Zhou Peng slowly opened his eyes as if he heard the sound of a car.
When he saw Su Meng riding on the black electric bike, the corner of his mouth twitched.
Su Meng was the Young Madam of the Wei family after all.
At this moment, this appearance gave him an indescribable strange feeling.

Especially when he saw Su Meng carefully stand the bike by the side and only come over after making sure that it would not fall over, Zhou Peng was a little stunned.
It was rare for him to lose his composure.

Zhou, I’ve already prepared everything here.
Do you think you can start?” Su Meng didn’t want to have too much contact with Zhou Peng, so she went straight to the point.

Zhou Peng calmed his thoughts, nodded, and confirmed with Su Meng again, “Are you sure you can really solve it? This is a problem that has been with me for more than twenty years.”

“Your body will definitely not get better immediately, but as long as the cause of the illness is removed, your body will eventually recover.” In fact, after dispelling the curse, his body would be able to return to normal in half a month, but Su Meng didn’t dare to speak too harshly.
Who knew if this Eldest Young Master would go crazy again? It was better to be safe.

“Let’s talk inside.” Zhou Peng, with the help of the servants, invited Su Meng into the house to talk.

Su Meng was not pretentious, and she was not worried about her own safety at all.

Since Zhou Peng could let her go back then, he would definitely not do anything out of the ordinary at this moment.
If he really wanted to deal with her, with his status, she would not be able to hide anywhere, so she might as well be generous.

After entering the house, Su Meng looked around the house.
Although Zhou Peng lived in a luxurious villa area, the house was simple and elegant.
There were no decorations, which was not quite what she had expected.

“Sit anywhere you like.
You are a guest today.
If you have any requests, you can tell the servant.” Zhou Peng was supported by the servant to sit on the sofa and motioned for the servant to serve tea to Su Meng.

“Have you brought the longevity lock?” Su Meng chose a seat that was relatively far away from Zhou Peng and sat down.
She opened her backpack and asked as she took out her things.

Zhou Peng glanced at Su Meng’s backpack.
Inside it was a mess of things and talisman papers that he could not understand.

He suddenly felt that it was a little ridiculous.
He did not expect that one day he would actually find someone to read his fortune, even though this was the other party’s request.

He asked the servant to bring his childhood longevity lock to Su Meng.

“What are you going to do?”

Su Meng looked at the longevity lock in the servant’s hand.
Sure enough, the jade embedded in it was from the cemetery, and it had a very strong yin qi.
Moreover, at the bottom of the longevity lock, there was a very, very small line of words carved on it.
If not for her master’s warning, even she wouldn’t have noticed it.

She did not want to touch this thing directly, so she did not take it.
Instead, she took out a yellow talisman paper from her bag and gestured for the servant to put the longevity lock on the talisman paper.

Looking at Su Meng’s cautious look, Zhou Peng suddenly became interested and felt that this scene was very interesting.

After wrapping the longevity lock and placing it on the table, Su Meng took out a small white porcelain plate from her bag.
It was a small knife that looked somewhat old and exquisite.

“Although I know it’s impolite to ask this, but in order to proceed smoothly, I still have to ask.
May I ask if Mr.
Zhou is a virgin?” After Su Meng finished asking, her face was slightly red as she prayed in her heart.
She hoped that this Young Master Zhou would not misunderstand.

When Zhou Peng heard her question, he immediately choked on his own saliva and coughed repeatedly.
“Cough cough…”

After coughing for a long time, he finally recovered.
He nodded and said, “Don’t you think my body doesn’t look like it? Why, do you feng shui masters still have to ask such a question?”

The servants at the side turned their heads and pretended not to see or hear anything.

Su Meng hurriedly explained, “No, no, it’s mainly because your situation is a little special.
Your yin and yang are incompatible.
You need to use two drops of blood from a virgin to neutralize it.
Although it sounds quite incredible, mm, I also feel that it’s a little incredible, but this is the only way…”

As Su Meng spoke, her voice became weaker.
Why did it feel like the more she explained, the darker it became? Before she could finish, she shut her mouth.
What was the point of saying so much? As long as she could cure the person, it would be fine.

Zhou, please extend your hand.
I will only take two drops of blood.” Su Meng took the knife and porcelain plate and came in front of Zhou Peng.

Zhou Peng stretched out his left hand without hesitation and let Su Meng do as she pleased.

Su Meng grabbed Zhou Peng’s hand and carefully cut a wound on his finger with a small knife.
Then, she squeezed out two drops of blood.

“Do you need to bandage it? If you need to bandage it, then hurry up.
Otherwise, it will heal soon.” Su Meng could not help but complain when she saw that the servant beside her had already brought the gauze over.

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