That’s right.
He had received so many investments and sold so many houses in the beginning.
Now, he had earned so much that he could even wake up from a dream with a smile.
With the current progress, it would not be long before he could invest in the next one.

“Do you know what the most important thing is? It’s you who indirectly saved my wife’s life!”

“Because my career was not going well, my wife was angry with me and returned to her hometown in the countryside.
A while ago, my career got better, and she came back after I coaxed her to be happy.
Then do you know what happened?” Sheng Qiu’s tone was full of relief.

Su Meng vaguely felt something, but she didn’t say it.
She only asked Sheng Qiu, “What happened?”

There was a ‘pa’ sound on the other end of the phone.
Sheng Qiu must have been too excited and smashed something.

Sheng Qiu laughed dryly and continued, “My wife just left in the morning and the house collapsed in the afternoon.
If it had been any later, my wife would have been done for!”

Sure enough, Su Meng took a deep breath.
She was right.

“Actually, this is also your blessing.
You don’t rely on cheating and swindling in your business, but on your sincerity.
But in the future, you have to keep your original intention and do as many good things as you can to accumulate blessings.
It will be better in the future.”

Su Meng was very happy that her clients were getting better and better, so she reminded him a few more times.

“Of course.
Master, don’t worry.
My mother taught me to be sincere since I was young.
I won’t cheat people in the business world.
Not only that, I will also set up a charity fund to be used for charity!” Sheng Qiu’s loud voice sounded like he was quarreling.
However, his temper was really good.

Su Meng smiled and agreed, “Okay.”

“Oh right, Master, are you going to the Feng Shui Master Competition tomorrow? You are so amazing.
It would be a pity if you don’t participate.
If you don’t have a registration card, I can get one for you.” Sheng Qiu finished talking about his own matters.
Then, he said this respectfully.

I have the registration card.”

“That’s good.
I will be there tomorrow.
If you need anything, you can tell me.
I will be on call!” Sheng Qiu was very grateful to Su Meng now.
He was still hoping to contact her more in the future.
Therefore, he was not afraid that she would ask for his help.
He was just afraid that she would not look for him.

“Okay, thank you in advance.” Su Meng thanked him.

“Hey, there’s no need to thank me.
Please don’t stand on ceremony with me.
I’ll see you tomorrow then?”

“Okay, bye.”

Su Meng hung up the phone.
Just as she hung up, she suddenly thought of a question.
This was the Feng Shui Master Competition.
It had to go through several rounds of selection.
Only in the finals would the rich businessmen would come to watch in person.

Sheng Qiu could be considered a wealthy businessman.
Why would he go tomorrow?

However, although she had questions in her heart, she could not call him again to ask.

Forget it.
She could ask him again when they met tomorrow.

Early the next morning, Su Meng carried her backpack that she had prepared beforehand and rode her electric bike to the competition venue.

The competition venue was held in a small manor in the suburbs.
It was not very far away, and they arrived after riding for more than half an hour.

When Su Meng arrived, there were already many people.
There were a few luxury cars parked outside.
Everyone present was dressed very formally, and more than a dozen security guards were maintaining order.

No one had expected that there would be people riding electric bikes in such a grand place.
She was also dressed in ordinary casual clothes.
For a moment, everyone’s eyes fell on Su Meng.

There was curiosity, disdain, and avoidance.

However, Su Meng didn’t care at all.
She hadn’t done anything bad, so there was nothing to be embarrassed about.

If you wanted to enter the manor, you either had to get an invitation card or an application card.

The people lining up outside were all feng shui masters who had come to participate in the competition.
Before entering, they had to register.
Su Meng had arrived relatively late, and there were seven or eight people lining up in front to register.
After she put away the electric bike, she also came to line up.

The people lining up were all men, and only Su Meng was a woman, so she was particularly eye-catching.

“Hey, Miss, are you standing in the wrong place? This is the place to register for the Feng Shui Master Competition.
The people lining up here are all feng shui masters.” A middle-aged man lined up behind Su Meng, and when he saw that Su Meng was a woman… He asked.

When the people in front heard the movement behind them, they all turned around.

“That’s right.
I’m here to participate in the competition as well.” Su Meng’s tone was normal and there was no reaction.

“You? Participate in the competition? A female feng shui master?” The man was a little surprised.

Su Meng nodded.

“Then which sect are you from? Who did you learn from?” Although the circle of feng shui masters was small, there were always some masters who thought highly of themselves and did not interact with those in the circle.

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