have a private time together.
Make up as soon as possible.
That way, I’ll be at ease.”

After saying that, Wei Xue whispered the room number in Su Meng’s ear.
Then, she pushed her to the side of the stairs and asked her to hurry up.
“Alright, Sister Su Meng, I wish you good luck.
I’ll cheer for you!”

Wei Xue was very strong.
She looked as if she was afraid that Su Meng would suddenly run away.

“Hey, hey, stop pushing.
I’ll go by myself.
Xiao Xue, if we really have a smooth talk this time, then I’ll definitely thank you properly.” Su Meng turned her head and spoke to Wei Xue with a smile.
She even emphasized the words ‘properly’.

However, at this moment, Wei Xue’s mind was filled with wanting Su Meng to go quickly.
She didn’t notice that Su Meng’s smile didn’t reach her eyes.
It was even a little cold.

“Okay, then I’ll wait here for a good result.” Wei Xue acted quite seriously.

With this appearance, Su Meng really wanted to film her and then let her participate in an acting competition.
Wei Xue would definitely win the prize.

“Then I’ll go,” Su Meng said slowly.

“Go quickly.
Do your best.
I support you!”

Su Meng said she wanted to go over, but her feet did not move at all.
However, she was so anxious that she really wanted to kick Su Meng directly.

The two of them were in a stalemate for a while.
When Wei Xue’s patience was almost exhausted, Su Meng finally moved and slowly walked upstairs.

After her figure disappeared at the corner of the stairs, the smile on Wei Xue’s face instantly turned cold, and a layer of ruthlessness appeared in her eyes.

She clenched her fists, gritted her teeth, and cursed in a low voice, “Su Meng, your good days have come to an end.
After this day, your reputation will be ruined, and you won’t have the chance to get back together with him.”

“Xiao Xue!” Wei Xue was secretly happy when she was suddenly patted on the back.
When she heard someone calling her, she jumped in fright and turned around with a whoosh.

The one who called her was Zhou Jia.

“Jia Jia, you suddenly patted me.
You startled me.” Wei Xue patted her chest with an unhappy expression.

“The other side told me that everything is ready.
Don’t worry.
This plan is foolproof.
She has nowhere to hide.” Zhou Jia smiled apologetically and then whispered into Wei Xue’s ear.

Wei Xue nodded to show that she understood.
Then she glanced around.
Seeing that no one was paying attention to her, she put on a smile and intimately took Zhou Jia’s arm, pulling her to the side.

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