When Su Meng had nowhere to go, Wei Ting finally caught up with the black car that had taken her away.

A yellow-haired man with a tattooed arm was leaning against the car door, smoking.
His other hand was holding his phone and swiping something.
His face was full of smiles, and he seemed to be in a good mood.

Wei Ting got off the car and strode toward him.
He asked coldly, “Where’s the woman you’ve taken away?”

“Who are you?” The yellow-haired man glared at Wei Ting from the corner of his eyes.
He ignored Wei Ting’s question and continued to look at his phone.

Wei Ting stepped forward and kicked him in the stomach.
The yellow-haired man fell to the ground and asked again, “I asked you where’s the woman you just captured? Where is she now?”

“You f*cking dare to hit me!” The yellow-haired man immediately became anxious after being kicked.
He got up and swung his fist at Wei Ting.
At the same time, the car door opened and two men came out.
When they saw that their partner had been beaten, the two of them rushed over with sticks in their hands.

Wei Ting dodged the sticks and kicked the yellow-haired man, who was closest to him without a weapon, down again.
Then, he caught the third man’s stick and punched him in the nose.
The man’s nose suddenly bled.

The three of them were finally beaten to the ground by Wei Ting.
He stepped on the head of one of them, his tone was already unable to suppress his ruthlessness.
“I’ll ask you one last time.
Where is the woman you kidnapped? If you don’t tell me, I’ll chop off your hand.”


As he spoke, he used the sharp end of the stick to smash straight at the hand of the man who was being stepped on.
He did not hold back at all.
The man’s hand caved in, causing him to cry out in pain.

Realizing that this man was a ruthless person, the yellow-haired man quickly begged for mercy.
He cried and said, “That woman was taken away by the Zhou family.
I don’t know exactly where she was taken, but I overheard them saying that they were going to sleep with that woman, and then they would take a video of it and send it out.
That way, the rumor won’t be a rumor anymore.
I don’t know anything else.
Please spare us.
We’re just doing the errands!”

Hearing the yellow-haired man’s words, Wei Ting’s heart trembled.
‘Zhou family, Zhou Peng? Is it because of Zhou Jia?’

Zhou Peng’s health had been poor since he was young.
Because he was too weak, he had become a dispensable existence in the Zhou family.
Aristocratic families like theirs could not bring benefits to their families.
Without the protection and care of elders, they would become the victims of conflicts of interest.
No one would care whether he lived or died.

Zhou Peng was two years older than Zhou Jia.
Although the two were siblings, their statuses were vastly different.
One was spurned, while the other was spoiled by the family as a little princess.

Fortunately, Zhou Jia loved her big brother very much.
She protected and took care of him everywhere.
It could be said that without Zhou Jia’s protection, Zhou Peng would not be able to live until now.
Therefore, after he grew up, Zhou Jia became Zhou Peng’s reverse scale.
In his heart, nothing was more important than Zhou Jia.
He would destroy all the people who hurt Zhou Jia in the slightest with lightning speed.


“Where have they gone now?” At this moment, Wei Ting could no longer suppress the anger in his heart.
He was like an enraged lion, fiercely stepping on the man’s head under his feet.

The man’s nose was bleeding all over his face.
He cried until his nose was full of snot as he begged for mercy.
“Big Brother, I really don’t know.
The Zhou family is an existence that I can’t afford to offend.
How could I dare to ask about them?”

Seeing that the man was still lucky, Wei Ting sneered.
His eyes were filled with killing intent.
He asked word by word, “You can’t afford to offend the Zhou family, but can you afford to offend the Wei family?”

As he spoke, he raised his foot and was about to kick the man’s lower body.
This scene completely shocked the man.

This person was actually from the Wei family.
The Wei family was even more difficult to provoke than the Zhou family.

The man immediately regretted it.
It was all his fault that he had been deceived by money.
This was great.
He had provoked two families at once.
He cried loudly, finally, he shouted, “I don’t know where they are, but I have the number of that boss.
I’ll give you the number.
Please spare us!”

Hearing this, Wei Ting finally let go of the man.
The man took out his phone shakily and took out the communication record.
He showed it to Wei Ting.
“This, this is it.
Big, Big Boss…” The man was already a little incoherent.

Wei Ting quickly took out his phone and dialed the number the man pointed at.

Hearing the ‘beep beep’ sound, Wei Ting felt a hint of panic for the first time.
The veins on his hand that was holding the phone were already bulging.

Finally, after ringing for a while, someone finally picked up.

However, the other party did not make a sound the moment the call was connected.
Wei Ting heard the faint sound of breathing coming from the other side.

“Zhou Peng, where’s Su Meng!” Wei Ting’s eyes were bloodshot, and his tone was close to a growl.

Zhou Peng recognized that it was Wei Ting.
He laughed, and his voice was hoarse and gloomy.
“So it’s the Young Master of the Wei family.
Your wife is really not bad.”

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