Moreover, as the eldest son of the Zhou family, Wei Ting had to consider the power of the Zhou family before making a move on him.

Sure enough, Zhou Peng’s provocation was very successful.

Hearing that he wanted to devote himself to Su Meng, Wei Ting’s expression instantly darkened.

He hadn’t divorced Su Meng yet, yet this guy actually said such words in front of him.
Did he really think that he didn’t dare to make a move on him?

Wei Ting walked toward Zhou Peng with a sullen face.
However, he had just taken a step when Su Meng grabbed his arm.

“Wei Ting, if you have prepared the divorce agreement, you can come over at any time.
However, since you haven’t taken it now, then what is there to talk about between us? You should hurry back.
Otherwise, if you don’t leave, your good sister Wei Xue will come in a while.” Su Meng knew Wei Ting’s temper.
She stopped him, and her words implied that she was chasing him away.

Wei Ting looked at Zhou Peng and asked, “What about him?”

“He’s a customer of our shop.
We have business to do.
This has nothing to do with you.”

Just as Zhou Peng was about to start another round of nitpicking, Su Meng saw through his intentions and spoke before he did.

Although she didn’t know why these two people were like enemies, this was an antique shop.
She couldn’t let these two young masters fight in the shop.
It would affect their business.

Su Meng did not expect that her words would make Wei Ting even angrier.

He did not expect Su Meng to actually defend the person who had kidnapped her.
Wei Ting’s thin lips were pursed into a straight line.
There seemed to be a monstrous anger in his eyes, but he surprisingly did not flare up.

Zhou Peng did not appreciate her kindness.
Seeing Wei Ting’s expression, he added fuel to the fire.
“President Wei, Meng’er wants you to leave.
Why aren’t you leaving?”

Meng’er? So intimate.

Su Meng: “…”

Zhou Peng’s personality was too different from the first time they met.
Why didn’t she know that this guy liked to provoke people so much?

Could it be that when she helped him break the curse that day, something went wrong and caused him to be possessed?

This time, Wei Ting did not pay attention to Zhou Peng.
Instead, he quickly grabbed Su Meng’s arm and brought her far away.

“There seems to be some misunderstanding between us.
I think we need to have a good chat.” Wei Ting’s attitude was very tough.
He didn’t give Su Meng any room to refuse.

“Wei Ting, let go of me!” Su Meng struggled but to no avail.

“Elder Guo, your disciple is going to be kidnapped.
Aren’t you going to come out and help her?” Zhou Peng’s body hadn’t fully recovered.
He had already used up all his strength in the fight with Wei Ting just now.

He knew that it was useless for him to go up and help, so he simply called for someone else.

As expected, when Guo Xiang heard that Su Meng was being bullied, he, who was taking inventory of the goods, threw away the work in his hands and directly rushed out.

“Wei Ting, let go of the girl!” Guo Xiang didn’t care about Wei Ting’s identity and how powerful it was.
He went up and pushed him away, then protected Su Meng behind him.

Wei Ting knew that Guo Xiang was the family that Su Meng cared about the most.
When he came over, he had already relaxed his strength, and he followed Guo Xiang’s strength and took two steps back.

Thinking of the grievances that Su Meng had suffered in the Wei family, Guo Xiang looked at Wei Ting with an extremely unkind gaze.

Wei, our girl has already divorced you.
You don’t have to continue pestering her.
When she left, she didn’t take a single needle or thread from your Wei family.
She also didn’t want to have any entanglements with you.
From the moment she left the Wei family, your fate had already been broken.”

“I raised this lass Meng.
I know her personality the best.
Since she has already made such a decision, she definitely won’t go back on her word.
If she says that the two of you are over, then it’s over.”

“Just like back then, I didn’t let her marry you, but she liked you.
No matter what, even if she broke off her master-disciple relationship with me, she still wanted to be with you.
But at that time, you didn’t care and scoffed at her sincerity.
If you want to redeem yourself now, it’s already too late.
I don’t know how much grievance that girl Meng has suffered in your Wei family.
Now that she has finally walked out with great difficulty, you should stop causing trouble for her.”

Wei Ting stood there and looked at these three people.
All sorts of emotions were churning in his heart.

He understood that Su Meng was close to Guo Xiang, but why did she seem so close to Zhou Peng?

It was clearly Zhou Peng who had kidnapped her back then, but she had not blamed him.

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