However, he did not blame his fellow disciples at all.
He could only blame his bad luck for killing too many people who treated him well.

Before his death, his master had also warned him that the evil lone star was not scary.
As long as he did more good deeds in the future, he would have the opportunity to change his fate.

Therefore, he went down the mountain alone at the age of 16.
Although his life was extremely tough, he still did not forget to do good deeds to help others.

It was also because of his poor fate that he could not succeed in anything.

It was precisely because of this that he used his master’s name to register for the Feng Shui Master Competition.
He hoped that he could become famous and that more rich people would look for him to look at feng shui.

What made him uncomfortable was that he had participated in so many competitions, and he had always gotten second place, but he had never been noticed by anyone.
He had always been ignored.

Therefore, his current obsession was to get first place.
This way, no one would ignore him anymore.

This was the first time he had met Su Meng.
In addition, he had never told anyone about this before.
It was impossible for Su Meng to hear about him from others.
To be able to say it so accurately, it showed Su Meng’s ability.

However, although having high ability was good, it also had disadvantages.
This was especially so for an unspecialized.
There were no sects behind her.

For an outstanding person like her, once she gained the limelight in the competition, she would definitely be fought over by all the sects after the competition ended.
If she did not go to any of the sects, she would definitely be ostracized by all the sects.

Although this had nothing to do with Shen Jian, he was used to doing good deeds.
He could not help but want to remind Su Meng.

“That’s right.
I’m just an antique seller.”

Su Meng was indeed an unaffiliated person.
It could even be said that she had only recently stepped into this profession.

Her master had never told her which sect she belonged to.
He only sold antiques every day.
Usually, not many people would set foot in that small antique shop.
It was only after she became somewhat famous on the internet that there were a little more people.

Back when she was learning feng shui, she would always follow her master around and go to places where there was no one, such as cemeteries, forests, or desolate villages.
When she came to look at them, her master would evaluate them.

As for fortune-telling, when she was learning this, she would sit at the entrance of the shop every day.
She would practice amongst the passers-by, and her master would be at the side to see if she was right.

However, fortune-telling was a matter where one could see fate but not people’s hearts.
As a result, she had suffered a huge setback from Wei Xue.

“If Miss Su doesn’t want to tell me, then I won’t ask anymore.
However, let me remind you.
If you really don’t have a sect, then you must not show off too much.
The current circle has become a little stale.
Everyone only has money in their hearts.”

“Moreover, now that a few large sects are in charge, they don’t give us individual feng shui masters a way out at all.
The big deals are almost monopolized by them.
If they rope you in, if you don’t agree, then they will collectively ostracize you.”

Shen Jian approached Su Meng and advised her in a low voice.
In the eyes of others, they only thought that Su Meng and Shen Jian knew each other and didn’t care about their little tricks.

Of course, these people didn’t include Wei Xue and Wei Ting.

“Brother Wei Ting, look, I told you that Sister Su Meng has a good relationship with people.
She seems to be very familiar with that man.
The two of them are chatting happily, and they are even whispering to each other.” Wei Xue was angry in her heart, but she didn’t show it on the surface.

She turned her head to see Wei Ting’s reaction, but saw that Wei Ting only frowned slightly.
His gaze was still on Su Meng, and he did not pay attention to her.

Wei Xue did not understand.
What was so good about Su Meng? She was bumpkin and stupid.
How could she be so intimate with men everywhere?

This charm should belong to her.

Wei Xue clenched her fists tightly under her clothes.
She was the eldest daughter of the Wei family.
She was beautiful and smart.
All the attention should be given to her.
Even if it was given to someone else, that person definitely couldn’t be Su Meng.

Su Meng made a great appearance in the first round.
Wei Ting only paid attention to her the entire time.
She couldn’t let her continue to enjoy her glory.

Wei Xue looked at Wei Ting and then looked at Su Meng on the competition stage.
The hatred in her eyes was burning.

“Brother Wei Ting, I’m going to the washroom.” Wei Xue revealed a sweet smile and greeted Wei Ting.

“Okay.” Wei Ting only responded faintly and didn’t turn his head.

Wei Xue’s face darkened a little, but she still maintained a decent smile.
She took her bag and elegantly stood up to leave her seat.

It was time to rest, and the competition continued.

The theme of the second competition was to find something.
The contestants needed to move the competition stage.
After the contestants left the competition stage, the big screen on the stage suddenly lit up.

The audience was going to watch the live recording.

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