Letting Wei Ting coax people was tantamount to wanting to train poisonous snakes.
It was wishful thinking.

Wei Xue couldn’t help but mock her in her heart.

Originally, she was still a little worried about Su Meng, but now that she saw Su Meng’s request, she instantly felt relieved.

Wei Ting lowered his head and looked at Su Meng without making a sound.
His gaze was deep and no one knew what he was thinking.
The scene was a little quiet for a while.

When Wei Xue saw this, in order to show that she was obedient and kind, she decided to ease the atmosphere.

“Brother Wei Ting, Sister Su Meng is just a child with a temper.
Don’t blame her.
I can help you coax her!” Wei Xue stepped forward and hugged Su Meng’s arm intimately, taking the opportunity to pull her to her side.
She wanted her to stop pestering Wei Ting.

However, just as she pulled Su Meng to her side, Wei Ting slowly said, “How do you want me to coax you?”

Wei Xue: “!”

Su Meng: “?”

As soon as these words were said, Wei Xue and Su Meng were stunned at the same time.
What did Wei Ting say? How did she want him to coax her? These were actually words from Wei Ting?

Seeing that Su Meng did not respond with a shocked expression, Wei Ting asked again, “How do you want me to coax you so that you can go home without getting a divorce?”

Su Meng thought that Wei Ting was joking, but he stared at her with an extremely serious gaze, as if he would not rest until he heard her answer.

Why was Wei Ting so strange today? It was as if he had taken the wrong medicine.
He actually cared about her in all sorts of ways.

Although Su Meng really wanted to calm down and have a good talk with him, once she saw Wei Xue by his side, she instantly lost the mood.

“Do you still need me to teach you this kind of thing? If I tell you directly, how can you show your sincerity?” Su Meng deliberately put on a tsundere look and raised her head slightly as she spoke coldly.

As she spoke, she paid attention to Wei Ting’s expression.
After all, he was used to being high and mighty.
If he was suddenly reprimanded by her, she wanted to see how he would lose his temper.

However, what she didn’t expect was that Wei Ting wasn’t angry.
Instead, he frowned, as if he was really thinking about this problem.

“Go back and think about it slowly.
When you’ve decided, come and find me.
Let me tell you, the things we’ve agreed on can’t change any more.
You’re a CEO after all.
At least you have to keep your word.” Su Meng didn’t want to be entangled with Wei Ting too much, she only said this to anger Wei Xue.

After saying that, she went straight into the house and closed the door without any courtesy.
She didn’t even give these two a glance.
The last sentence was to hint at the divorce of Wei Ting.
In order for it not to go as Wei Xue wished, she didn’t say it clearly.
However, Wei Ting was such a smart person, so he would definitely understand.

However, she didn’t expect that Wei Ting really didn’t think about divorce.
Instead, he thought that Su Meng only wanted him to coax her and was thinking about how to satisfy Su Meng’s request.

Seeing Su Meng lock herself and Wei Ting outside, Wei Xue’s face was calm, but her hands were tightly clenched into fists.
This Su Meng was so arrogant.
Brother Wei Ting was so polite to her, but she was so arrogant!

“Brother Wei Ting, you must not be angry with Sister Su Meng.
She has this temper and is used to it.
In the past, she always wanted me to coax her.
You don’t have to take it to heart.
Leave it to me.” Wei Xue walked to Wei Ting’s side.
She reached out and wanted to hold his arm.

Wei Ting frowned and ignored Wei Xue’s hand.
He turned around and walked to his car.

“You don’t have to worry about this.
Get in the car and go home.” After Wei Ting went in, he closed the car door.

Seeing that Wei Ting didn’t want her to get in the car, Wei Xue patted the window and asked, “Why? Didn’t you ask me to go with her in the past? I know Sister Su Meng very well!”

Wei Ting had never been interested in Su Meng, so everything related to her would be handed over to her.
Why did he not let her interfere this time? She had a bad premonition in her heart.
Could it be that Wei Ting was interested in Su Meng?

No, she absolutely could not let Wei Ting and Su Meng interact too much.
Otherwise, all her efforts in the past would be wasted.

Wei Ting lowered the window.

“You don’t need to bother about this time.
You go home first.” He didn’t intend to explain to Wei Xue.
He wanted to do something and didn’t want to waste any more time.

“You’re not going to…” Before Wei Xue finished speaking, Wei Ting had already raised the window, stepped on the accelerator, and left.

Wei Xue looked in the direction Wei Ting had left, and her gaze instantly darkened.

The reason why she always came when Wei Ting and Su Meng were alone was because she was afraid that something shouldn’t happen between the two of them.
Even when Su Meng said that she was going to get a divorce, she still felt that it was not reliable.
No matter what, she would do everything in her power to make Su Meng lose the opportunity to enter the Wei family.

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