Fu Ze thought he had misheard.
He blew into the microphone and asked Wei Ting, “Hey, who are you? Why are you holding Wei Ting’s phone!? What did you do to him?”

Wei Ting: “…”

As expected, Fu Ze was too unreliable.

“You’ve been dating since the third grade of primary school.
Up until now, you’ve had 18 girlfriends.
Oh, no, this one is new again, right? Including this one, there are a total of 19…”

Wei Ting slowly helped Fu Ze recall the past word by word.
Before he could finish, he heard Fu Ze begging for mercy.

“Big Brother, don’t say anymore.
I believe you’re Wei Ting!” Fu Ze hurriedly stopped Wei Ting from speaking and interrupted, “How to coax a woman? You’ve looked for the right person.

Fu Ze paused for a moment and asked, “Which woman has so much face that she can actually make you take the initiative to coax her? Don’t tell me you have a girlfriend?”

In Fu Ze’s heart, Wei Ting was like an indifferent person.
Usually, other than work, it was just work.
He had never seen such a woman.
Even after he married Su Meng, he always kept a distance from her.
The two of them were no different from strangers.

Today, the sun had risen from the west.
He actually took the initiative to ask how to coax a woman.
He was really too curious about who this person was.

“You don’t need to know who it is.” Wei Ting rejected him without hesitation.

Being rejected by Wei Ting, Fu Ze pretended to be furious and questioned, “You actually only treat me as a tool.
Our brotherhood is gone!”

“En.” He didn’t expect Wei Ting to respond without hesitation.

Fu Ze:”…” Good guy.
He couldn’t even pretend to be a perfunctory person.

He couldn’t expect to find out from him.
Fu Ze thought for a moment and asked, “Let me guess.
It can’t be Su Meng, right?”

Wei Ting didn’t say anything, but his breathing clearly became heavier.

Fu Ze really exploded this time.
He exclaimed, “F*ck, Wei Ting, aren’t you going to divorce Su Meng? Why? Are you regretting it? You can’t bear to part with her now that she let go?”

Back then, Su Meng had shamelessly pursued Wei Ting.
It could be said that she had gone to all lengths.
In the end, Wei Ting couldn’t even be bothered to look at her.
Now that Su Meng had given up, she no longer pestered Wei Ting.
In the end, Wei Ting actually took the initiative to coax her.

Were these two playing a game of chasing after each other? As expected of a husband and wife, their brain circuits were so unique.

“Did she cast a spell on you to take revenge for your love for her? Or did she cast a spell on you to make you fall in love with her?”

“It’s really possible.
She’s a feng shui master, she can read fortunes and undo curses.
Wei Ting, do you feel well now? If not, I’ll go find a fortune-teller who’s better than Su Meng to help you undo it…”

Fu Ze kept on guessing.
Wei Ting was quite speechless and confirmed that Fu Ze was unreliable.
He shouldn’t have looked for him at that time.

“Do you have a solution?” Not knowing when Fu Ze would continue, Wei Ting interrupted him and asked again impatiently.

“Yes, yes, yes!”

It was rare for Wei Ting to have something he didn’t understand and even took the initiative to ask him for advice.
Fu Ze was quite excited.
Afraid that Wei Tingwould be impatient and hang up the phone, he quickly explained the solution.

“A woman, no matter how independent and cold she is, there has one thing in common, and that is that they like men who are attentive to them.
As long as you show sufficient care for her, and send her flowers and jewelry from time to time, there isn’t a woman who isn’t moved.”

“That’s why I said, you shouldn’t be so cold in front of her.
You should be gentle and considerate.
You should always give in to her and try your best to make her happy.”

“The most important point is that women are very emotional.
When she slackens her attitude toward you, you can treat her to a candlelit dinner.
Remember, don’t forget to book a hotel.”

“Although Su Meng’s personality is a little strange now, she used to like you so much that she dared to provoke anyone for you.
I think it won’t be too difficult for you to coax her.”

“Brother, let me give you a piece of advice.
There are as many women as clothes.
If this doesn’t work, you can change.
With your charm, I’m afraid there won’t be any women…”

Fu Ze’s words at the beginning were still considered normal.
Although Wei Ting didn’t say anything, he listened attentively and took it all to heart.
He didn’t expect that the more he spoke, the more deviant he became.
He started to not say anything serious again.

Wei Ting didn’t want to hear the rest of his words, so he directly hung up the phone.

There was one thing that Su Meng was right about.
If Fu Ze continued like this, perhaps yin would flourish and yang would decline.

Thinking of the comments he had just seen on the Internet and Fu Ze’s suggestion, Wei Ting gradually had an idea in his mind.

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