Sheng Qiu had not intended to look for Su Meng.
After all, she was a woman.
She looked so young, so she might not be reliable.
Therefore, he had already found two feng shui masters before he came to look for Su Meng, but it did not work.

In the end, his assistant showed him what Su Meng had done for the Fu family’s club.
As expected, one could not judge a book by its cover, so he decided to give it a try.

Su Meng asked, “What happened?”

Sheng Qiu answered, “Our community is only halfway through construction.
However, during this period, workers are often smashed and safety ropes are suddenly broken.
At first, I thought it was an accident, but there are too many accidents.”

“If this continues, we won’t be able to finish the construction here.
It’s not a good idea to keep stalling.
If the company can’t earn money, they won’t be able to pay the workers.
It’s not easy for everyone.
Master, please follow me to see if we can solve this problem.
It’s really strange.
I have a clear conscience.
How did this happen?”

Su Meng comforted him.
“This has nothing to do with character.
For a large-scale project like this, it’s normal to encounter strange things if you don’t have good feng shui.
How about this? Take me to the field to take a look.”

“Thank you so much, Master! My car is outside.
Please come with me, Master.” Sheng Qiu couldn’t wait to get up and walk out.

Su Meng also got up and greeted Guo Xiang, “Old man, Brother Hong, I’m going out.”

“Go.” Guo Xiang nodded.

“Goodbye, Xiao Meng.
Call us if you need anything.” Hong Si instructed her.

Su Meng followed Sheng Qiu into the car.
However, she didn’t see that at the corner not far from the shop, a car was slowly starting to follow Sheng Qiu’s car.


The residential area was really quite far away.
Including the traffic jam, it took them more than an hour to get there.

The residential area was very big.
The buildings were probably almost finished.
However, due to the constant accidents, the workers had temporarily taken a vacation.
The entire residential area looked very desolate and exuded a sinister aura.

There was a bicycle next to the building.
Su Meng directly rode the bicycle around the construction site.
There was nothing wrong with the residential area as a whole.
Then, she held the compass and looked around the neighborhood.

After all the checking, she rode the bicycle back to Sheng Qiu and asked him, “This neighborhood looks a little remote.
Did something happen here in the past, or was there a cemetery nearby?”

Sheng Qiu was surprised.
“Master, you can even see that! Yes, there was indeed a graveyard here in the past, but that was a long time ago, and there weren’t many graves.
More than ten years ago, money was given to their families for the land, and they took the graves away.
It can’t be that they’ve been affected for so long, right?”

“Are you sure that all of them have been moved away?” Su Meng confirmed again.

Sheng Qiu scratched the top of his head, looking a little silly.
He said embarrassedly, “Actually, there were indeed unclaimed graves, and then they were bulldozed.”

Su Meng sighed helplessly and continued, “This place is indeed a treasure land of feng shui, suitable for building a residential area, but the premise is to properly deal with those graves.
Otherwise, even if the residential area is built, accidents will continue to happen.”

“Then, Master, is there a solution? If we stop here, the company will go bankrupt!” Sheng Qiu immediately became anxious.

Su Meng nodded and said, “Of course there is a solution.
First, prepare a few long yellow cloths to surround the place where the accident happened.
Then, hang a long lamp on the first floor.
When you’re ready, I’ll hang the line for you.”

Hearing that Su Meng said she could solve it, Sheng Qiu was relieved.
He answered repeatedly, “Okay, okay.
I’ll make the preparations as soon as possible.”

“Then let’s call it a day.
I’ll come back when you’re ready.
I’ll go back first.”

“Then I’ll send you back.” Sheng Qiu was more proactive than when he came.

He went back a little faster than when he came.
There were no more traffic jams on the way back.
Su Meng didn’t ask Sheng Qiu to send her to the entrance of the shop.
Instead, she got off the car when she was still a little distance away from Antique Street.
She needed to buy a ball of red thread to help Sheng Qiu’s construction site.

However, when she just passed the corner, a black car slowly stopped beside her.
She was instantly alarmed and instinctively sensed danger.
Without thinking, she ran away.
There was no one nearby, and it happened to be a blind spot for surveillance, so danger was the most likely to appear.

However, just as she took a step forward, she heard the car door open quickly.
Then, two men rushed out and caught up with her in quick steps.

Su Meng was just about to turn around when a sharp pain came from the back of her neck.
She fainted immediately.

“Take her away quickly!” The person who caught up with her caught her body and said to his companion.

On the other side, Wei Ting, who was in a meeting, suddenly felt a sharp pain in the back of his neck.
Then, he fainted.


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