Su Meng didn’t know what Wei Ting was doing.
After dinner, she washed up and went to sleep.

Recently, she had done all the important things.
All that was left were those small orders.
It was very easy to solve them, and the agreed time was very scattered.
Su Meng had nothing to do, so she directly slept until she woke up naturally the next day.

Last night, she had no dreams.
At this moment, her mind was exceptionally clear.
It was the most suitable time to calculate money problems.

Su Meng took out all her bank cards and checked the money in them one by one.
Although she had read a few feng shui bills and earned quite a lot of money, she had been spending quite a lot recently.
She had been buying things and filling up tools.
Only Sheng Qiu paid tens of thousands of yuan and Zhou Peng gave her a deposit of 200,000 yuan.

This money seemed to be a lot, but it was actually not enough for her to spend.

She wanted to buy a big house for her master, and then hire a nanny to take care of him.
If possible, she would find a wife to accompany him.

Su Meng wanted to do everything she could to let her master live the best life, be happy, and enjoy his old age.

Therefore, she still needed to expand her reputation and work hard to make money.

There was only so much cash, and Su Meng took out the share transfer contract that Fu Ze gave her.
Ever since she helped Fu Ze solve the feng shui problem in the club, the business of the club had been getting better and better.
It was likely that they would receive a lot of dividends by the end of the year.

However, this transfer contract was not earned through her own labor.
It was unjust money that could be swindled.
If she really relied on this money to live, it would definitely damage her moral integrity.
Su Meng thought of a way.
In the name of her master, she would donate the money to those poor mountain villages and subsidize the children who could not afford to go to school until they reached adulthood.

What happened on the Internet a while ago was just a small matter.
If she really wanted to make a name for herself, she could only rely on the Feng Shui Master Competition.
In order to win in the competition, she had to become stronger before the start.

After planning, Su Meng took out her phone and called the next client to continue solving their feng shui problems.

A week passed just like that.
Wei Ting and Wei Xue seemed to have disappeared.
Since that night, they never appeared in front of Su Meng again.
She didn’t see any annoying people, and even her mood was exceptionally happy.
Su Meng spent her days working and studying, and she had a very fulfilling life.

However, happy times were always short.

That morning, Su Meng was sleeping in as usual.
However, when she was sleeping soundly, she heard someone calling her name.

It was so noisy.
Su Meng tossed and turned restlessly.
It was useless even if she covered her head with the blanket.
The noise pierced through the wall and the blanket and went into her ears.

In the end, she couldn’t stand it anymore and could only get out of bed angrily.
She was always angry when she got out of bed, unless she woke up naturally.
Now that she was woken up, she was extremely irritated and went downstairs aggressively.
She was ready to see who was so annoying that he kept calling her.

Guo Xiang sat on the armchair at the door, leisurely fanning himself with a broken fan.

“Old man, who is calling me early in the morning?” Su Meng frowned and looked very unhappy.

Guo Xiang just smiled and replied meaningfully, “Well, you’d better go out and take a look yourself.”

Hong Si, who was standing at the counter to do the accounting, had the same expression as Guo Xiang, but he didn’t say anything.

Seeing her master’s expression, Su Meng had a bad feeling and felt that something was wrong.
She looked at Guo Xiang suspiciously and walked out.

When she reached the door, Su Meng finally understood why her master and Hong Si had that expression on their faces.

There were six or seven Maybach cars parked at the door.
Beside each car stood a man in a black suit and sunglasses who looked like a bodyguard.
Although they were all very handsome, this scene was a little awkward no matter how she looked at it.

Especially when she saw Li Bing beside the first car.
Li Bing was holding a large loudspeaker like the ones sold in the market.
He kept the “Miss Su Meng” on until he saw Su Meng come out.
Only then did he turn off the loudspeaker.

Many people around were attracted to him.
They stood not far away and watched.
They even discussed a few things from time to time.

Su Meng walked over with a confused expression.
Before she could speak, Li Bing had already spoken first.
“Miss Su Meng, you’re finally awake.
Our Young Master has invited you over.
He said that everything you wanted has been prepared.”

When she heard this, Su Meng reacted.
It should be the divorce agreement.
It seemed that Wei Ting had already taken care of it.
It was not bad.
However, such a small matter actually required her to go over and take it.
As expected of the narrow-minded Wei Ting.
He could do such a thing.

Just as Su Meng was about to get in the car, she heard Li Bing speak again.

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