Li Lian looked at Su Meng and said to Wei Xue, “Did you see that? This is your good sister-in-law.
You tell me nice things about her every day, but what about her? She cheats righteously! How is it? You want to fight back after being hit by me?”

Seeing that the atmosphere was in place, Wei Xue gathered her emotions, and her eyes instantly turned red.
Then, she rushed in front of Su Meng and grabbed Li Lian’s hand.
She pretended to apologize to Su Meng.
“I’m sorry, Sister-in-law.
It’s all Xiao Xue’s fault.
Mom is too angry.
If you’re angry, then hit me!”


Su Meng stared at Wei Xue for a while, and then the corner of her mouth lifted slightly.
She slowly said, “Okay.”


Then, under Wei Xue’s shocked gaze, she quickly raised her hand and slapped Wei Xue’s face.
She didn’t hold back any strength in this slap, and Wei Xue’s face directly turned swollen.


“En?” Wei Xue never expected that Su Meng, who was usually her best friend and always gave her a gentle smile, would actually hit her.
For a moment, she was stunned.

“Su Meng, how dare you!” Seeing that Wei Xue was hit, Li Lian instantly exploded.
She hurriedly pulled Wei Xue to her side to check on the injuries on her face and then scolded Su Meng, “You shrew, how could I have a daughter-in-law like you?!”

This time, Wei Xue really cried out in pain.
She was so aggrieved that tears fell down her cheeks.
She comforted Li Lian, “Xiao Xue is fine, Mom.
Don’t blame Sister-in-law.
I was afraid that Sister-in-law would lose her mind and hit you in a fit of anger.
That’s why I was willing to let her hit me.”

She pretended to be weak on the surface, but in her heart, she had already scolded Su Meng’s eighteen generations of ancestors.
If it wasn’t for the sake of protecting her image in Li Lian’s heart, she would really tear Su Meng into pieces right now.
She hid the anger in her eyes and put on the innocent look of a little white rabbit.
She had to think of a way to blow up the matter.

“You still dare to hit someone?! You’re really wasting the good that Xiao Xue has done for you! Do you know how big an impact this kind of thing will have on the Wei family!? Do you know how big an impact this kind of thing will have on Wei Ting?! It’s fine that you’re a wild girl, but you still dare to do such a thing!” Li Lian was so angry that her chest was heaving up and down violently.
It was as if she would pass out at any moment.

“What did I do?” Su Meng also put on an aggrieved look and spread out her hands.
“She told me to hit her, so I did.
Didn’t I also get a slap? We can be considered even now.”

Li Lian handed the phone to Su Meng and then said angrily, “See for yourself.
The Wei family can’t satisfy you anymore, right? Why did I let my son marry you in the first place?!”

Wei Xue comforted Li Lian, “Mom, don’t be angry.
Sister-in-law isn’t that kind of person.
We’re all family.
If something happens, we should solve it together.
Otherwise, you can’t let them get a divorce, right?”

Seeing Wei Xue’s seemingly trying to mediate the fight but actually adding fuel to the fire, Su Meng sneered.
This time, it must be related to Wei Xue again.

After getting Wei Xue’s hint, Li Lian, who was in a rage, slammed the table and shouted, “Then let them get a divorce! The sooner the better.
Our Wei family can’t afford such a woman!”

“Okay.” When Su Meng heard about the divorce, not only was she not angry, but she also agreed with a smile.

“Don’t try to fool me.
This matter isn’t over yet…” Li Lian wanted to scold her again, but she suddenly realized that Su Meng had agreed.
Then, she frowned and asked Su Meng, “What did you say? You agree to the divorce?”

Su Meng looked at Li Lian and said seriously, “I said, I agree to divorce Wei Ting.”

“Really?!” Li Lian and Wei Xue asked at the same time.
Li Lian’s tone was a little weaker.
She warned Su Meng, “Even if you agree to the divorce, after all, it was you who caused the problem first.
Don’t think about getting too much of the family’s property!”

“I agree to the divorce and to leave with nothing.
I won’t take anything from the Wei family, and I won’t take a single cent of your money.
I’ve wanted a divorce for a long time.
It’s just that your son has been dragging it out.” Su Meng looked into Li Lian’s eyes and spoke word by word.

This was because she felt that the people of the Wei family and everything else were very unlucky, making her feel disgusted.


Su Meng’s words were very decisive.
It didn’t sound like she was lying, but Li Lian was somewhat in disbelief.
What did she hear? The Wei family had a big business and was one of the top two wealthy families in the capital.
There were countless rich girls who wanted to marry in, and what did Su Meng say? She had wanted a divorce for a long time?


She even suspected that there was something wrong with her ears.

“Sister Su Meng, are you really going to divorce my brother?” Wei Xue was happy.
She didn’t even call her ‘sister-in-law’ anymore, but she still had to maintain the worry in her tone.

“I won’t joke about divorce.
If I say I’m going to get a divorce, I’ll get a divorce.” Su Meng answered firmly.

“Xiao Xue, hurry up and call Wei Ting.
Tell him to come back immediately and prepare the divorce agreement!” Li Lian was afraid that Su Meng would go back on her word.

“Okay.” Wei Xue’s hand that was holding the phone trembled slightly.
The corner of her mouth held a smile that could not be suppressed.
The slap just now was worth it.
Su Meng was finally going to divorce!

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