As expected, Zhou Peng immediately understood and gestured for the servant to bring the phone over.

“Since Miss Su said that it will take effect on the 21st day, then I will pay 200,000 down payment first.
After the 21st day, I will pay the remaining 800,000, how about it?”

Hearing the amount, Su Meng was stunned for a moment.
She sighed in her heart that Zhou Peng was indeed worthy of being the young master of a rich family.
He was so generous.
He actually had to pay a million for helping him once.
However, it made sense when she thought about it.
This could be considered as saving his life.
A million yuan for a life was not a loss for him.

“Alright, deal.” Su Meng agreed readily and accepted the deposit of 200,000 yuan.

“However, I won’t be eating anymore.
Since there’s nothing else, I’ll be leaving.
I still have other things to do.” Su Meng finished speaking and left with her bag.

This time, Zhou Peng did not stop her and allowed her to leave the villa.

“Young Master, do you really believe these things? Are you sure it will work?” After Su Meng left the villa, a burly man came out of the room.
If Su Meng was still here, she would definitely be shocked.

This was because this man was one of the bodyguards who had captured her, the man with the tattoo.

Zhou Peng looked in the direction where Su Meng had left.
His eyes were filled with emotions, as if he was thinking of something.

After hearing the bodyguard’s question, he replied after a long time, “Whether it’s useful or not, we’ll know in a few days.
After all, there’s no other way to cure my body.”

Su Meng rode her electric bike and left the Villa District quickly.
She drove as fast as she could and did not look back until she returned to Antique Street.
She looked at the familiar environment and the bustling streets.
Only then did she let out a sigh of relief.

She looked back a few times and realized that there was no one following her.
Zhou Peng would probably not do anything to her again.

When she returned to the antique shop, there were not many customers in the shop this time.
Those who were rich and had accidents were the only ones.
After setting a time with her, the shop became deserted.

After saying goodbye to her master and Hong Si, Su Meng went back upstairs.
Next, she had to look at the next customer.
Other than that, she also had to prepare for the Feng Shui Master Competition.

When she returned to her bedroom and took out her phone, Su Meng found an anonymous email.

She opened it curiously.
It was a video.
When she saw the content of the video, Su Meng was so shocked that she almost cried out.
She quickly covered her mouth.

What did she see? The main character in the video was actually Wei Xue.

She did not know if Wei Xue was drunk or drugged.
She looked around in confusion with her eyes half open.
A man who covered her tightly was taking off her clothes.

The video recorded the process of taking off her clothes.
The man took off all of Wei Xue’s clothes, leaving only her underwear.
Then, the video stopped abruptly.
No one knew what happened after that.

Other than the video, there was also a paragraph attached.

“Miss Su, as a reward, I returned the method this person used to deal with you to her.
You can keep it or delete it, or use it however you want.
However, let me give you a piece of advice.
To be merciful to your enemy is to be cruel to yourself.
If you don’t know how to resist, you’ll only end up harming yourself.”

Su Meng looked at the video and the paragraph, and her face darkened.

She did not expect Wei Xue to hate her so much.
She originally wanted to not find trouble with her first and settle the most important matter first.
She did not expect Wei Xue to be so persistent.
Even though she knew that she and Wei Ting were about to divorce, she still did not let her off.

She deleted that paragraph, saved it online, and copied it again.
How could she delete such a good video? She would need it one day.

After settling all this, Su Meng planned to start signing up.

She searched online for the registration method, but she didn’t expect it to be so strict.
There were two ways to participate.

One was to receive an invitation, and the other was to fill in a series of troublesome information, from who the ancestral master was, where they came from, to when she became a feng shui master.

All in all, Su Meng was troubled by a bunch of questions.
She did not meet the requirements to participate in any of them.
The old man who suggested her to participate in the competition said that it was easy to register, but now it seemed that she had been deceived.

It was no wonder.
That person seemed to look down on female feng shui masters.
How could he sincerely suggest her to participate? He must be mocking her.

However, when she thought of the bountiful reward after becoming first place, she could not help but be moved.
No, she had to think of a way.

Who could she ask for help? After thinking about it, she realized that it was not good to rely on her connections.
Right now, she did not have any connections at all.

Sure enough, in the future, besides earning money, she had to add one more line and work hard to expand her connections.

“Girl, what are you doing? Can Master come in?” Just when Su Meng was worried, Guo Xiang suddenly came and knocked on the door to ask.

“Master, come in.
The door isn’t locked.”

After Guo Xiang came in, he saw Su Meng lying on the table with a dejected look.

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