ars behind them had long been disconnected from the one in front.
She did not know when they separated.

Su Meng felt that something was wrong and asked in confusion, “Aren’t we going to look for Wei Ting?”

Li Bing smiled mysteriously and only said to her, “You’ll know when we get there.”

The car took a few turns and passed through a quiet path, arriving at a place that looked like a park.

The surrounding environment was elegant and the trees were shaded.
Before they drove in, the fragrance of flowers drifted in through the car door.

Su Meng couldn’t help but sneeze.

She rubbed her nose.
It was itchy inside and very uncomfortable.
Su Meng frowned.
She thought that Wei Ting really knew how to find a place.
He actually came here to give her something.
But when she thought about how she would be free after the divorce, she endured this small matter.
Anyway, she would leave after she got the thing.

Li Bing placed her at the entrance of the park and then left.
The rest of the road could only be taken by Su Meng herself.
As she walked deeper, the fragrance of the flowers became stronger and stronger, causing Su Meng to sneeze all the time.

After crossing two small paths, her eyes suddenly opened up.
She did not expect to see a sea of flowers inside.
There were all kinds of colorful flowers.
As far as the eye could see, it was extremely gorgeous.

Wei Ting was standing in the middle of the sea of flowers, holding a document in his hand.

Su Meng did not dare to walk too far inside.
She took out her phone and wanted to call Wei Ting and ask him to come to her place.
However, when she called him, his phone was turned off.
This guy actually turned his phone off.
The phone could not be connected.
Su Meng waved her hand at Wei Ting and called him over as she did so.

However, Wei Ting was too far away.
In addition, he had asked someone to play music, so he could not hear Su Meng at all.
He only thought that she was greeting him.

Seeing that Wei Ting didn’t respond, Su Meng could only clench her teeth, cover her mouth and nose with her sleeve, and quickly rush toward him.

When Wei Ting saw Su Meng rushing toward him, he raised his eyebrows slightly and praised Fu Ze in his heart.
This guy was really reliable for once.
Judging from Su Meng’s appearance, she must have liked the surprise that he had prepared for her.

“You like…”

When Su Meng rushed to Wei Ting’s side, he was about to ask Su Meng if she liked the surprise that he had prepared for her, but Su Meng held his hand and ran out.

Su Meng sneezed while pulling him to run: “Quickly leave!”

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