The eight contestants were led by the host to a small four-story building next to them.
The building was surrounded by a fence that was half the height of a person.

The building looked very dilapidated.
The red brick walls were even a little broken.
Some of them looked mottled from a distance, making it seem out of place in the gorgeous manor.

There was a small flower bed downstairs.
Red roses were planted in the flower bed.
Other than the flower bed, the other parts of the small courtyard were bare.
There was not even a single weed.

Su Meng looked around.
There were cameras everywhere.
It seemed that it was convenient for those wealthy businessmen to see.

The host held the microphone and introduced the rules of the second match to the contestants.

“Our second match is to find something.
What we need everyone to find is a doll.
This doll may not be complete, nor may it still be here.
However, feng shui masters should be able to sense the location of such a resentful object.”

“Of course, if no one finds it in the end, this match will be considered a draw.”

“Everyone can move freely within the perimeter of the fence.
It doesn’t matter even if you dig three feet into the ground.
You can also casually search the building.
There is only one point.
The fourth floor is a restricted area, so no one is allowed to go to the fourth floor.
There are no cameras on the fourth floor.
If you run into any danger, you will bear the consequences.”

“Before we start, let me introduce the background of this competition.”

“This is a real event.
Here…” The host glanced at the eight contestants and continued, “This is the scene of the murder.”

“At that time, there was a family of four living in this building, a couple and a pair of children.
One night, the whole family died an unnatural death.
The murderer has yet to be found.”

“Fortunately, the police found the diary written by the youngest daughter, which recorded her daily life.
The police found that in one of the diary entries, her mother put a glowing object in the doll’s eye, and from then on, every night, one of the doll’s eyes would brighten.”

“The police speculated that the object recorded in the diary could be a camera, or maybe her mother sensed something and put a camera in the doll’s eye.
Unfortunately, the police later searched for the doll and do not know where it went.”

“The photos of the doll are all in the building.
Everyone can go and see what it looks like.”

After he said that, other than Shen Jian and Su Meng, the other contestants could not remain calm.

Su Meng was calm because she had seen this scene many times.
She had even stayed alone in the cemetery.
It was just a murder scene and there was no murderer.
There were still so many living people around.
It was a piece of cake.

Shen Jian was calm because he had participated in so many times.
He already knew the story background of this manor.
He was shocked the first time, but after a few more times, he was already numb.

“No way.
It’s just a competition, and they actually asked us to come to the murder scene!?”

“Isn’t this manor the Zhou family’s? The security here is so good, but there can actually be a murder?”

The contestants were whispering.

“This is a real murder scene, not a set-up for the competition.
Are you scared? If you’re scared, stay by my side.
I can protect you.”

Shen Jian thought that Su Meng would be scared too.
After all, no matter how powerful Su Meng was, she was just a woman.
In his impression, women were generally timid.
If Su Meng was afraid, he could still act cool and let Su Meng follow him.

Unexpectedly, Su Meng only glanced at him indifferently.
Her expression did not change.

“As long as you don’t be afraid.”

From the moment Su Meng entered, she could feel the yin qi.
This place and the outside were like two different weather.
It was so hot outside that it was irritating.
In this place, the sunlight was like a decoration.
There was no heat at all.
It was as if she was in an air-conditioned room.

However, perhaps only Su Meng noticed this change, because the others were still very hot, and there were even beads of sweat on their foreheads.

When the host saw that someone was afraid, he smiled.
He comforted, “Of course, those who don’t want to participate in this competition can withdraw.
It’s not mandatory.
If anyone feels afraid and doesn’t want to participate, please tell me now.
Otherwise, there will be no chance to regret it in the future.”

“Does anyone want to quit?”

After the host said this, everyone seemed to have discussed it in advance, and their gazes fell on Su Meng in unison.

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