d works every time.]

[If you’re angry, buy your wife a bag and buy her something.
You even have to pay for it.
If it’s so expensive, why can’t you pay for it later? Don’t be so pretentious.
Just leave her alone for two days.]

[If you can make your wife angry, it must be because you’re fooling around outside.
Remember, women are the most jealous animals.
In front of them, you have to keep a distance from other women.
Even if you want to see a beauty, you have to hide it from your wife.
Don’t let her discover it.
In front of them, you have to show your absolute loyalty.]

[Don’t think of women as simple.
Women’s tempers are unpredictable.
Yesterday, my wife threw a tantrum at me.
I thought for a long time, but I still couldn’t figure out what was going on.
I asked her, but she didn’t say anything.
Until just now, she saw that I didn’t know what was wrong and told me that she was angry because I threw a piece of paper into the toilet!]

[You can’t even do that? She’s already your wife.
Of course, you have to use the simplest method.
Use your physical strength to conquer her in bed.
I guarantee that she will be obedient in the future.]

Seeing this, Wei Ting frowned.
He looked very dissatisfied.

He thought of what Su Meng had said to him back then.
Even if they were married, he had to respect his wife enough in this aspect.
He disdained to force her to do this kind of thing.
A person who could make such a suggestion was enough to show his usual character.

The hot comments were all unreliable suggestions, and Wei Ting quickly scrolled down.
The comments below did not have any likes or replies, but they seemed to be much more reliable than the hot comments.

[Actually, coaxing your wife is both difficult and easy.
First, you have to know why she is angry and then apply the right medicine.
However, the prerequisite is that if you want to coax your wife well, you must treat her with respect.
Don’t be so chauvinistic.]

[Women are very emotional.
It’s not about how much money you have, but how much sincerity you have.
Rather than wasting a few months’ salary and buying her a bag of cosmetics while eating instant noodles, it’s better to give her some flowers or something you personally made.
If you’re sincere enough, she’ll naturally forgive you.]

Wei Ting was watching seriously when his phone suddenly rang.
It was Fu Ze calling.

“Brother, why aren’t you sleeping at night? What’s the matter with calling?” It sounded like Fu Ze was in a good mood at the moment.
That girl must have coaxed him to be happy.

Wei Ting, who had planned to look for a solution on the internet himself, saw Fu Ze calling back, so he simply asked him directly.

“What way is there to coax a woman?” Wei Ting asked in a low voice.

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