come to this, he could no longer change what he had said at that time.
He could only brace himself and continue.

The scene was really exciting.
Wei Ting sat in the hotel room with an IV hanging.
He looked a little tired.

There was a tablet in front of him with a live broadcast of Su Meng’s match.
Wei Xue sat beside him and watched it with him.

“Brother Wei Ting, look.
Sister Su Meng has someone helping her.
She has always been very popular.
It’s obvious that this person thinks highly of her.
You don’t have to worry about her if they speak up for her like this.
It’s better to go to the hospital.
Allergies are not a small matter.”

Wei Xue had urged Wei Ting to go to the hospital for treatment from the start, but Wei Ting did not go.
He only asked the accompanying doctor to give him an injection before continuing to watch Su Meng’s competition.

Looking at Su Meng’s arrogant appearance during the competition, Wei Xue bit her lips and tried her best not to reveal an angry expression.

She had always thought that Su Meng had come to participate in the competition just to join in the fun or to hook up with men.
She did not expect that she actually had some skills that could really beat that professional Ren Tu.

No wonder Wei Ting insisted on staying.
It turned out that he was bewitched by Su Meng’s dirty tricks.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t have insisted on watching her competition at the risk of suffering from allergies.

Usually, Wei Xue wouldn’t come to the competition.
Fortunately, Zhou Jia contacted her this time and told her that Su Meng was also here.
This was Zhou Jia’s territory.
Su Meng was unfamiliar with this place, so it was easier to deal with her.
Therefore, she pestered Wei Ting for a long time and even mobilized Mother Wei to plead for leniency.
Only then did she come with Wei Ting.

In the competition, Wei Ting only looked at Su Meng the whole time.
As expected, she came to the right place.
She couldn’t let Wei Ting have a good impression of Su Meng.

Therefore, as long as there was a chance, she would try her best to talk about Su Meng with other men.
On the surface, she was concerned about Su Meng, but in fact, she wanted to sow discord between Wei Ting and Su Meng.
However, she did not expect that Wei Ting’s attention was entirely on Su Meng and did not pay attention to her at all.

The live broadcast of the match on the tablet was carried out in real time.
Occasionally, a few cheers could be heard.
Wei Ting had not paid any attention to Wei Xue.
Wei Xue had no choice but to watch the match with him.

Su Meng won the first match and then won two matches consecutively.
There was no suspense about her winning and she immediately became the focus of the entire match.

Seeing that Wei Ting’s gaze had never left the tablet, Wei Xue was extremely jealous.
Why? She was clearly sitting next to him, so why didn’t he even look at her?

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