for thinking too much.
It was just that she hadn’t gotten along well with Wei Ting in the past.
Now that Wei Ting suddenly paid so much attention to Su Meng, Su Meng only thought that he wanted to take revenge on her.

“What are you doing here?” Su Meng’s tone was cold.

Zhou Peng retreated into the shop.
Seeing that Wei Ting did not have any intention of catching up and continuing the fight, he leaned against the door frame and looked like he was watching a good show.

“I’m here to see if your allergies are better?” Wei Ting narrowed his eyes and looked at Zhou Peng with a warning look.
A dangerous aura appeared in his eyes, but when he looked at Su Meng, it instantly became better.

He thought about how Su Meng used to be so warm to him and nagged at him all day long.
At that time, he thought she was annoying, but now he actually missed that time.

Now that he thought about it, with Su Meng around, the house was lively and warm.
Now that she had left, the villa was deserted, so he was usually at the company.

Wei Ting came over to ask Su Meng if she wanted to go back to the villa with him, but seeing Su Meng’s cold look, he instantly swallowed the words he wanted to say.
The words in his mouth became to look at her.

“I’m fine.
You saw it.
I’m still alive and kicking, so you can leave now,” Su Meng said firmly.

Seeing Su Meng’s cold attitude, she completely treated him as her enemy.
Then, he thought of the hatred in her eyes when she looked at him a few days ago.
Wei Ting suddenly became curious about what he had done to offend her.

After a moment of silence, Wei Ting said, “Meng’er, let’s talk.”

“President Wei, Miss Su seems to be very resistant to talking to you.
Besides, you’re both divorced people.
You should keep a little distance from each other if you have nothing to do.
This is too intimate.”

“Isn’t that right, Meng’er?”

Zhou Peng, who was watching from the side, opened his mouth.
He did not come this time just to thank her, but for other reasons.

“What does it have to do with you?” Wei Ting narrowed his eyes and looked at Zhou Peng.
The anger in his eyes grew stronger and stronger.

“Me? Meng’er is my savior.
Once you two are completely divorced, I will give my body to her.” Zhou Peng’s provocation was half-true and half-false.


Although Zhou Peng couldn’t beat Wei Ting, looking at Wei Ting’s attitude toward Su Meng just now, he knew that Su Meng had a certain status in his heart.
As long as Su Meng was here, Wei Ting wouldn’t do anything out of the ordinary.

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